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Inteltrends will resume March 6 – (hopefully)

February 25, 2011

To my readers…

The problem with ‘one-person’ blogs and websites is that if the publisher is unable to fulfil his tasks then these sites are simply not updated.

I have always tried to give my readers premium service (daily updates, plus Inteltrends’ “Newsmarks” column, my Wisconsin blog and other features) but regrettably I have come down with both the flu and a lower back injury at the same time. The flu is manageable, but the back injury makes it difficult to sit in front of the computer. If you have ever had this type of injury then I’m sure you understand.

Anyway, I “hope” to have this site fully operational again by March 6. In the interim only the Daily Quran Verse and the Ruhnama Weekly Quote will continue to be updated.

Inteltrends’ news, commentaries and analysis’ MAY BE updated sporadically before March 6, so please feel free to visit earlier.


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