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Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: Interview with Taliban spokesman regarding the current situation in Afghanistan

February 23, 2011 Comments off

The text of the following interview is an official media release from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban). Reprinted with permission.

Interview with the spokesperson of Islamic Emirate Zabihullah Mujahid regarding Afghanistan’s current political and military situation
Source:  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
February 23, 2011  07:41

Question:  Mr. Mujahid, after months of disputes, Hamid Karzai finally announced the so-called ‘peoples congregation’ (Jargah), could you please share with us your view regarding it?

Zabihullah Mujahid:  Yes, in Afghanistan the foreign invaders and their puppets, like before, are trying to put into practice various processes in order to cover up the invasion of Afghanistan, and enforce their ‘prescription’ of so-called democracy. Once again they repeated their misleading efforts and conducted a parliamentary election. From the beginning the Islamic Emirate considered this particular election as ‘a demand and process set by foreigners’. The invaders covered the expenses of the election so that they can benefit from it.

Through this ‘show’ of election, the invaders wanted to deceive the Afghan Nation and the world that they have achieved their objectives, and [that] now there is a popular, elected government and parliament, hence no one has the right to continue their struggle against the elected government.

The foreigners believed that through such staged and corrupt elections they can easily put in place their purchased puppet individuals and appoint them in the fake parliament, through which they thought that they can continue their occupation and from such a parliament they will be able to easily get their hands on a long term strategic alliance contract.

In addition to this the invaders also had the intentions of appointing in the parliament those individuals who do not believe in a united Afghanistan. Through these puppets the foreign invaders will try on a high level to divide Afghanistan and cultivate mistrust amongst different ethnic groups.

From the beginning the Islamic Emirate had considered this process a struggle by foreign invaders and detrimental to the Afghan Nation and Muslims, and the results of this process reveals the same truth about the invaders’ deceptive upcoming plans and efforts.

Question:  The United States of America, her allies and also the United Nations had a warm welcoming response towards the parliamentary elections, how do you view their particular response?

Zabihullah Mujahid:  I made it clear that the parliament in Kabul and the elections that were held are not conducted in order to serve the legislative needs of the country; instead it was part of the invaders military strategy. As we know NATO is a military alliance, and it must be noticed that Rasmussen was compelling Hamid Karzai to bring about a new parliament, thus instead of government diplomats the ceremony of the new parliament was conducted by the military commanders of different countries, which shows that the new parliament was a strategic military need of the American invading forces that ought to be completed. In reality the Americans want to use this parliament in order to fulfill their military strategy in the region. As far as the United Nations’ warm welcoming of the new parliament is concerned, then it is apparent that the U.N. cannot take any step against America and that is a known fact.

Question:  Do you think that the new parliament will have any effect on the current situation in Afghanistan?

Zabihullah Mujahid:  No not at all, because this parliament like the earlier ones is neither an Afghani parliament nor legitimate, most of its members are elected on the basis of ethnicity by the invaders and their puppets, so like the earlier parliaments, it will only be limited to pocketing salaries and will not have any evident effect on the current circumstances.

Question:  Can you describe briefly the view of the Islamic Emirate regarding this parliament?

Zabihullah Mujahid:  The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan does not give any importance to the existence or absence of such parliaments; most of its members are accountable for crimes and corruption which is part of this puppet regime. We see the so-called newly ‘elected’ parliament as a part of the continuous stage show, which the Americans want to benefit from by using it as propaganda in order to deceive the populace.

Question:  Coming to other issues Mr.Mujahid, recently the American General Petraeus claimed that they have some evident progress in Afghanistan, how do you view these claims?

Zabihullah Mujahid:  Yes, we hear this propaganda circulating in the media which is very astonishing. Our nation witnesses that the invaders are under more pressure than ever before. From one side, despite the increase in the number of invading forces they are under continuous attacks of Mujahideen all over the country which results in high casualties on a daily basis. From the other side, the invading forces – particularly their leaders and army generals – are under great political pressure of their country’s general public, that despite great expenses, enormous cost of life and public wealth, why have they not been able to fulfill their promises, which was to bring stability and a countable progress in Afghanistan. It is a known fact that the invaders have been defeated in Afghanistan, but they continue their propaganda through which they want to compel the world to believe in their so-called progress in Afghanistan. As far as General Petraeus’s claim is concerned, we have been following his claims from the past couple of months which in reality are politically motivated. For instance, when Obama was preparing scenario of his yearly speech for the Nation, according to a report General Petraeus was obliged to make new claims of progress in Afghanistan which had no authenticity. These claims were only made so that Barack Obama can refer to it and mention them as a proof in his speech. Therefore, in order to know the current situation in Afghanistan and the fantasy of progress in Afghanistan, we can refer to the many surveys that were recently conducted by some media sources, for instance the survey that was conducted by Reuters news agency at the expense of the European Union which exposes to some extent the fantasy of progress in Afghanistan.

According to a report by Reuters news agency, an European security firm which is responsible for the security of NGOs in Afghanistan has mentioned in their investigative report that the claims made by the American military Generals about the military progress in Afghanistan is contradictory to the reality on the ground. According to the report there is no doubt that in 2010 there was 2/3 increase in armed resistance compared to 2009, and in some northern provinces there is a threefold increase in armed resistance. Furthermore it is mentioned that the American president Barack Obama pointed towards the war in Afghanistan very differently, by saying that there was military progress on the ground and activities of Taliban have been limited in many parts of the country, whereas the progress that has been made is not secure enough and might fall back into the hands of Taliban. According to the report, the American general Mike Mullen’s visit to Afghanistan one day after the publicizing of the White House review of the Afghan war strategy where the General claimed about the progress in Afghanistan, however these claims had clear motives behind it, which was to influence the views and thoughts of the American and European public, and to prepare the situation in Afghanistan prior to the withdrawal of their forces from Afghanistan. It is also mentioned in the report that in 2010 there was a 64 percent increase in the attacks by Taliban.

The above mentioned reports are according to a western media firm and I believe that if we make an even independent survey it will be more damaging to the invading forces.

Question:  General Petraeus has been claiming for a couple of months that they have detained or martyred the majority of Mujahideen leaders in different parts of the country. Can you please give our readers some information about the reality of these incidents?

Zabihullah Mujahid:  I can only say that our virtuous Jihad will indeed require sacrifice from us, and whether it be a leader or an ordinary Talib, sacrifice in this sacred path is our pride, and we believe that martyrdom for the sake of God Almighty is not death, but it is a life with dignity for us. However, as far as the enemy’s claim of martyring or capturing alive of a majority of our leaders, it is very far from reality, because we can see that day by day there is an increase in our Jihadi activities, and our armed forces are more disciplined than ever before. We are countering the enemy and opening new Jihadi fronts, we occupy more and more territory day by day. This in itself is a proof, praise be to Allah there is no such grave harm caused to our Jihadi leadership, and God forbid if these claims were to be true then we wouldn’t be having all these victories in the battlefields, and I believe that this is one-sided propaganda of our enemy, and right now there is totally an opposite situation on the ground. A general belief is that compared to the previous years, this winter there are more attacks of Mujahideen, which unveils the fake propaganda of our enemy.

Question:  Recently Karzai’s government has been reported claiming that in some northern provinces a number of Mujahideen have surrendered to the government and the process is gaining momentum, can you please give us some information regarding it?

Zabihullah Mujahid:  We believe that such claims are part of organized misleading propaganda. As a matter of fact even our enemy believes that the Jihad and resistance is gaining momentum in the north. So in order to reduce the resistance in the north, the Kabul government with the help and guidance of foreign intelligence agencies are trying to introduce some warlords as Taliban who in fact have no connection with the Taliban, then through their propaganda they claim that the government have invited the so-called Taliban and they have surrendered and are working with us now. We have always condemned such baseless reports, and we believe that these individuals are not Mujahideen but in fact they are planning against the Mujahideen. The puppet government in Kabul is trying to magnetize [polarize] the audacious Mujahideen of the north by means of money and governmental positions, but our enemy must comprehend that we have abandoned the short lived pleasures of this life for the sake of Allah and our Islam is more beloved to us than their money. Hence this propaganda is part of a planned intelligence process and praise be to Allah, Mujahideen are fully aware of it and God willing our Mujahideen will not fall prey to such indecent attempts of our enemy.

Question:  Recently in many different parts of Afghanistan the American forces are conducting unexpected raids during night and may be day time, and they consider these raids very effective. Are these tactics really that much effective?

Zabihullah Mujahid:  Our Mujahideen are totally capable and are very experienced in prevention of any such raids, and they have been trained well enough to counter these tactics of our enemy, and also in numerous occasions the enemy had a number of casualties during the raid. However as far as the night raids are concerned, they are mostly conducted on ordinary populace on the basis of wrong information, and also sometimes these raids are conducted on religious schools and many students and Imams have been martyred and imprisoned. These brutal acts of the invaders will further add to the fury of our nation, so eventually more and more people will stand in the ranks of Mujahideen. Similarly the Soviets made the same mistake of agonizing our nation, which resulted in their defeat. Furthermore our nation see’s these acts of the invaders as anti-Islamic and against the humanity, the invaders bomb our mosques, kill the religious imams and students or imprison and torture the innocent people without any trial, therefore our nation will continue to fulfill their responsibility of protecting this sacred land from their mischief.

Question:  As you know, the enemy forces are recently targeting ordinary public properties in different parts of our country, for example cutting down thousands of fruit-bearing trees in Ghazni province’s Band-e-Sarda area, and annihilation of many villages during Helmand and Kandahar operations. What do you think is the invaders objective behind it, and what have they earned so far from it?

Zabihullah Mujahid:  We believe that we must take every possible step to protect the crops, dwellings, villages and markets of ordinary public, and no one has the right to destroy ordinary public possessions. As for the reasons behind these aggressions, firstly the human rights or other similar regulations are for some reason not applicable to our enemy although they consider themselves human rights preachers or activists. Secondly they want to take revenge from ordinary public, who are fulfilling their religious duties of supporting and standing with the Mujahideen. The foreigners are forcing and deliberately killing the ordinary public in order to stop them from siding with or supporting the Mujahideen, and they have pursued these failed attempts since ten long years and still they do not understand that at no price will Afghans accept the invasion of their country or live under foreign occupation, no matter how many atrocities they commit in Afghanistan. It will only shorten the time of their invasion and more people will join the ranks of Mujahideen as I mentioned earlier was the case during the Soviets invasion. We are very satisfied with the efforts and sacrifice of our brave nation and we consider stepping up in attacks and preparations against our enemy.

Question:  In connection to the previous question, if I may ask about the general political and military situation of Afghanistan, we have noticed many differences and disagreements between the political and military leaders of western countries, to an extent that they keep on changing their view in a very short period of time and moreover they give contradictory speeches, what might be the main reason behind all this?

Zabihullah Mujahid:  We believe that when the western invader countries were planning to invade Afghanistan, they had very significant objectives and they wanted to attain them through their longer stay in Afghanistan, which previously the west and especially America were competing on with the Soviet Union. Fortunately, they were faced with distressing resistance and for 10 long years they have been trapped in a ruinous war, as a result the coalition countries particularly America are suffering a terrible economic depression. On the other hand, now they have lost what I would call another ‘upsetting depression’, which is, how to pull out from this long-lasting, and ‘patience consuming’ war which was started by America, in such a manner that Her (America) global trust and political authority remains established. Furthermore the western ‘unaware’ public is becoming more sensitive to the continuation of war; therefore it is very obvious that the ordinary public will recognize the ongoing lies of their country’s leadership, and certainly the western politicians – particularly the American politicians – remain wavering. They have many different views which results in contradictory changes on a daily basis. From another side, the lengthening of this particular war is getting more and more disturbing for the western leaders, because they have not been involved in very lengthy warfares. America has only been involved in the Vietnam War, where they had dreadful experiences and even up until today every American has a particular sense of fear and terror about it, hence in such a situation the invasion and overrunning of a war-torn small Afghanistan which seemed very easy and almost costless to them, turned out to be very difficult and enormously expensive. So, of course they will be altering their views and changing their mindset on an everyday basis. We see that today they speak against what they had spoken and done earlier, this all appears to be due to the intensive pressure of ongoing war which arises in non-Muslim and faithless societies.

_____ Thanks a lot Mr. Mujahid for giving us your precious time despite of being very busy.

_____ and thanks to you, may Allah make you successful.


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Taliban statement regarding Afghan civilian deaths caused by U.S. bombardment in Ghazi Abad District, Kunar Province

February 22, 2011 Comments off

The following statement is an official media release from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban). Reprinted with permission.

Statement of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Regarding the Martyrdom of Innocent Afghan Civilians as a Result of American Merciless Bombardment in Ghazi Abad District, Kunar Province
Source:  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
February 22, 2011  05:11

Five days ago, the invading forces in Afghanistan led by America launched brutal aerial attacks against civilian houses in Adargol, Chowki and Wigal areas of Ghazi Abad district, Kunar province, resulting in martyrdom of 70 common people. The victims were comprised of old men, women and innocent children who embraced martyrdom. Similarly, numerous civilians have been wounded.

According to substantiated reports, the bestial American soldiers have totally looted people’s houses, taking all valuable items. About 50 houses have been destroyed (in the raid), which belonged to people who had no link of militancy whatsoever with any faction. They were common miserable people. The Americans made bombardment during the night when people were sleeping. Officials of the Kabul Administration in Kunar have also confirmed reports of the civilian casualties.

The civilian casualties perpetrated in a brutal manner at the hands of the Americans have been committed at the time that, the United Nations in its report had claimed a few days ago that civilian casualties had greatly decreased during operations by Americans and their Allies. One week has not elapsed since the issuance of the report by UNO that the callous Americans once again resorted to committing genocide. They made many innocent Afghans to mourn and grieve over (their kith and kin).

The so-called advocates of human rights have not raised their voice about this horrendous event as yet. But usually, these so-called protectors of human rights and the apparently free media which have share in the colonialist goals, usually put the blame of civilian casualties on the Islamic Emirate when they arrange figures of civilian casualties. They try to launch negative propaganda against the Islamic Emirate through every possible means with full strength and fanfare. Meanwhile, they cover up the crimes of foreign invaders. Thus they endeavor to manipulate the views of the common man.

We strongly condemn the merciless bombardment by the Americans in Ghazi Abad district, Kunar province. We believe it is an unforgivable crime. In the meantime, we assure our miserable people and families of the martyrs that your Mujahid brothers will avenge the blood of the martyrs on the enemy in the battle fields. Also, we tell the invading America and her murderous Allies, if you think that you are going to weaken the determination of the Afghans by martyring innocent Afghans or that you will put terror into their hearts, it only displays flaws of your guesswork. You have not realized this nation as yet. Your brutal actions will further speed up the pace of the Jihadic momentum.

Soon. you will be wiped out in the imminent cyclone brought about by your atrocity, arrogance, brutality and other merciless actions. The tempest, if God willing, is approaching destination, with its ever outspreading waves.

It is not a hard task for Allah to accomplish.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


IntelTrends republishes selected resistance statements so that readers can access different perspectives on current affairs, political and military issues.

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Response of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in Reaction to the UN Report on Civilian and Children’s Casualties in Afghanistan

February 17, 2011 Comments off

The following statement is an official media release from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban). Reprinted with permission.

Response of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in Reaction to the UN Report on Civilian and Children’s Casualties in Afghanistan
Source:  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
February 17, 2011  16:45

Banki Moon, Secretary General, UNO, has said that 1,795 children have been killed or injured during attacks of Mujahideen and operations of Americans in the past two years. But as usual, he has blamed Mujahideen for the most part of the casualties.

The UNO report also mentions an unsubstantiated incident which was circulated by some colonialism-related media outlets in June last year, claiming that the Taliban had executed a 7 year old boy on charges of spying in Sangin district of Helmand province.

While leveling these charges against the Mujahideen, Banki Moon, has claimed that a reduction has been witnessed in civilian and children casualties during the Americans’ operations. Furthermore, he has applauded the signing of an action plan with the Kabul stooge administration against recruitment of children in army and police.

We strongly condemn the two-faced policy of the UNO which is clear from its above-mentioned assertions. Meanwhile, we support any action aimed at protecting the life of civilians, old men, women and children. We also remind Banki Moon, UN Secretary General that we are followers of an order and a law which was bestowed on humanity as a great gift of the mercy of God through the Holy and beloved Prophet of God Mohammad (peace be upon him) at the occasion of Haj-ul-Widaa 1400 years ago. Then darkness was prevalent all over the world and man hardly knew the word of human rights.

It is a pity that this world body is playing politics now in this 21st century under the name of protection of human rights and distorts facts in order to please Washington. Therefore, to elucidate the matter further, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan wants to present the following points before the UNO and the international community:

1.  Who attacked the wedding ceremony in Dehrawood, Uruzgan: a funeral in Azizabad, Herat; a wedding ceremony in Shinwar, Ningarhar; a shrine’s visitors in Paktika; passengers in Paktia and a congregation of attendees in Zadran? Were they the Taliban or the invading Americans who did this? Haven’t hundreds of children and civilians lost their lives in these gruesome events? Have you raised this issue?

2.  Has the Islamic Emirate not announced its readiness to the world in clear terms that let’s constitute a joint commission to pinpoint the perpetrators and then punish them. Why are you still silent on this issue and are dodging to shoulder the task?

3.  Did not the American National Intelligence Council dropped the existing ground realities in Afghanistan to include them in their revised estimate report which published in December on demand of General Petraeus, fearing it will contradict his claims of success against Taliban and that the Mujahideen were responsible for civilian casualties? Are your remarks not part and parcel of this policy and do not they support this trend?

4.  Isn’t your assertion part of the general policy devised by James Clapper, director of the American National Intelligence, CIA and General Petreaus last year, which emphasizes that American troops’ casualties be reported much less than the actual number and their human rights violations be kept secret from the knowledge of the public? Contrarily, the casualties of Mujahideen should be exaggerated and various blames of human rights violations should be leveled against them. Following this, the criticisms by Human Rights Watch in New York, World Amnesty International and the so-called human rights commission of Afghanistan, leveling charges of civilian and children casualties against Mujahideen are a clear indicator that those entities are working for the American colonialism under the umbrella of protection of human rights.

5.  Why your good self don’t bother to raise the issue of murder of 150 civilians in Kunduz 1.5 years ago who lost their lives as a result of bombardment of American jet fighters? Why do you not condemn the incident? All people are aware of the perpetrators.

6.  The UN report also has pointed to a claim that Taliban executed a seven year old boy in Sangin district of Helmand province in June last year. At that time, the Islamic Emirate sent an investigation team to the area which reported after a complete investigation that no event of that kind had ever happened in the said locality i.e. Sarwan Kalla. Neither had the enemy carried out any operation or bombardment which would have necessitated the arrest of any one on suspicion of spying. Furthermore, we would like to point out that as per the prevailing laws of the Islamic Emirate, no commander or a judge is allowed to execute any one by themselves. Complete investigation and approval of the leadership is a must in such cases. Is this claim not similar to the claim of the Time Magazine which published a picture of a young Afghan girl whose nose had been cut off? The magazine claimed, Taliban had done this but later it was proved that Taliban had no role in the incident. Even the reporter who reported it first says it was a family criminal case. Similarly, the family of the girl says, Taliban are not involved but America politicized the issue for attainment of well-known goals.

7.  During the reign of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the esteemed Amirul Momineen (may Allah protect him) instructed the ministry of defense and home affairs to take action against recruitment of children in their units and contingements and do not use them at the front line of war. These instructions are still operative. But it is a pity and ironic that you signed an agreement with the Kabul Stooge Administration against recruitment of children in the army after the passage of one decade of war in Afghanistan. It raises the question that why you so-called protectors of human rights postponed this crucial issue of human rights for ten years to sign?

8.  The UNO report has also said that Mujahideen should respect the principles of the Geneva Convention about war. We have been urging from the beginning that all parties of the war should abide by the recognized laws of the war. But again which principle of the Geneva Convention allows America to keep thousands of innocent detainees in Bagram, Kandahar and Guantanamo? Which law of human rights says to deprive them of access to self-defense and keep them imprisoned without trial? Have the Special Forces not established brutal cells of detainment in every military base where they brutally torture them and many of them have succumbed to the torture and lost their lives. Did the famous Jihadi personality Moalim Awal Gul not die in Guantanamo this month because of torture? Which human rights law was that to keep him in Guantanamo without trial for the past nine years?

9.  The Afghans are awake now. They can tell the White from the Black. The people witnessed the essence of years of slogans of democracy, women’s and children’s rights, freedom of speech with their own eyes. Repetitions of these slogans only damage you. Put an end to this drama. Leave the land of the Afghans to the Afghans.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


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Response of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Regarding the Victory of the Popular Uprising in Egypt

February 14, 2011 Comments off

The following statement is an official media release from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban). Reprinted with permission.

Response of the Islamic Emirate Regarding the Victory of the Popular Uprising in Egypt
Source:  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
February 14, 2011  04:26

The more than two-week long popular uprising in Egypt, at last, compelled Hosni Mubarak, ruler of that country, to step down by ceding to the basic condition of the protesters.

He was at the helms of affairs of the Egyptian government for the last thirty years and had been enjoying all-sided American and Israeli assistance in financial, political and intelligence fields. However, ground realities established (once more) that an arsenal of weapons, huge army and foreign support is no guarantee for continuation of power; nor can they prevent the caravan of the aspirations of the people from forging ahead. Whenever, the patience of the people overwhelms its brims, it is set to lead its way as a strong tide.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan prays to the Almighty Allah to grant further success to the Egyptian people like the victory of the historical uprising which they have already attained, so that they will succeed in establishing a real, independent and Islamic government and foil conspiracies of the foreign enemies. Though the uprisings of the Egyptian people have reached its destination of victory but the real phase of trial has just began. The Egyptian people must use these crucial moments to their advantage and carve out a new political life and direction as a Muslin nation. The developments in Egypt have a clear message for the invading Americans and their surrogates in Afghanistan, unveiling that:

1.  Your use of advanced weapons, destruction of orchards and houses and filling prisons with free people does not contribute to your continuation of authority. The atrocities that you commit against the Afghan people today will soon usher in a revolution and the vessel of your arrogance will drown surely following inception of a popular uprising, if God willing.

2.  You are intending to establish a colonialist system in this 21st century. This is an adventure being both against the aspirations of the people and the time. You will never succeed in your wicked (ambitious) plan in this juncture of history. The time and people both are against you.

3.  The two-faced America urges peaceful transition of regime in Egypt but in reaction to self-same popular demands in Afghanistan, they bombard villages; turn wedding ceremonies and other festivities into scenes of mourning; martyr innocent Afghans in the stillness of night while being fast asleep. All these are being committed (against them) because the Afghans demand their legitimate rights. What face and conscience remain to Americans to make show of their democracy and liberty while they have themselves unleashed a river of blood in Afghanistan under the empty and fatuous slogan of democracy!

4.  The stooge Kabul Administration has taken now the shape of a mafia state. Government vehicles are used for drug trafficking and wealth have been accumulated in hands of a few pro-American sycophants. This inequity will pave the way for the inception of a popular revolution, and will eradicate this tenure of tyranny and atrocity through a comprehensive revolutionary movement.

5.  For almost the last decade, you have fought against the Afghan Mujahid people with all your power but you gained nothing except humiliation, financial crisis and a spine-breaking load of debts. Do you think you will be able to bring Afghanistan under your belly so smoothly? Or otherwise, you will be buried in this graveyard of the empires as a result of the inundating tides of a popular uprising.

6.  We tell the rulers of the White House and Pentagon how long would you be able to create mounds [obstacles] in the way of the aspirations of the masses through launching fraudulent elections, meaningless conferences, hatching conspiracies and rearing qualm less surrogates and continue your colonialist policy interminably? How long would you be able to hide your life and equipment losses from the eyes of your people? Have you forgotten the financial melt-down in America during last year? Is the nearly $1.5 trillion budget deficit not a sign of your imminent downfall?

7.  Almost 24 hours had not passed after the resignation of Hosni Mubarak, that some American rulers and the Time publication started pointing to him with insulting remarks. We remind the present rulers of the Kabul incumbent Administration that the American colonialism do use you against your people today and give you tapping on your back but tomorrow, these same invaders will call you murderers of humanity and traitors. They will clean their blood-stained and soiled hands with your clothes. Now it is high time; come to yourselves; abandon slavery of foreigners and choose the way of your people.

8.  All people of Afghanistan must be cautious in these crucial moments at the current juncture of time and be on guard against all subversive plans and conspiracies of the enemies of Islam and the country. Give hands of brotherhood to each other against the Western colonialism, injustice, atrocities, brutality, corruption and the western culture of nakedness; move forward like a solid-cemented wall in the direction of popular Islamic revolution!

The Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate are at your service and side. We believe, the (final) victory is ours. The enemy will happen to become debased and humiliated, if God willing.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


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Response of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan about the Secret Talks between the Kabul Stooge Administration and America Regarding Permanent Bases

February 9, 2011 Comments off

The following statement is an official media release from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban). Reprinted with permission.

Response of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan about the Secret Talks between the Kabul Stooge Administration and America Regarding Permanent Bases
Source:  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
February 9, 2011  16:31

Talking to reporters in Kabul, following his visit to India and Germany, Hamid Karzai, the Head of the Stooge Kabul Administration said that America desired to set up permanent bases in Afghanistan.

He said that they were negotiating with America in this regard. However, he said, such treaty if concluded, would be affirmed and ratified by the parliament. Previously an American senator Lindsay Graham had indicated that America should establish permanent bases in Afghanistan to allow it to remain there beyond 2014. But at that time, the Karzai Administration had denied its being engaged in the talks. Now it has been substantiated that a collusion had been going on since long clandestinely.

As the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has already rejected the notion of Lindsay Graham in this regard, calling it a wicked effort on behalf of the American colonialism, the Islamic Emirate once again declares to the Afghans and to all people of the world, its position regarding this colonialist project of America as under:

1.  Afghanistan is under the occupation of America. No treaty and agreement has legitimacy in condition of occupation. These sham treaties do not reflect the aspirations and objectives of the Afghans.

2. The permanent bases in Afghanistan will turn our country into a de facto hotbed of American conspiracies. They will use these bases to change regimes in Afghanistan and the neighboring countries, utilizing them (the bases) as instruments of pressures. Therefore, these permanent bases in Afghanistan stand in contravention to our Islamic and national interests and objectives. They can’t be acceptable.

3. In our view, America wants to keep us deprived of independence forever under the structure of permanent bases and usurp our natural resources. This is certainly an illegitimate venture.

4. The Americans installed those characters and figures in the so-called Independent Election Commission (IEC) as chief and members who are linked with the Americans and have sold their souls to them. The aim was that they would declare those well-known agents and elements as winners who have sold themselves quid pro quo dollars. Then they would (easily) get approved the treaty of the permanent bases from the parliament.

All are aware of the fact that the majority of those who have been declared as members of the parliament have links with America in one way or the other. They do not represent the aspirations of the people.

5. The Afghan Mujahid people neither accept any would-be treaty of the Karzai Stooge Administration with America regarding establishment of permanent bases nor accept their ratification by the so-called phony parliament. We do not differentiate between establishment of a few bases and occupation of the whole country.

6.  America should know that no country in the region wants American permanent bases in Afghanistan. The establishment of permanent bases would mean inception of war against the region at large.

7.  We call on all countrymen to join hands with each other in (a knot of) brotherhood against the invaders in order to thwart the nefarious plan of the enemy and protect the Islamic and national values. Foil the conspiracies of the invaders by siding with the Mujahideen with all your strength!

8.  The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan declares that the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate will continue its legitimate struggle and jihad until the attainment of complete independence of Afghanistan and establishment of an Islamic system there. The global colonialism will go to its grave along with its ambitious plan of permanent bases, if God willing.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


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Taliban: American Senators Admit, More Troops Mean More Casualties

February 9, 2011 Comments off

The following comment is an official media release from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban). Reprinted with permission.

American Senators Admit, More Troops Mean More Casualties
Source:  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
February 9, 2011  11:04

John Kerry, Chairman, American Congress’ Foreign Relations Committee, says he does not agree with the troops surge strategy which is aimed at sending more troops to Afghanistan. He says, the surge failed to end the war or turn the tide. Now it has been proved that an increase in troops is accompanied by casualties proportionately. The American daily The Boston Globe in its recent report has quoted John Kerry as saying that he had come to the conclusion that the war in Afghanistan must be reviewed anew rather than focusing on reinforcement.

It should be mentioned that previously John Kerry, agreed with the troops surge, supporting the strategy. He says all factors leading to American troops failure to defeat the Taliban or weaken them, must be considered once more. John Kerry is a senior politician of the American ruling democratic party. His assertions reflect that the war in Afghanistan has made the Western rulers and the European people exhausted and disappointed. This is in addition to the despondency being observed among the general masses and the American people. John Kerry, an eminent politician of the ruling party, concedes this reality that the war in Afghanistan has seen no spectacular advancement. Moreover, the Muajhideen have not been weakened, even in the near future, no vista of hope is seen to point to an impending military gain.

Trailing the blaze, John Kerry has called on the Administration to be cautious and not to send extra troops to Afghanistan as it will yield loss rather than gain.

The Taliban are combat-hardened people. The more, there are troops, the more they will be capable to inflict casualties on them. A few days ago, before the assertions made by John Kerry, another military officer, the Australian defense ministry’s forces chief showed his concern over the growing casualties of troops of that country. He disclosed that usually they do not reveal identities of troops killed in combat unless the families get inkling of their death. He adds the reason for their not revealing the identities is because of their fear that it might spark an uprising in Australia. Thus the people’s opposition to the war will increase.

With an eye to the assertions made by the American and Australian rulers, observers believe that the American and Western rulers are at a loss to justify the war in Afghanistan to their people and lessen their negative view as regards it. This is because the American and Western claims have already proved futile which said that they were fighting those elements in Afghanistan who want to carry out subversive activities in America or target people there. The Western and the American people know that the war in Afghanistan started on mere pretexts and has no legitimacy. Had there been any rationale for justification of this war, the Afghan people would have supported the current war. They would not have stood by the Mujahideen side by side.

It is now crystal clear that the resistance against the foreign troops has evolved into a national resistance movement and a popular uprising. This uprising will continue until the Americans and Westerners put an end to this fake and phony war and pull out their troops.


IntelTrends republishes selected resistance statements so that readers can access different perspectives on current affairs, political and military issues.

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Statement of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Regarding the Safety of the Detained Mujahideen in the Guantanamo Prison

February 5, 2011 Comments off

The following statement is an official media release from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban). Reprinted with permission.

Statement of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Regarding the Safety of the Detained Mujahideen
Source:  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
February 5, 2011  15:28

According to a report by credible sources, the prominent Jihadi commander of Nangarhar province, Moalim Awal Gul embraced martyrdom on Wednesday last due to bestiality of the American rulers. “We are creatures of Allah and return to Him (eventually).”

It is now one year since the issuance of decree by the figurehead president of America, Barack Obama, concerning the closure of the Guantanamo Prison but it is still operative. Hundreds of Mujahideen have been suffering in the prison in a very brutal environ for the past nine years without any legal justification. On the one hand, the prisoners are deprived of their basic rights of life but, on the other hand, they have borne the brunt of the callous and inhumane conduct of the American jailers during the past nine years. The indictments have not been proved against them as yet. They are deprived of the right to have access to lawyers to defend them. Hundreds of times, the American ruler resorted to the use of weapons against the prisoners whenever they staged strikes for obtainment of their legitimate rights. The martyrdom of the eminent commander Moalim Awal Gul at the hands of the Americans in Guantanamo Prison is a clear indicator of the American violation of all national and international agreements and covenants and portrays their brutal behavior with the detainees in this illegitimate prison.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls on all so-called Heads of the judiciaries of the White House and the coalition countries to stop torturing the prisoners of the Islamic Emirate and end the violation of their human rights. Otherwise, the responsibility will rest with your military and judicial chiefs, should the Islamic Emirate have to take any steps in response to your brutality. Similarly, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan strongly urges all global organizations of human rights and of prisoners’ rights advocacy entities to fulfill their humanitarian responsibility as regards the prevention of the bestiality of the brutal Americans against prisoners in Guantanamo and in other Americans prisons.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


IntelTrends republishes selected resistance statements so that readers can access different perspectives on current affairs, political and military issues.

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