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STANISLAV MISHIN: How the Muslim Brotherhood Saved the U.S. Dollar

January 30, 2011 Comments off

The following column is reprinted with permission from Stanislav Mishin, a regular contributor to Russian newspaper Pravda.

How the Muslim Brotherhood Saved the U.S. Dollar
©  Stanislav Mishin
Source:  Mat Rodina
January 30, 2011

There are two truths that the Anglo Elites know all too well: democracy in the West means a ruling oligarchy with good PR, democracy in the Middle East means Islamic Jihadists and Fundamentalists. This has been a fact for many years and is not, in any way a shock or disconnect for any of the American elites now backing “democracy” revolutions.

1.  Iranian revolution, 1978-1979: Mass protests by a wide coalition against the King. Result? Mullahs take over.

2.  Egypt has free parliamentary elections. Results? The Muslim Brotherhood becomes the second most powerful party in the country, before being quickly banned.

3.  Americans allow free elections in Iraq. Results? Islamist parties become the main power blocks in power.

4.  Palestinians have free elections: Voters protest against corrupt regime. Result? Hamas is now running the Gaza Strip.

5.  Beirut Spring: Christians, Sunni Muslims, and Druze unite against Syrian control. Moderate government gains power. Result? Hezbollah is now the main political force in Lebanon.

6.  Algeria holds free elections: Voters back moderate Islamist group. Result? Military coup; Islamists turn (or reveal their true thinking) radical; tens of thousands of people killed.

Quite simply, the majority of the population has an insane infatuation with extremist Islam, be it Shiite or Sunni. Again, none of this is a surprise to the owners of the Anglo sphere. So why are they so actively backing revolutions and over throws throughout the Middle East?

Already a revolution has swept out the sectarian dictator of Tunisia, with Islamists quickly moving in. Exiled leader of Tunisian Islamist party returning to role in ‘new era of democracy’.

Protests, demonstrations and revolutions have now spread to Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Albania, Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Egypt is by far, the worst hit, with the government teetering, mass looting and violence becoming the norm and the Muslim Brotherhood riding high.

All of this, of course is nothing new, it is a rehash of past and present events. So, my astute readers are now asking, again, why are the Anglo Elites servicing these revolutions and how will this save the U.S. dollar, or at least stave off its death for a few more years?

To answer that one must understand that to be a vassal, er, an ally of the Anglos is worse than to be an enemy. At least an enemy knows where he stands, while an ally will be used and when his or her utilization has reached its max, will be betrayed, back stabbed and sold out as best suits the Anglos, be it an Irishman or a Half Arab who sits in the Oval Office.

So now the time has come for a new round of betrayals, to prop up the USD at the expense of allies. You see, dear reader, the U.S. dollar is the exchange currency for Oil and Gas and the higher the price, the more the USD is demanded. The more that is demanded, to buy the more expensive oil and gas, the more debt currency the U.S. private Federal Reserve gets to print up and drop off on the world, allowing for accumulation of real resources, worth real value, as well as continuing pointless Marxist programs and the off-shoring of American hyper inflation to the rest of humanity.

This is nothing new. The U.S. ‘colour revolutions’ were used in the Central Asian states, to create havoc in areas adjacent to oil. The first was in Uzbekistan, where the socialist dictator and U.S. ally, Karimov, has been designated for removal by a U.S.-sponsored Islamic revolution. Unfortunately for the Americans, Karimov had no problem massacring the American paid for revolutionaries. He followed this by ousting the U.S. base on his lands and running to Moscow for protection.

The U.S. dollar did not get its intended boost in the Central Asian territories, at that time, however, the Americans did not give up. Even if a revolution fails in the directly affected area, one can be staged in an adjacent area which will lead to further instability in the intended area, thus driving up the price of oil and gas. To that end, the Americans created and backed the civil war in Tajikistan, where Uzbeki fanatics, in the south of the country now have defacto rule and will export their jihad to their own mother country, thus ensuring high levels of instability for decades to come.

To that same end, the Americans are backing the revolutions on the periphery of the main oil fields of the Middle East, in full knowledge that this will spill further and further into the oil producing regions. That is the plan, after all.

Tunisia, itself, a small time oil producer, accounts for 40,000 barrels/day.

Algeria and Yemen have also faced mass protests, funded and organized by Western NGOs, even as the owners of those NGOs pretend to be sympathetic to the rulers of the countries in question. However, as in Uzbekistan, these rulers have and will continue to respond with massive force, making sure that their U.S.-sponsored, home grown Islamics do not get very far. In Yemen, early Sunday, the government arrested Tawakul Karman, a prominent journalist and member of the Islamist party Isiah. He had organized protests through text messages and emails. All of the Western press are playing their roll, screaming to the high heavens about this Islamic fundamentalist’s follow on release and her love of freedom, even though Fundamentalist Islam believes in Sharia and has no freedom, other than the right to murder unbelievers.

Jordan, one of the most stable regional powers, has also been rocked by protests, as more than 5,000 people took to the streets, demanding the King give up his power, to “the people”.

Egypt has not been so lucky. Its government has proven, so far, to be weak, with many in the military openly siding with the Islamic Brotherhood and its Western NGO backers. Looting in the streets is rampant, as is direct confrontation with those special police forces, and special forces, still loyal to the dictatorship. The end is only a matter of time.

Egypt itself is responsible for the production of 680,000 barrels of oil per day. While this is about 1-2% of the world total output, Egypt further plays a massive role, with the Suez Canal and the alternate Surned pipeline, of passing an additional 1 million barrels of crude bound for the European and American markets. It is bad enough with the Somali pirates pushing up the price of oil, or why do you think that a trigger-happy America willing to invade just about anyone it can, including once upon a time Somalia, suddenly is too timid to deal with a bunch of rag tag pirates?

Other protests have erupted in Morocco, Libya, Lebanon and even Albania. All around the edges of the major oil players.

More worrisome than disruptions to Egypt’s oil production is the prospect that the unrest spreads to other hard-line states in the region, such as Libya and Algeria, both members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). Other countries in the region, including Tunisia and Yemen, have been wracked by anti-government protests in recent weeks, though neither is a major oil producer.

“If this thing spreads across the North African continent, gets into Libya, Algeria, then you’ve got trouble,” said Stephen Schork, editor of the Schork Report energy newsletter.

Finally, this whole process is now spilling into Saudi Arabia and soon possibly into the whole of the Gulf princedoms. The oil shocks will be profound and will be quick.

Already, with just the Egyptian upheavals, and as expected, just on the Thursday and Friday violence, oil went up over 4%, some $3.70 per barrel. Another similar rise can be expected this week, if not higher. When, not if, Mubarak’s government falls, oil should be expected to hit close to the $100 mark. With Nigeria also sinking into civil war, oil may well peak over $100/barrel by the end of February.

The American media and their other Western underlings and affiliates, are doing their part in colouring these as peoples’ fights for freedom and human rights. Of course they know full well what this will lead to: Islamic fundamentalism, which is the only result that this has ever led to. Then when this happens, when the correct end result is in place, those very same self-serving hypocrites, will throw up their hands and declare that they are shocked that those stupid, dirty Arabs could not make any go of “freedom” even after all the help they were given.

The Americans have been preparing for this for years. Many foolishly blame this on Obama, he is a part of this, but his is only the final chapter in the preparation for one of the last ditch efforts to stave off Judgment Day of the U.S. dollar and its debt built and house of cards economy.

“What happened in Georgia with the Rose Revolution and Orange Revolution in Ukraine in 2003-2004 was part of a long-term strategy orchestrated by the Pentagon, the State Department and various U.S.-financed NGOs like Freedom House and National Endowment for Democracy to create pro-NATO regime change in those former Soviet Union areas and to literally encircle Russia,” author and researcher William Engdahl told RT.

“What is going on in the Middle East with the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia that we saw a few days ago, and now in Egypt with Mubarak in his 80s, and obviously a regime that is not exactly the most stable one, we have a food crisis taking place as a backdrop and the IMF coming and telling these countries to eliminate their state food subsidies so you have, of course, the explosive background for popular unrest. Within that you have these NGOs, like Freedom House, training activists and trade unions and various other organizations to demand democracy, demand human rights and so forth,” he added.

This earlier report by RT [“TV Novosti”] sums the process up even better:

Dr. William Robinson is one of the foremost experts on Washington’s democracy promotion initiatives, he wrote the book ‘Promoting Polyarhcy.’

“In Latin America, in Eastern Europe with the Velvet Revolutions, in Africa, in the Middle East, really all over the world, the U.S. set up these different mechanisms now for penetrating these civil societies in the political systems of countries that are going to be intervened and to assure the outcome is going to be pleasing to Washington’s foreign policy objectives,” said Robinson.

Lawrence Wilkerson, the former Chief of Staff to former Secretary of State Colin Powell said, “We do this through surrogates and non-governmental organization and through people who are less suspecting of the evil that may lurk behind their actions than perhaps they were before. Have we learned some lessons in that regard? You bet! Do we do it better? You bet! Is it still just as heinous as it has always been? You bet!”

The Americans call this process Creative Destruction, that is the new catch phrase for world revolutions, no different than that which was exported from our own country while it was ruled by Anglo financed Marxists. While the PR may be promising and alluring, the results will be misery and death for those in ground zero: with tourism and industry fleeing fundamentalist regimes, resulting in yet more starvation and poverty, and a massive enrichment for the top 1% of the Anglo elite who could not give a bigger damn, no matter what their fully owned media mouth pieces may be saying.

The massive increases in the price of oil, as well as the increased demand for weapons by those states who border these areas, will line the pockets of thousands of executives and politicians in America, and to a smaller level, of England, for decades to come. If a war or three are spawned from this, even better.

Furthermore, with refugees and terrorism flooding Europe, which is finally starting to react violently to the virus that is attacking the body social at large, and the confiscation of European industry in Northern Africa, the Euro will be on the front lines of these new Islamic plagues, like never before. It will take another beating, with the dollar remaining a “safe” investment. Just another big plus, not to mention the new missions for NATO and that military-industrial complex, this will generate.

As for the American serfs, the little people? Well, the $6-10/gallon ($1.50-$2.25/liter) gasoline will crush them. Sure, the socialist welfare programs that their government will finance by selling yet more dollars, will help some, but it is a mild treatment for a terminal disease. Their falling wages, in the face of mass and growing unemployment as well as soaring inflation, will drag the last of the middle class into poverty and slavery. However, unlike the Arabs or the French or most other people of the world, they will do what their British cousins have been doing for the past 30 years, put up a stiff upper lip and accept this as their reality. And yes, as before, for the world at large, their owners in NYC, DC and London, could not really give a bigger damn.

A passive people, believing in their own illusionary freedoms and high on their own self importance, make for the best slaves and no where are there more such slaves than in the USA.

The rest of us will also have to live with an ever more violent world, courtesy of the biggest sponsor of Islamic insanity the world has ever had the sorry state of knowing.


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STANISLAV MISHIN: The Upcoming U.S. Elections: What Do They Mean?

October 30, 2010 Comments off

The following column is reprinted with permission from Stanislav Mishin, a regular contributor to Russian newspaper Pravda.

The Upcoming U.S. Elections: What Do They Mean?
©  Stanislav Mishin
Source:  Mat Rodina
October 29, 2010

In a word: nothing.

Lets explore:

I have spoken with several American friends and acquaintances and all have bought into the new “Hope” and “Change”. No, this is not the Hope and Change of the Obama regime, but the Hope and Change of the Republicans, the other branch of the One Party Two Branch system of government. Simply put, it is now the American right that is mindlessly chanting Hope and Change, egged on by the oligarch owned mass media and cheering on one side or another of the One Party Two Branch state.

In truth, few stop to think through what will change but they have lots of hope, hope that constantly gets redirected away from direct action and in hopes that discredited elections will work this time… always this time… thus the owners of America put off any real opposition and street protest or worse for another 2 years and another 2 years, while the prols [proletariats] mindlessly hope for change that never comes.

Let explore:

Am I saying that there are no conservatives who will be elected? Of course not. What I am saying is that it will not matter and for several key reasons:

First, the Republicans may win the majority of both houses of parliament, but it will be a narrow majority. The exiting Democrats are prepared to push through many laws before they get replaced. The sitting Republicans will do next to nothing to stop this, as most are on board the same express train as the exiting Democrats and opposition is just political theater for the masses.

Now, the Republicans will not only not have a large enough majority to over ride a presidential veto, but to believe that the Republicans will act conservatively is a delusion. Conservatives will not only be a minority but as new members will have no seniority and even less say. Then there is the issue of corruption and sell outs. It is thus, equally foolish not to believe that at least some, if not the majority of, the new conservatives will sell out as soon as the big money is thrown at them: which will be about 10 minutes before they reach their offices.

Lastly, is of course the principles on which these so-called conservatives are coming into power. These are not what the anglos call paleo conservatives who believe in balanced budgets, really small government and no foreign wars. No, the majority are rightly classified as Neocons, would be “conservative” would be president Sarah Palin, falls right into that.

Sure they want to cut spending, but on the citizens who are already unemployed. They will be the hatchet men for the Democrat wing, while continuing to spend on foreign imperial wars of revolutionary Third Way Socialism (Corporate Marxism aka Capitalism).

They will continue to spend and spend and bomb and bomb, just on slightly different subjects, while making soft sounds to calm the narrow sighted masses with a fight against gay marriage, while actively supporting Islamic Jihad against Christians world wide. Further, they are almost all Free Trade zealots, thus they will not bring factories or jobs back, which is the only way to hold off the continued collapse in the U.S. economy.

Thus, any investors, who still believe that the U.S. will turn around, just after this election or the next or the next, are equally fooling themselves, in no better fashion than the masses duped into an election process controlled by their owners and made into grand political theater.


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STANISLAV MISHIN: What is to Fear From a Nuclear Iran?

October 24, 2010 Comments off

The following column is reprinted with permission from Stanislav Mishin, a regular contributor to Russian newspaper Pravda.

What is to Fear From a Nuclear Iran?
©  Stanislav Mishin
Source:  Mat Rodina
October 24, 2010

From the sounds of the Anglo-American-Israeli-Saudi press… wow now there is an Axis of Insanity for you, there is much to fear from a power mad Iran preparing its legions to march upon the world. Why it is the reincarnation of the Fourth Reich… well right after Slobadon Milosevic’s Yugoslavia, Taliban Afghanistan, Saddam’s Iraq, Kiredoch’s Serbska Republic, Chavez’s Venezuela, Castro’s Cuba, Lukashenko’s Belarus and of course, on and off, Putin’s Russia… other Fourth Reich 2.0s are sure to join that list, as needed by the propaganda masters of the West.

But really what is to fear from Iran and its pseudo nut job leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Outside of making assinine statements, pseudo threats and hanging gays and shooting the occasional opposition member (of course that Rafsanjani, Washington’s favorite Persian, is even more radical and took Americans hostage in the late 1970s, is irrelevant.) they do sponsor terrorism. Of course, the level of terrorism that Iran sponsors, and no there is no excuse for it, is nothing compared to what America’s owners, the Saudis sponsor across the world as they pour billions into Global Jihad… but that bothers the Sunni leadership of America none and even the former Protestant leadership under Bush loved Islamic Jihad, as long as it was only murdering Orthodox and Catholic Christians, Hindus and Buddhists.

So what is to fear? Is it Iran’s imperialistic nature? Well, no, seems that Persia has not started a single war in 200 years. Say what? Yes, 200 years, while the champion of peace, the Americans, have done almost nothing but launch wars for 200 years, all across the globe attacking friend and foes, when the urge and the cash struck them.

So, is it Iran’s desire to exterminate the Jews or other religions? Well here we run into several key problems. For example, there are 40,000 Jews, living in a 3,000 year old community in Iran and they have refused to leave. Further, with less then 0.1% of the population, they have a member of parliament. Heck, so do the Zoroastrians, who are not even “people of the book” aka Christians and Jews and by Islam, should not be tolerated at all.

As a matter of fact, radical Iran is far from Radical. For the Western readers, this should come as a mental explosion to them: there are actually quite a few Christians in Iran.

– – Armenian Apostolic Church of Iran (250,000 adherents) – basically an Orthodox affiliate
– – Assyrian Church of the East of Iran (about 11,000 adherents) Also basically an Orthodox church
– – Chaldean Catholic Church of Iran (about 7,000 adherents)
– – Presbyterian, including the Assyrian Evangelical Church
– – Pentecostal, including the Assyrian Pentecostal Church
– – Jama’at-e Rabbani (the Iranian Assemblies of God churches)
– – the Anglican Church of Iran.

The Protestants number around 15,000 and many are former Muslims. Yes, that’s right, Muslims do convert and unlike America’s best buddies Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Egypt, they are not murdered and imprisoned for this. So when are the Anglo champions of freedom going to say something about their owners, the Sunnis? Never, cash talks.

So, in radical Iran, out of a population of 66 million, there are about 300,000 Christians, and Iran never converted to Christianity, prior to Islam, it was Zorasterin. There are also 22,000 Zoroastrians also and other minorities. If the Iranians are so radical, why do they allow any of these groups? Surely the close allies of America, the champions of freedom in Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Kuwait or even the bastion of tolerance, Qatar, allow other faiths in large numbers… right? No.

Further, the Iranian parliment has one Jewish member, a Zoroastrian and two Christians (but so did Saddam’s Iraq, until the U.S. liberation liberated the 10% Christians of their homes and faith and history).

Am I making excuses for Iran’s society? Hardly, I view all Islam with suspicion at best and hostility at worst, but the truth of the matter must be stated and Iran is far from the beast that the Axis of Insanity has constantly repeated.

So again, what does the West fear? Will a nuclear Iran exterminate Israel? Hardly, first, outside the fact that a lone Iranian missile would be answered by a dozen Israeli nuclear warheads, leading to the destruction of Iran. As a matter of fact, if Iran’s leadership was half as suicidal as the West claims, they could have covered Israel in chemicals and biologicals from head to toe for the past 25 years, but have never done so. Why?

Now, so what does the West or rather the Anglos and Saudis really fear?

Why a nuclear Iran, but for very different reasons.

The Saudis first see Iran as their direct political, economic and above all religious rival, as the Sunni Saudis despise the Shia Persians and treat their own giant Shia minority as unwanted vermin.

Further, though is what America fears. It fears, above all, a nuclear Iran in that it will no longer be able to invade Iran or directly threaten Iran as it likes. But why?

Simple, if Iran is no longer afraid of an American attack, take N.Korea’s position now that they have a nuclear weapon, they will no longer feel threatened or forced to use the U.S. dollar for oil and gas (something they already do not demand from China and Japan, to purchase oil and gas). If that happens, if they walk away from the dollar, if other nations do not need the dollar to buy oil and gas, that is a direct threat to the already crumbling U.S. power. Do not forget that Saddam, two months before the U.S. invasion, had made a deal with the U.N. to sell oil for food in Euros not dollars, something the Caesars of D.C. and their bankster backers found intolerable.

Further, if the Iranians leave the dollar, others may, thus with diminished need for the dollar, the value of the over-printed currency will drop as more and more are dumped on the market, until sooner or later, a general panic ensues and those fourteen or so trillion dollars, outside the U.S., come flooding back.

So, as usual, when the Anglo elites begin chirping about human rights or other humanitarian reasons for another so called “Just” war, one must always start looking for the trail of dollars that lead to the real reasons for one insanity or another.


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STANISLAV MISHIN: France Shuts Down, U.K. Set To Burn: The Western Catastrophe

October 16, 2010 Comments off

The following column is reprinted with permission from Stanislav Mishin, a regular contributor to Russian newspaper Pravda.

France Shuts Down, U.K. Set To Burn: The Western Catastrophe
©  Stanislav Mishin
Source:  Mat Rodina
October 16, 2010

What we are witnessing with the mass disorders in France is what we tasted in Greece all spring and summer and what will rock the West in greater and greater ferocity.

For those who have not been paying attention, the shut downs, the walk outs and the break downs of Greece have spread now to France. The trigger? A broke, over extended government, already straddled with suffocating high taxation decided to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62.

Instantly, millions hit the streets, shutting down business and movement. Walkouts at the airports have shut down flights, while work stoppages at oil refineries and fuel depots threaten to paralyze not only the economy but also emergency services. Panic buying and hoarding has already begun. Basically, French society is in paralysis just like Greece was for most of this year.

One poll showed that 70% believe that this will build into the same massive protests of 1995 and over half the population support this. What none are thinking about is the cost of that protest or the fact that their demands of long and easy retirement are unrealistic, always were and unsustainable.

Al Jazeera’s reporter, Jacky Rowland, was quoted as stating “French workers have campaigned long and hard for their rights and benefits, and they won’t give them up without a fight,” she said. She is right, they will fight and enjoy themselves right up to the third world economic collapse, all else be damned.

In Spain workers shut down production, freezing the country’s economy and costing billions of Euros that that broken and bankrupt government also can not afford. Transportation and such were equally shut down.

Just like Greece before them, and Romania sporadically, and England about to follow.

The real show will, of course come in England. The new pseudo conservative government in England has announced that it will cut 40% of the budget, in order to reign in the 13% deficits. Of course this will translate into mass unemployment of the public sector and no alternatives in the private sector, as there are no plans to equally remove high taxes, high regulations and non-existent outsourcing barriers to China, that would actually encourage private business and industry to open plants and absorb the cast offs of the biggest employer in the U.K.: government.

The workers of course understand that, but instead of fighting and pushing the so-called conservatives to actually free the economy, not just cut spending, they are indeed fighting for the continuation of the ruin that they all face. The U.K. is a broke 2nd world economy, rapidly economically, morally and culturally sliding into a failed state.

The government unions, first why does any government allow gov. employee unions is insane to behold, have flatly stated, they will shut the country down and set it on fire. Well t-time is coming and coming rapidly: the Spring of British Discontent. Of course, the fact that without such actions, even these imperfect actions, by summer time next year, the U.K. economy will be in absolute free fall and these same bureaucrats and workers will not be getting paid anyways, is beyond their comprehension or cognizant abilities.

Similar strikes are further breaking out in Slovakia, again in Greece, and the capital of that frankenstinian state of the E.U. was equally rocked.

The communists are ecstatic, knowing that soft socialism always leads to this. Cradle to grave care is always expensive and steady growth in taxes, along with the strangling demands of the watermelons (green activist on the outside, red Marxist on the inside) have made sure that tax revenues shrink, not grow, as business flees. This of course leads to a crushing of the cushy expectations of the masses and the mass protests and revolutions.

The Marxists, as usual, are more than happy to aid these revolutions and sacrifice the lives of tens if not hundreds of thousands of their countrymen, to establish their Marxist utopias. That every single one of these Utopias has always failed and cost the lives of millions in the process, as well as whole lost decades in economic growth, is irrelevant to the true believers, who know that this one, this time, this even will be done correctly. Simply put, there is no reasoning with such true believers.

John Monks, general secretary of the European Trades Union Confederation, which organized the events, was quoted as stating: “This is the start of the fight, not the end.”

What all of these socialists fail to answer and the cushy and spoiled workers do not dare to ask is: how do we pay for this? This of course, plays right into the hands of the Marxists.

Equally, the elites in America are setting the situation up just as well and the people are playing into it. True, there are the Tea Party movements, who have no clear agenda except to cut spending and taxes, more so taxes. If these were actual fiscal conservatives, where were they during the “good ole” days when their government under the Fascist Republicans spent in the hundreds of billions on cheap credit? Only when the Communist Democrats aintied it up a notch did they “awake”. But what do they want? Cut spending? But on what? See, no one in that movement puts forth a real agenda, because if they did then problems would appear instantly.

For example: many want no more social spending, but have no problems with wars after wars, spending trillions on the invasion of sovereign nations, especially if their kids never have to serve. Others want cuts in taxes, as long as they continue to enjoy their own retirements and get cost of living upgrades, never mind that their pension system: Social Security, is already $40 billion in the whole.

Just like their confused European cousins, they claim: I have paid into the system, I deserve it. Well yes, but how?

Equally, most of these so-called conservatives are free trade enthusiasts, because most are not in manufacturing and make cash by importing and enjoy cheap Chinese junk, never bothering to think past the price to the actual cost.

More so, even then the Europeans, who at least practice some protectionism of their industry. The Americans face a conundrum: if they cut spending now, forty million workers and their families will be out on the street, with hundreds of thousands joining them weekly, plus massive layoffs of state employees, which is already underway. This is a formula for revolution. If they continue spending, which means printing debt, they equally face an economic collapse, another formula for revolution.

Of course, with their import debt growing to record levels every month, sooner or later, regardless of what they do, they will be cut off at worst or face exploding costs at best, and the further impoverishment of the people: equally a formula for revolution.

Either way, no matter what happens, the West, already sagging under the weight of its own “prosperity” and easy, Christless, immoral living, is facing catastrophe. Anarchy, autocracy, tyranny are what is on the horizon. The only hope: a return to Christian Monarchy and stable sensible economic policy, and the crushing and ousting of the Marxists and socialists, once and for all, seems a long shot at best.


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Stanislav Mishin: Control of Food, the American Holodomor

September 29, 2010 Comments off

[Blogmaster note:  The term “Holodomor” refers to a famine that occurred in 1930s Ukraine as a result of Soviet policies. more…]

The following column is reprinted with permission from Stanislav Mishin, a regular contributor to Russian newspaper Pravda.

Control of Food, the American Holodomor
©  Stanislav Mishin
Source:  Mat Rodina
September 29, 2010

Unlike popular belief, the Soviet Union did not set out to orchestrate the extermination of a large portion of the Ukrainian, southern Russian and Armenian populations, but set out or not, that is exactly what happened and nothing else could have come of it.

How so?

Simple: with the determination of controlling the agricultural economy and thus the peasant farmer, the Soviet Union laid the means and the ends of the humanitarian disaster that crippled it. It could not have happened otherwise.

On the one hand, the Marxist state MUST control the peasants, there is simply no other solution. The farm families, far from the centralized and controlled world of the cities, tend to have traditional and independent points of view. They tend to be more religious and self reliant, all things that are poison to the modern Marxist, be he Leninist Fascist, Stalinist Communist or Anglo Third Way Socialist.

Thus to control the farmer is to place the final nail into any coffin of independence and self rule, for it is in the country side that rebellion breeds and spreads to the cities, it has always been so.

However, to put the farmer under strict controls is to destroy him, his will and his abilities and thus his production: food. The cities, when starving, become much more dangerous and thus the farmer, hampered from doing his work, must be squeezed further to support the cities and revolutions.

In America, the House has already passed the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act S.510 bill and only the Senate is left to pass their version and co-mingle them into a unified monstrosity. The bill is designed to destroy the small farmer in America, the very caste of people who is the most likely opposition to the control of the moneyed elites. Though the American small farmer is a dying breed, with hundreds of thousands of families throwing in the towel over the past decade, he is not dying out fast enough.

Furthermore, with various resurgences of concern over the second rate food and tasteless sustenance that major food farms and processors are throwing into the American gullet, the small local farmer has gotten a second, albeit short lease on life. This bill will make sure that lease is done for. Organic food and the drive to not die of obesity or insulin shock at the age of 24, has proved a major market force and thus also a social force, that must be reckoned with and controlled, and in America, the land of the so-called free, nothing is and everything is controlled by one over-paid bureaucrat or another.

Under the guise of food safety, these farmers will be destroyed once and for all and an American version of the Soviet centralized food manufacturing and processing system will be created, with continuous shortages, occasional population control through starvation, whether intentional or not and so on. One small farmer recently commented to the Wall Street Journal as:

“I know people who have been small farmers for 25 to 30 years who are looking to get out of the business because food safety is becoming so alarmist.”

The paperwork restrictions on farmers, the amount of effort to put in perfectly filled out copies or to face $500,000 fines on the first infraction, will guarantee that only the large agro giants are left standing in rather short order. On top of this the FDA will have full authority to dictate each and every detail of how food should be grown and under what conditions to the American farmer.

But this bill goes much further than that. It will, through bureaucratic oversight that even Stalin would be jealous of, preclude any growth, harvesting, sharing or selling of any food stuffs, from a small garden plot to a field or a green house, without the victim bending his knee to government oversight, control and of course payments, all in the name of food safety and freedom.

In quasi Stalinist form, which is the hall mark of the American Marxist regime of President Obama, and his enablers of the One Party Two Branch system of government, any food grown or sold or given or consumed outside of the bureaucratic oversight, will be considered illegal contraband, on the scale of drugs or people smuggled. However, until the open borders of the American south, these Federal laws will be enforced.

Indeed, the American frog is already in boiling water and this is his final chance to jump. My bet, from previous effects of the elite’s control and the misdirection and destruction of the conservative will and anger, is that the frog will not jump. Instead it will dream lazily about its so-called freedoms, while sitting in its steel pot and boiling alive in the juices of its own self relevance.


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Welcome to Survival: America, a 2nd World Nation

September 15, 2010 Comments off

The following column is reprinted with permission from Stanislav Mishin, a regular contributor to Russian newspaper Pravda.

Welcome to Survival:  America, a 2nd World Nation
©  Stanislav Mishin
Source:  Mat Rodina
September 15, 2010

Recently, I was reading an article, at Economic Collapse Can A Family Of Four Survive On A Middle Class Income In America Today? on how the median American income of $50k (big money in Russia, but its all a matter of local costs) can no longer sustain a family of four, without crossing over into debt acquisition on a monthly basis. Very informative on the numbers. Of course, I have already known these statistics, but most Russians would find them shocking, those still harbouring some fantasy ideas about life in the U.S./U.K., amidst flowing milk, honey and unicorns running on rainbows. Reality, as most in the know, know, is anything but.

What really caught my eye, were the comments, not of those who affirmed that the numbers were correct and they and their quality of life were sinking, but in those who denied this and showed how “well” they survived:

Andrew writes:

My family of four has been surviving on ONE income of $45,000 (or less) for more than 10 years, and in the (overall) most expensive state in the union, New York. It can be done. First, lose the new cars, you don’t need them. Second, the food bills are too high, cut there. Cut the cable/dish and the internet. These are only the first places to cut. I’ve experienced two pay cuts totally 15% in the last 15 months, so, things are tight. If I have to I start cutting, or, get a second job (which I do have, now).

Mitch writes:

We have two old cars – paid for, but of course it costs money to keep them running safely. We bought a house a few years ago for 100k – 15yr mortgage, and have around 1k monthly payment when you include property taxes and the like. Gasoline prices and food prices have hit fairly hard in the past few years – – and even with summer gardens and the like we can’t keep our food bill as low as we could years ago.

We have no credit card debt – as we worked extra part-time jobs for years to pay off our credit card debt and save up cash for cars and down-payment on our ‘nothing-special’ 100k house.

We feel like the working poor and have for this entire decade, we eat out once a month (that being a take out pizza/or chinese) and never go to movies anymore – but rather play board games as a family or other things that don’t cost money. We have no cable and no fancy cell-phones. It seems to us that we were taken for a ride, working for the last 15 years – to be doing only slightly better than many welfare people.


I am a single parent with two teen daughters. We are scratching by on my income of $28k. No cell phones, no cable/satellite tv. We still have the internet. Costs are cut by hanging clothes up outside (reduce electricity), a large garden and a few laying hens. Squeaking by is the name of the game. School loans are on deferment atm and medical bills are not getting paid.

Lisa Z wrote:

Your numbers are almost exactly our life! We live in small city in Minnesota, and were successfully living on one income of (now) about 50k per year. We are okay with living simply, purchased a home 6 years ago and a used car below our income guidelines, and we make purchases very frugally. Our mortgage and escrow are about 1k/month. Groceries, etc. for our family of 2 adults, a DS13 and DD11, are $400-500/month because that’s all we’ve got (very difficult to do esp. as the kids get older, but we manage by cooking nearly all from scratch, gardening, freezing and canning, etc.)

The biggest problem is our health insurance has risen exponentially to where it’s keeping us from doing anything but getting by. It’s now $600/month to cover our family of four with a small deductible plan. My husband is a teacher so that’s a group plan. This can’t go on. Saving up for the deductible is nearly impossible.

Taxes and mandatory pension plan mean net income is only $2800/month. We can’t contribute much to the economy, that’s for sure. We have taken extra jobs – a first for me, a second for hubby – just to pay for choir for DD, horseback riding therapy for our autistic DS, small vacations to visit grandma/grandpa, etc. Those things absolutely can’t come out of our main income. Everything is a struggle these days. We’re still well fed. We’re still covered by a decent roof, and we’re dressed (in 2nd-hand clothes mostly). But we’re treading water upstream and it’s more and more difficult every day, with pay freezes in the school district that won’t end anytime soon.

Agoraphobic Plumber:

Those of you who are claiming $50K isn’t enough… have you ever been to a garage sale to buy clothes and household items? It’s dirt cheap. I picked up a leather jacket nearly brand new for $5. You can get canning supplies and equipment the same way for nearly nothing. Grow a really nice (huge if you have the room) garden for nearly nothing if you compost and use heritage seeds. Save a ton by buying in bulk. Cook most things from scratch.

NEVER buy a new car, and always pay cash. Drive a junker if need be… I do. I live in outstate MN and $1000/month will buy you an UNBELIEVABLE home. You can get by on half that for a 3BR, 2BA home, possibly with acreage if you can get a deal.

There are people here who have built ponds and stocked them with fish, keep bees, have small orchards and can the product, heat their houses mostly with wood they cut themselves and so on.

Bob Bois writes:

It’s not so much that you can’t make it on 50K on a monthly basis. That can be done with a little foresight and frugality. But forget about putting anything away for retirement at that rate. In fact, the middle class should just forget about retirement completely. As a concept, retirement is a relatively new development affecting a tiny percentage of the global population.


It’s a nightmare out there isn’t it? My husband and I get by on his one income. We manage by growing much of our own food and I can and dehydrate as well. We keep our util. bill quite low by being diligent and turning things off all the time. It can be done, but who wants to spend their lives scraping and scratching just to get by to continue living like that day after day? There just has to be more to life than figuring out which mega rich corporation we are going to send money to this week.


It is absolutely possible to live on $50,000 a year for a family of four!! We are a family of 4 living on about HALF that amount! I stay home with the kids too! We bought a reasonably priced home, have 2 decent vehicles with no payments, no credit card debt, no student loans, no cable tv (who has time for that with kids to care for?) We grow alot of food in our garden and can/freeze it to help cut grocery costs. I breastfeed and use cloth diapers. I buy 95% of the kids clothing second-hand (good stuff too!) We even have to pay for our own health insurance that goes up every year. I do everything I possibly can to make things myself from scratch. It takes alot of work, but we are doing it and we don’t feel like we are living without. We are even able to save money and pay cash for large items (furniture, appliances, vehicles, etc.) We ARE lucky to not live in the city and have the extra expenses they have. Although city folks can do alot of the things we do!

Well, I congratulate those who are making it, or rather surviving, by living more and more like their great grandparents, in the early days of the Industrial Revolution. When the so-called Richest Nation in the World has its average family living on par with someone 40 years prior, that is not Rich it is 2nd World at best. Sure, not being in debt is very important, but it says something when the average wage of the average person can not adequately feed a person and his spouse and two children and their cloths are bought from other poor people, who are a bit more poor and selling off what they own to stay above destitute.

America has now arrived or just about arrived at where we were in the 1990s.

Get real worried when you see grandmothers, on street corners, selling petro out of old soda bottles.


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Who Owns the U.S. Dollar?

September 2, 2010 Comments off

The following column is reprinted with permission from Stanislav Mishin, a regular contributor to Russian newspaper Pravda.

Who Owns the U.S. Dollar?
©  Stanislav Mishin
Source:  Mat Rodina
September 2, 2010

At first glance, this would seem like a rather silly, stupid and pointless question. Why, the average person would answer, the American people own it. Or rather, if one had to get more technical, the American government, which is in turn, being a Republic, owned by the people, one in the same.

But, as most such simple seeming things in life, the truth is neither simple or straight forward and the answer is neither silly, stupid or pointless, but indeed is critical to the well being of nations and hundreds of millions if not billions of people.

For the truth of it, neither the people of America nor the government of America owns the U.S. dollar. How’s that, you say? Well, if one was to really dive just a bit deeper, before hitting the rocks just under the U.S. greenback pond, one would quickly discover that the actual U.S. dollar has not existed since 1913, where it was effectively killed. What is now called the U.S. dollar is actually a Federal Reserve Note, says it right at the top of each bill. Why does that matter? Read on.

First of all, a U.S. dollar, as something before 1913, was an instrument of wealth. That piece of paper, or just as common a gold or silver coin, had actual worth, anywhere in the world. It was worth its weight in gold, be it actual gold or paper. A Federal Reserve Note, on the other hand, is a debt instrument, which not only is not wealth but is the opposite of wealth. Its very existence is a sucking sound on wealth, wealth being transferred, in this case not to the poor masses (as defined by defunct and unworking Marxism) but to the top 1% (equally defunct and unworking, but it’s only now starting to go that way).

How is that you say? Why quite simple, but for that answer, again, we must follow the rabbit down the rabbit hole.

The Federal Reserve, unbeknownst to many outside the U.S. and almost everyone in the U.S., is NOT a Federal, that is, government entity. It is about as governmental as Federal Express. In truth, it is a wholly private, untraded, and thus unsupervised, banking corporation, with a secret cabal of owners. One can assess some of those probable owners by those corporations/banks who were bailed out, while others were allowed to die.

Effectively, this private banking concern, the only one of its kind in the world, has the exclusive right to make the U.S. dollar, or rather the Federal Reserve Notes (debt) called the U.S. dollar, the one and only legal tender of America. Now, when the U.S. government wants or needs money, it can not simply “have” money. Put aside the notions about not starting the printing presses and so on, the simple fact is, not only can the U.S. government NOT coin currency, it can not just have it either. Remember, these are Reserve (debt) Notes.

So, when the U.S. government wants money, the Treasury Department prints bonds (promissory notes a.k.a. debt obligations) and “sells” these to the Federal Reserve (private banking concern), which than “gives” the U.S. government Federal Reserve Notes (tender). Thus the money the U.S. government and thus in turn, the U.S. people and all peoples and nations in the world who hold dollars (and why do you think they push these on the world so much?) are debt instruments owed to the Federal Reserve, by the holders. Thus, sooner or later you must return them, plus a percentage. Of course, to the Federal Reserve, the percentage is better.

But, let us take this one step further, and here is the really scary part. To note, no one’s logic ever seems to go this far, so for many, this may be your final Eureka moment, when you figure out just how screwed and owned you really are.

If the only legal tender is the Federal Reserve Note and it must be paid back at its face value plus percent, again, in Federal Reserve Notes, well how do you do it? Let me explain. If the Fed offers you (like a crack dealer) $100 million Federal Reserve Notes and you must pay it back, sooner or later with a 2% add on, thus, let us say, in 1 year, you will owe and must pay $102 million Federal Reserve Notes, well, how do you do it? Simply put, you only have $100 million, where do you get the other $2 million Federal Reserve Notes? You can not print them, you can not mint them, well, you have no choice but to ask the Federal Reserve to print them. Thus you get your $2 million more to pay back the debt, but that itself has a 2% attachment, that again, you must ask the Fed to print and at a percentage and so on into perpetuity… well not really, because in a rather short order, the Fed and its owners will own everything.

Rarely has so brilliant and patient a ponzy scheme been dreamed up than this.

And by exporting it overseas, they are sucking in the rest of the world’s finance, into their ever greedy, chubby and purely evil little hands.

So, leaders of the world, why the bloody Hell, are you giving away the future of your peoples and nations to this tiny group of American parasites, who have already bled the U.S. dead dry, where the top 1% holds over 60% of that nation’s raw wealth?

Cut them off and starve the beast.


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