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The Golden Age – Reflections on the Ruhnama

Preserving the memory and philosophy of Turkmenistan’s first President

Saparmyrat Turkmenbashy the Great (1940-2006)

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For new visitors, Ruhnama (Book of the Soul) is a two volume treatise written by Turkmenistan’s late president, Saparmyrat Niyazov (Turkmenbashy the Great, Light of the Turkmen), wherein he outlined his political and spiritual philosophy which he believed would usher in a Golden Age – an era of peace and enlightenment eminating from Turkmenistan and spreading throughout the world. Turkmenbashy writes:

Let us establish ways of friendship, brotherhood, unity, justice and proper knowledge. Let us be friends and find benefits, for none will be harmed by brotherhood!

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“Reflections on the Ruhnama” – Reports by Steve in Wisconsin


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My Beloved People!
My Dear Nation

“This book, written with the help of inspiration sent to my heart by the God who created
  this wonderful universe and who is able to do whatever He wills, is Turkmen Ruhnama.”
(Ruhnama, Book I)

Weekly Quote from the Ruhnama

Friday, February 25, 2011

Great Turkmenbashy teaches us:

Friendship is related with liberty of man.

All-Compassionate God bestowed friendship to ensure spiritual liberty, which his creature, man, is in need of. Friendship is a way to fill the gap of solitude.

Friendship is a phenomenon through which a human-being satisfies his soul in a complex social structure. Man chooses people who are close to him, befriends them and gets rid of solitude this way.


Ruhnama, Book II, p. 188.
(English hardcover edition, Ashgabat)

Capital of Turkmenistan
The white marble city of Ashgabat

Turkmenistan Facts

Area: 488,100 sq. km. (303,292 sq. mi.)

Population: 4,884,887 (July 2009)

Capital: Ashgabat, pop. 727,700

Ethnic Groups: Turkmen 85%, Uzbek 5%, Russian 4%, other 6%.

Languages: Turkmen 72%, Russian 12%, Uzbek 9%, other 7%

Religion: Muslim 89%, Eastern Orthodox 9%, unknown 2%

One understands the value of one’s parents when one grows older

Great Turkmenbashy writes:

Every age has its peculiar qualities. The child has different thoughts of his father at different ages:

5 years old: “My father knows everything.”

10 years old: “My father knows quite a lot.”

15 years old: “I know as much as my father does.”

20 years old: “To tell the truth, my father does not know anything.”

30 years old: “Nevertheless, my father knows something.”

40 years old: “It would be fine if I consulted my father.”

50 years old: “My father knows everything.”

60 years old: “If only my father were alive and I could consult him about this and that. I should have appreciated him properly when he was alive.”

Ruhnama, Book I, p.304.

Selected Stories from the Ruhnama

The Parable of the Flowers

Fate and Fortune

The Story of the Thief

The Good Neighbor


“Reflections on the Ruhnama” – Articles by Steve in Wisconsin

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Ruhnama Books I & II

RUHNAMA (Book One)

GOVERNMENT OF TURKMENISTAN:  (This will take time to download)
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English trans.
Other languages:

** Download ENGLISH version as PDF file
(File size: 2.7 mb, 399-pages)

RUHNAMA (Book Two)

Revised English rendition
June 2007 (REVISED 2007-07-12, all page numbers now correspond to 2004 English hardcover edition.)
File type: pdf.
File size: 787 kb
Pages: 258

Turkmenistan news

Further objectives of education reform
·  State News Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH)  (22.Feb.2011)

National Flag Day festivities at Olympic Stadium in Ashgabat
·  State News Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH)  (20.Feb.2011)
[Excerpt:] – Turkmenistan’s flag as a symbol of sacred independence, great Revival and prosperity, stability and welfare of the solidary people is comprehended as a national shrine, a national pride. Its emerald colour cloth embodies the life, eternally renovating nature; this is the colour of joy and hope, peace and creation. The sacred banner inspires people to perform great accomplishments, elevate and make their spirit invincible.

Festivities in honour of National Flag Day
·  State News Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH)  (20.Feb.2011)
[Excerpt:] – A big festive concert was performed by Turkmen workers of culture and art at the Ruhiyet Palace to mark the National Flag Day. The national holiday dedicated to the state symbol of Turkmenistan is celebrated widely in our country each year and contributes to bringing up faithful patriots of the Motherland. The green banner flying over sovereign Turkmenistan is a symbol of freedom, spiritual kinship and historical ties of many generations of the Turkmen people, who have brought this bright day of the beloved Fatherland closer.

President’s speech congratulates compatriots on National Flag Day
·  State News Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH)  (19.Feb.2011)
[Excerpt:] – Text of President’s speech: “My beloved people, Dear compatriots, I cordially congratulate you on one of the most remarkable holidays celebrated widely and solemnly in our wonderful Fatherland, the National Flag Day of Turkmenistan! May our green banner – a national pride of the Turkmen people, a symbol of statehood, independence, neutrality and a happy life always fly in the peaceful sky of the sacred Motherland!…”

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“If God Almighty should give me enough time, I
will at least create a heaven out of Turkmenistan.”

— Turkmenbashy the Great

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