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STANISLAV MISHIN: What is to Fear From a Nuclear Iran?

October 24, 2010

The following column is reprinted with permission from Stanislav Mishin, a regular contributor to Russian newspaper Pravda.

What is to Fear From a Nuclear Iran?
©  Stanislav Mishin
Source:  Mat Rodina
October 24, 2010

From the sounds of the Anglo-American-Israeli-Saudi press… wow now there is an Axis of Insanity for you, there is much to fear from a power mad Iran preparing its legions to march upon the world. Why it is the reincarnation of the Fourth Reich… well right after Slobadon Milosevic’s Yugoslavia, Taliban Afghanistan, Saddam’s Iraq, Kiredoch’s Serbska Republic, Chavez’s Venezuela, Castro’s Cuba, Lukashenko’s Belarus and of course, on and off, Putin’s Russia… other Fourth Reich 2.0s are sure to join that list, as needed by the propaganda masters of the West.

But really what is to fear from Iran and its pseudo nut job leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Outside of making assinine statements, pseudo threats and hanging gays and shooting the occasional opposition member (of course that Rafsanjani, Washington’s favorite Persian, is even more radical and took Americans hostage in the late 1970s, is irrelevant.) they do sponsor terrorism. Of course, the level of terrorism that Iran sponsors, and no there is no excuse for it, is nothing compared to what America’s owners, the Saudis sponsor across the world as they pour billions into Global Jihad… but that bothers the Sunni leadership of America none and even the former Protestant leadership under Bush loved Islamic Jihad, as long as it was only murdering Orthodox and Catholic Christians, Hindus and Buddhists.

So what is to fear? Is it Iran’s imperialistic nature? Well, no, seems that Persia has not started a single war in 200 years. Say what? Yes, 200 years, while the champion of peace, the Americans, have done almost nothing but launch wars for 200 years, all across the globe attacking friend and foes, when the urge and the cash struck them.

So, is it Iran’s desire to exterminate the Jews or other religions? Well here we run into several key problems. For example, there are 40,000 Jews, living in a 3,000 year old community in Iran and they have refused to leave. Further, with less then 0.1% of the population, they have a member of parliament. Heck, so do the Zoroastrians, who are not even “people of the book” aka Christians and Jews and by Islam, should not be tolerated at all.

As a matter of fact, radical Iran is far from Radical. For the Western readers, this should come as a mental explosion to them: there are actually quite a few Christians in Iran.

– – Armenian Apostolic Church of Iran (250,000 adherents) – basically an Orthodox affiliate
– – Assyrian Church of the East of Iran (about 11,000 adherents) Also basically an Orthodox church
– – Chaldean Catholic Church of Iran (about 7,000 adherents)
– – Presbyterian, including the Assyrian Evangelical Church
– – Pentecostal, including the Assyrian Pentecostal Church
– – Jama’at-e Rabbani (the Iranian Assemblies of God churches)
– – the Anglican Church of Iran.

The Protestants number around 15,000 and many are former Muslims. Yes, that’s right, Muslims do convert and unlike America’s best buddies Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Egypt, they are not murdered and imprisoned for this. So when are the Anglo champions of freedom going to say something about their owners, the Sunnis? Never, cash talks.

So, in radical Iran, out of a population of 66 million, there are about 300,000 Christians, and Iran never converted to Christianity, prior to Islam, it was Zorasterin. There are also 22,000 Zoroastrians also and other minorities. If the Iranians are so radical, why do they allow any of these groups? Surely the close allies of America, the champions of freedom in Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Kuwait or even the bastion of tolerance, Qatar, allow other faiths in large numbers… right? No.

Further, the Iranian parliment has one Jewish member, a Zoroastrian and two Christians (but so did Saddam’s Iraq, until the U.S. liberation liberated the 10% Christians of their homes and faith and history).

Am I making excuses for Iran’s society? Hardly, I view all Islam with suspicion at best and hostility at worst, but the truth of the matter must be stated and Iran is far from the beast that the Axis of Insanity has constantly repeated.

So again, what does the West fear? Will a nuclear Iran exterminate Israel? Hardly, first, outside the fact that a lone Iranian missile would be answered by a dozen Israeli nuclear warheads, leading to the destruction of Iran. As a matter of fact, if Iran’s leadership was half as suicidal as the West claims, they could have covered Israel in chemicals and biologicals from head to toe for the past 25 years, but have never done so. Why?

Now, so what does the West or rather the Anglos and Saudis really fear?

Why a nuclear Iran, but for very different reasons.

The Saudis first see Iran as their direct political, economic and above all religious rival, as the Sunni Saudis despise the Shia Persians and treat their own giant Shia minority as unwanted vermin.

Further, though is what America fears. It fears, above all, a nuclear Iran in that it will no longer be able to invade Iran or directly threaten Iran as it likes. But why?

Simple, if Iran is no longer afraid of an American attack, take N.Korea’s position now that they have a nuclear weapon, they will no longer feel threatened or forced to use the U.S. dollar for oil and gas (something they already do not demand from China and Japan, to purchase oil and gas). If that happens, if they walk away from the dollar, if other nations do not need the dollar to buy oil and gas, that is a direct threat to the already crumbling U.S. power. Do not forget that Saddam, two months before the U.S. invasion, had made a deal with the U.N. to sell oil for food in Euros not dollars, something the Caesars of D.C. and their bankster backers found intolerable.

Further, if the Iranians leave the dollar, others may, thus with diminished need for the dollar, the value of the over-printed currency will drop as more and more are dumped on the market, until sooner or later, a general panic ensues and those fourteen or so trillion dollars, outside the U.S., come flooding back.

So, as usual, when the Anglo elites begin chirping about human rights or other humanitarian reasons for another so called “Just” war, one must always start looking for the trail of dollars that lead to the real reasons for one insanity or another.


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