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Fidel Castro: Israel, U.S. Killed Iran Nuclear Scientists

January 8, 2011 Comments off

[Blogmaster note:  Although out of power for many years, Cuba’s Fidel Castro Ruz continues to write articles and commentaries about current affairs. These “Reflections of Fidel” are published in Spanish but usually appear a few days later in English.]

The following commentary was translated by Granma International, Havana, citing “CubaDebate” as the Spanish source.

What would Einstein say?
©  Fidel Castro Ruz
Source:  Granma Int’l
January 7, 2011

IN a Reflection published on August 25, 2010, under the title “The opinion of an expert,” I mentioned a totally unprecedented activity on the part of the United States and its allies which, in my view, underlined the risk of a conflict of a nuclear nature with Iran. I made reference to a long article by the well-known journalist Jeffrey Goldberg, published in The Atlantic Monthly, a U.S. magazine, datelined September of that year, titled “The Point of No Return.”

Goldberg was not anti-Israel, but on the contrary an admirer of Israel, whose citizenship he shares with that of the United States, and did his military service in the former country.

In the initial part of his article he wrote, textually: “It is possible, as well, that ‘foiling operations’ conducted by the intelligence agencies of Israel, the United States, Great Britain, and other Western powers (programs designed to subvert the Iranian nuclear effort through sabotage and, on occasion, the carefully engineered disappearances of nuclear scientists) will have hindered Iran’s progress in some significant way.”

The parentheses are his as well.

After mentioning that enigmatic phrase, I proceeded with an analysis of that Gordian knot of international politics which could lead to the war so much feared by Einstein. What would he say if he had known about the “foiling operations” aimed at the physical disappearance of the most capable nuclear scientists?

Perhaps because it seemed absurd and incredible, I didn’t pay it too much attention, but on reading some months later the recent exposés of the government of Iran, as well as news and opinions from well-informed people, that paragraph came forcefully back to my mind.

Four weeks before the end of 2010, an AFP cable reported:

Iranian nuclear scientist murdered
Tehran accuses USA and Israel of being behind double bomb attacks.
AFP, November 30, 2010

‘The hand of Western governments and the Zionist regime is involved in the assassination.’ Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was in no doubt at the point of discovering those responsible for the double attack on nuclear experts perpetrated in the early hours yesterday in Tehran. Majid Shahriar, a professor at the Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran and a member of the Nuclear Society of Iran, was killed and his wife wounded in an explosion a few meters from their home. His colleague, Fereidoun Abbasi, a laser physics specialist at the same university, and his wife were wounded in an attack with similar characteristics. Although Abbasi’s death was announced in the media, the Mehr agency finally confirmed that his life had been saved. According to the Fars agency, ‘unknown terrorists’ on motorcycles had attached magnetized bombs to their cars.

Members of the Ahmadinejad executive, such as Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar, directly accused the CIA and Mossad – U.S. and Israeli intelligence services respectively – of being behind these acts, which would seem to be a fresh blow to the country’s nuclear program on the threshold of a new round of talks with members of the 5+1…

With yesterday’s attack, three Iranian scientists have now been murdered since 2007. Doctor Masoud Ali Mohammadi lost his life in Tehran last January in a bomb blast outside his home, a death that has not been clarified by the authorities, which also accused Western intelligence agencies of attempting to abort what they consider a right, their nuclear program for civilian purposes. The first victim in the heart of the scientific community was Ardeshir Hosseinpur, who died in strange circumstances in 2007 at the Isfahan nuclear plant.

I do not recall any other moment in history in which the assassination of scientists became the official policy of a group of powers equipped with nuclear weapons. The worst is that, in the case of Iran, they are implementing it in a Muslim nation, with which, while they can compete and surpass it in technology, they could never do so in a terrain where, on account of cultural and religious matters, it could surpass them many times over in terms of its citizens’ disposition to die at any moment if Iran should decide to apply the same absurd and criminal formula to its adversaries’ professionals.

There are other serious events related to the butchery of scientists, organized by Israel, the United States, Britain and other powers against Iranian scientists, details of which the corporate media is not informing world opinion.

An article by Christian Elia published on the Rebelíon website on August 25, 2010, communicates the following:

An explosion killed the father of Iran’s drone aircraft, but he is merely the latest scientist to have lost his life in the country.

Finding a photo of Reza Baruni on the Internet is mission impossible. However, in the last two days, his name has been at the center of a mystery with many international aspects…

The only known fact is that Iranian aeronautical engineer Reza Baruni is dead. All the rest is shrouded in total mystery. Baruni is considered by all analysts in the industry to be the father of the […] Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) of the Islamic republic. His house was blown up on August 1, 2010.

On August 17, 2010, Debka (very close to Israeli intelligence) published the news of Baruni’s death and announced its conclusions: the Iranian engineer’s home flew through the air as a result of the detonation of three highly powerful explosive devices. Baruni was murdered.

But the murkiest episode, on the other hand, is that of the death of Masoud Ali Mohammadi, a nuclear physics professor at the University of Tehran, killed on January 11, 2010 in the Iranian capital. Professor Ali Mohammadi died in a remote controlled car bomb attack when he left his house to go to work…

An article published on the CubaDebate website states:

Israel admits responsibility for death of Iranian nuclear scientist last week

The Israeli secret service, Mossad, has claimed responsibility for the assassination last week of Majid Shahriar and the wounding of another physicist in Iran, according to sources linked to Mossad itself, in an operation carried out in Tehran. ‘It is the latest operation of the chief of Mossad,’ as heads of Israeli secret services meeting at their headquarters in Geliot, north of Tel Aviv, confirmed with satisfaction.

Gordon Thomas, a British expert on Mossad, confirmed to the U.K. Sunday Telegraph that Israel was behind the double operation to hinder Tehran’s nuclear program.

Thomas affirms that all attacks carried out in recent years against individuals linked to Iran’s nuclear program were organized by the Kidon (bayonet) unit.

According to the Hebrew Yediot Aharonot daily, Kidon comprises 38 agents, including five women, all aged from 20 to 30, who speak different languages, including Farsi, and travel to Iran with fake identities. Their base is in the Neguev desert.

In the times of the Diaspora, the world’s left was in solidarity with the Israeli people. Persecuted on account of their ethnicity and religion, many of them fought in the ranks of revolutionary parties. The peoples condemned the extermination camps which the European and world bourgeoisie attempted to ignore.

Today, the leaders of the state of Israel are practicing genocide and are associated with the most reactionary forces on the planet.

Still to be clarified is the alliance that the leaders of that state sustained with the odious South Africa of apartheid, to which, in complicity with the United States, it supplied the technology to develop nuclear weapons destined to strike the Cuban troops who, in 1975, confronted the invasion of racist South Africa, whose contempt for and hatred of the African peoples was in no way distinguishable from the ideology of the Nazis who murdered millions of Jews, Russians, Romany peoples and other European nationalities in the extermination camps of Europe.

If it had not been for the Iranian revolution – which, lacking weapons swept aside the best equipped ally of the United States on the southern flank of the Soviet superpower – today, the Shah of Iran, supplied with nuclear weapons, not Israel, would be the principal bulwark of the yankee empire and of NATO in that highly strategic region, immensely rich in oil and gas for the secure provision of the most developed countries of the planet.

It is an almost inexhaustible subject.

Fidel Castro Ruz
January 6, 2011
8:16 p.m.


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Fidel Castro: NATO, world gendarme

November 22, 2010 Comments off

[Blogmaster note:  Although out of power for many years, Cuba’s Fidel Castro Ruz continues to write articles and commentaries about current affairs. These “Reflections of Fidel” are published in Spanish but usually appear a few days later in English.]

The following commentary was translated by Granma International, Havana, citing “CubaDebate” as the Spanish source.

NATO, world gendarme
©  Fidel Castro Ruz
Source:  Granma Int’l
November 22, 2010

Many people feel sickened on hearing the name of that organization.

On Friday, November 19, 2010 in Lisbon, Portugal, the 28 members of that bellicose institution engendered by the United States, decided to create what they cynically describe as “the new NATO.”

The institution emerged after World War II as an instrument of the Cold War unleashed by imperialism on the Soviet Union, the country which paid for the victory over Nazism with tens of millions of lives and colossal destruction.

The United States mobilized against the USSR, together with a healthy part of the European population, the extreme right and the Nazi-fascist scum of Europe, full of hatred and prepared to squeeze every advantage out of the errors committed by the very leaders of the USSR after the death of Lenin.

The Soviet people, with great sacrifice, were able to maintain nuclear parity and support the national liberation struggles of many peoples against the efforts of European states to maintain the colonial system imposed by force throughout the centuries; states that were postwar allies of the yankee empire, which assumed command of the counterrevolution worldwide.

In just 10 days – less than two weeks – world opinion has received three great and unforgettable lessons: the G20, APEC and NATO in Seoul, Yokohama and Lisbon, in such a way that all upstanding people who can read and write, and whose minds have not been mutilated by the conditioned reflexes of imperialism’s media apparatus, can have a real idea of the problems currently affecting humanity.

In Lisbon, not one word was uttered that could convey hope to the billions of people enduring poverty, underdevelopment, insufficient food, housing, health, education and employment.

On the contrary, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the vain character who figures as secretary general of the NATO military mafia, declared in the tone of a little Nazi fuehrer, that the “new strategic concept” was in order “to act in any part of the world.”

It was not for nothing that the government of Turkey was at the point of vetoing his appointment when, in April 2009, Fogh Rasmussen – a neoliberal Dane – in his position as prime minister of Denmark, and using the pretext of freedom of the press, defended the authors of serious offenses to the Prophet Mohammed, a figure respected by all Muslim believers.

More than a few people in the world can recall the close relations of cooperation between the Danish government and the Nazi “invaders” during World War II.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), a bird of prey hatched in the skirts of yankee imperialism, and moreover equipped with tactical nuclear weapons many times more destructive than the atom bomb that erased the city of Hiroshima, has been committed by the United States to the genocidal Afghanistan war, even more complex than the Kosovo adventure and the war on Serbia, where its forces massacred the city of Belgrade and were at the point of suffering a disaster if the government of that country had remained firm, instead of trusting in the institutions of European justice in the Hague.

In one of its points, the inglorious Lisbon Declaration affirms in a vague and abstract manner:

“In the strategically important Western Balkans region, democratic values, regional cooperation and good neighborly relations are important for lasting peace and stability.”

“KFOR is moving towards a smaller, more flexible, deterrent presence.”


Nor will Russia be able to forget it so easily: the real fact is that when Yeltsin dismembered the USSR, the United States advanced NATO’s borders and its nuclear attack bases to the heart of Russia from Europe and Asia.

Those new military installations also threatened the People’s Republic of China and other Asian countries.

When that took place in 1991, hundreds of SS-19s, SS-20s and other powerful Soviet weapons could reach U.S. and NATO bases in Europe in a matter of seconds. No NATO secretary general would have dared to talk with the arrogance of Rasmussen.

The first agreement on limiting nuclear weapons was signed as early as May 26, 1972, between President Richard Nixon of the United States and Leonid Brezhnev, general secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, with the aim of limiting the number of anti-ballistic missiles (the ABM Treaty) and to defend certain points against nuclear missiles.

In Vienna in 1979, Brezhnev and Carter signed new agreements known as SALT II, but the U.S. Senate refused to ratify those agreements.

The new rearmament promoted by Reagan with the Strategic Defense Initiative put an end to the SALT agreements.

The Siberian gas pipeline had already been blown up by the CIA.

Instead, a new agreement was signed in 1991 between Bush Sr. and Gorbachev, five months before the collapse of the USSR. When that event took place, the socialist bloc no longer existed. The countries that the Red Army had liberated from Nazi occupation were not even capable of maintaining their independence. Right-wing governments that came to power moved into NATO with their arms and equipment and fell into the hands of the United States. The German Democratic Republic, which had made a great effort under the leadership of Erich Honecker, could not overcome the ideological and consumerist offensive launched from the capital itself, occupied by Western troops.

As the virtual master of the world, the United States increased its adventurist and warmongering policy.

Due to a well manipulated process, the USSR disintegrated. The coup de grace was dealt it by Boris Yeltsin on December 8, 1991 when, as president of the Russian Federation, he declared that the Soviet Union had ceased to exist. On the 25th of that month, the red hammer and sickle flag flying over the Kremlin was lowered.

A third agreement on strategic weapons was subsequently signed between George W. Bush and Boris Yeltsin on January 3, 1993, prohibiting the use of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) with multiple warheads. It was ratified by the U.S. Senate on January 26, 1993, by a margin of 87 votes to 4.

Russia inherited the science and technology of the USSR – which in spite of the war and enormous sacrifice was capable of creating a military power on a level with that of the immense and rich yankee empire – the victory over fascism, the traditions, the culture and the glories of the Russian people.

The war on Serbia, a Slavic nation, sunk its teeth hard into the security of the Russian people, something that no government could afford itself the luxury of ignoring.

The Russian Duma – angered by the first Iraq war and that of Kosovo in which NATO massacred the Serb people – refused to ratify START II and did not sign that agreement until the year 2000 and, in that case, in an attempt to save the ABM treaty which, by that date, the yankees weren’t interested in maintaining.

The United States is trying to use its enormous media resources to maintain, deceive and confuse world public opinion.

The government of that country is going through a difficult stage as a consequence of its military adventures. All the NATO countries without exception are committed to the Afghanistan war, as are various others in the world, whose peoples find odious and repugnant the butchery in which rich and industrialized countries such as Japan and Australia, and other Third World nations are involved in to a greater or lesser degree.

What is the essence of the agreement approved in April of this year by the United States and Russia? Both parties have committed themselves to reducing the number of the strategic nuclear missiles to 1,550. Not one word is being said about the nuclear missiles of France, the United Kingdom and Israel, all of them capable of striking Russia. Not one word has been said either about tactical nuclear weapons, some of them with far more power than that which erased the city of Hiroshima. There is no mention of the destructive and lethal capacity of numerous conventional weapons, the radio-electric and other weapons systems into which the United States is channeling its growing military budget, superior to that of all the other nations of the world put together. Both governments know, as many others meeting there do, that a third world war would be the last.

What kind of illusions can the NATO members create? What is the peace for humanity derived from that meeting? What benefit can possibly be expected for the peoples of the Third World, and even for the international economy?

They cannot even offer the hope that the world economic crisis can be overcome, or how much longer any improvement would last. The total public debt of the United States, not only that of central government, but the rest of the country’s public and private institutions, has already risen to a figure that is equal to the world GDP of 2009, which amounted to $58 trillion. Did those meeting in Lisbon maybe think to ask themselves where those fabulous resources came from? Simply, from the economy of all the other nations in the world, to which the United States handed over pieces of paper converted into dollar bills which, for 40 years now, unilaterally ceased having their backing in gold, and now the value of that metal is 40 times superior. That country still possesses its veto within the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Why wasn’t that discussed in Portugal?

The hope of extracting U.S. troops, those of NATO and their allies from Afghanistan, is an idyllic one. They will have to abandon that country before the defeated hand over power to the Afghan resistance. The United States’ own allies are beginning to acknowledge that dozens of years could go by before that war is over; is NATO prepared to remain there for all that time? Would the very citizens of each one of the governments meeting there allow that? Not to forget that a country with a very large population, Pakistan, shares a border of colonial origin with Afghanistan and a none-too insignificant percentage of its inhabitants.

I am not criticizing Medvedev, he is acting very well in trying to limit the number of nuclear missiles pointing at his country. Barack Obama cannot invent any justification whatsoever for that. It would be laughable to imagine that that colossal and costly deployment of the anti-missile nuclear shield is to protect Europe and Russia from Iranian missiles proceeding from a country which does not even possess a tactical nuclear weapon. Not even a children’s story book could affirm that.

Obama has already admitted that his promise to withdraw U.S. soldiers from Afghanistan could be delayed and that taxes from the wealthiest contributors are to be immediately suspended. After the Nobel Prize one would have to grant him the prize for the “greatest snake charmer” ever to have existed.

Taking into account the W. Bush autobiography, which has already become a bestseller, and which some intelligent editor drafted for him, why didn’t they do him the honor of inviting him to Lisbon? The extreme right, the “Tea Party” of Europe, would doubtless have been happy.

Fidel Castro Ruz
November 21, 2010
8:36 p.m.


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FIDEL CASTRO: The Empire and the Right to Life of Human Beings

October 28, 2010 Comments off

The following commentary is courtesy of Latin America News Agency Prensa Latina, Havana.

The Empire and the Right to Life of Human Beings
©  Fidel Castro Ruz
Source:  Prensa Latina
October 28, 2010

Havana, Oct 28 (Prensa Latina) — “The Empire and the Right to Life of Human Beings” is the title of the most recent reflection by Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro.

Prensa Latina is posting below the full text of Fidel Castro’s reflection.


That’s terrific! So I exclaimed when I read down to the last line about the revelations of the famous journalist Seymour Hersh, printed in Democracy Now! and collected as one of the 25 most censored news items in the United States.

The material is entitled “The War Crimes of Stanley McChrystal, U.S. General” and it was included in Project Censored, put together by a university in California, including the essential paragraphs from those revelations.

Lieutenant General Stanley McChrystal, named the commander responsible for the war in Afghanistan by Obama in May of 2009, had earlier been the head of the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) reporting to Dick Cheney [Bush’s vice president]. Most of Gen. McChrystal’s 33-year military career is being kept classified [in other words, secret], including his services between 2003 and 2008 as commander of JSOC, the highly secret elite unit that for years the Pentagon refused to acknowledge its existence. JSOC is a special unit, of ‘black’ operations of the Navy Seals (Marines Special Forces) and Delta Force [secret army soldiers for special operations, formally called ‘Special Forces Operational Division-Delta’ (SFOD-D), while the Pentagon calls it the Combat Applications Group].

“Pulitzer Prize-winning Seymour Hersh said the Bush administration ran an “executive assassination ring” that reported directly to Vice President Dick Cheney and that Congress never felt any concern to investigate. JSOC teams used to travel to different countries, without even speaking to the ambassador or the CIA Station Head, with a list of people they were looking for, finding them, killing them and leaving. There was a current list of people marked as targets, drawn up by Vice President Cheney’s office […] There were assassinations in dozens of countries in the Middle East and in Latin America, Hersh stated : ‘There’s an executive order, signed by Jerry Ford, President Ford, in the ’70s, forbidding such action. It’s not only contrary – it’s illegal, it’s immoral, it’s counterproductive.’

JSOC was also implicated in war crimes, including the torture of prisoners in secret ‘ghost’ detention centres. Camp Nama in Iraq, operated by JSOC under McChrystal, was one of such ‘ghost’ facilities hidden from the Red Cross International Committee (CICR) and accused of some of the worst acts of torture.”

They officially installed the Major General at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, but he was “a frequent visitor to Camp Nama and at other special forces bases in Iraq and Afghanistan where the forces under his command were based.”

Next we deal with a point of special interest, when such facts came into conflict with officials who, in fulfilling their functions, were obliged to commit deeds that put them in open violation of the law and implied serious crimes.

“An interrogator at Camp Nama known as Jeff described locking prisoners in shipping containers for 24 hours at a time in extreme heat; exposing them to extreme cold with periodic soaking in cold water; bombardment with bright lights and loud music; sleep deprivation; and severe beatings.”

Immediately we are dealing with flagrant violations of international principles and covenants signed by the United States. Cuban readers will remember the story told in the two pieces where I wrote about our relations with the International Red Cross, to which we returned a great number of prisoners from the enemy army that had fallen into our hands during our defence of the Sierra Maestra and the later strategic counter-offensive against the Cuban army, trained and supplied by the U.S. Never was any prisoner mistreated and none of the wounded was ever denied immediate care. That very same institution, headquartered in Switzerland, could testify to those facts.

“The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is the international body charged under international law with monitoring compliance with the Geneva Conventions, and it, therefore, has the right to inspect all facilities where people are detained in a country that is at war or under military occupation.”

“‘In the explanation why no other press had covered this story, Hersh stated: ‘My colleagues at the press corps often don’t follow up, not because they don’t want to but because they don’t know who to call. If I’m writing something on the Joint Special Operations Command, which is an ostensibly classified unit, how do they find it out? The government will tell them everything I write is wrong or that they can’t comment. It’s easy for those stories to be dismissed. I do think the relationship with JSOC is changing under Obama. It’s more under control now.'”

… the decision of the Obama Administration to appoint Gen. McChrystal as the new commander in charge of the war in Afghanistan and the prolongation of military jurisdiction for U.S. prisoners in its war on terrorism, held in the Guantanamo Bay prison, are unfortunately examples of how the Obama Administration continues walking in Bush’s footsteps.

Rock Creek Free Press revealed in June 2010 that Seymour Hersh, taking part in the Global Research Journalism Conference in Geneva, criticized President Obama in April of 2010 and denounced that US forces were carrying out executions on the battlefield.

“Those captured in Afghanistan are being executed on the battlefield,” Hersh stated.

By this point, the story comes in contact with highly current reality: the continuity of a policy by the president that succeeded the delirious W. Bush, inventor of the war waged to get power over the most important gas and oil resources in the world in a region inhabited by more than 2.5 billion people, by virtue of acts committed against the people of the United States by an organization of men who were recruited and armed by the CIA to fight in Afghanistan against Soviet soldiers and who continue to enjoy the backing of the closest U.S. allies.

The complex and unpredictable area whose resources are being disputed goes from Iraq and the Middle East right up to the remote limits of the Chinese region of Xinjiang, going through Iraq, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, and the former Soviet republics of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazajstan, Kirguistan and Tayikistan, capable of supplying the gas and oil for the growing economy of the Peoples’ Republic of China and industrialized Europe. The population of Afghanistan, as well as a part of Pakistan, a country with 170 million inhabitants and possessing nuclear weapons, is the victim of the unmanned Yankee airplane attacks that are massacring the civilian population.

Among the 25 most censured news items by the great media, selected by Sonoma State University of California, as it has been doing for 34 years, one of them, corresponding to the 2009-2010 period, was “The War Crimes of General Stanley McChrystal;” and another two are related with our island: “The Media Ignores Cuban Medical Aid in Haitian Earthquake” and “Prisoners in Guantanamo are Still Being Brutalized.” A fourth state: “Obama Reduces Social Spending and Increases the Military.”

Our Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodriguez, was politically responsible for the Cuban Medical Mission sent to Pakistan when the destructive earthquake battered the simple nature of that country’s north-eastern region where extensive areas inhabited by the same ethnic group, with the same culture and traditions were arbitrarily split up by English colonialism into countries that later fell under the aegis of the Yankees.

In his speech yesterday, on October 26th, at UN headquarters, he demonstrated how excellently well-informed he is about the international situation of our complicated world.

His brilliant speech and the Resolution approved by that body, because of its great importance, require a Reflection that I propose to write.

Fidel Castro Ruz
October 27, 2010
9:16 p.m.

Modificado el (jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010)


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Fidel Castro Ruz: The World Government (Part Two)

August 21, 2010 Comments off

[Blogmaster note:  Although out of power for many years, Cuba’s Fidel Castro Ruz continues to write articles and commentaries about current affairs. These “Reflections of Fidel” are published in Spanish but usually appear a few days later in English. Below appears Part 2 (of 2) of Fidel’s latest commentary “The World Government”. Fidel is quoting passages from Daniel Estulin’s book “Los secretos del Club Bilderberg” (The Secrets of the Bilderberg Club)]

The following commentary was translated by Granma International, Havana, citing “CubaDebate” as the Spanish source.

The World Government  (Part Two)
©  Fidel Castro Ruz
Source:  Granma Int’l
August 20, 2010

(Click here for Part One.)

“ABC of drug-trafficking”

“Opium is cultivated in diverse regions of the world: South America; the Golden Triangle of Laos, Burma and Thailand; Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia, in a region known as the Golden Crescent. The vast majority of opium poppies grow in a narrow mountainous area of approximately 6,000 kilometers that stretches from southern Asia to Turkey, passing through Pakistan and Laos.

“At this height, it is clear that the Bilderbergers are not personally in charge of transporting the drugs or laundering the money resulting from the profits. The CIA is in charge of that…”

“…Neil Clark notes the following: ‘Soros is angry, not about Bush’s objectives – extending the Pax Americana and making the world a safer place for capitalists like himself – but at the crude and blatant method Bush is employing to achieve that.'”

“‘The Marshall Plan proposed for the Balkans is an illusion […] Financed by the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), as well as private creditors, it will principally benefit mining, oil, and construction companies and will inflate foreign debt until well into the third millennium.'”

“NATO’s military intervention”

“The consolidation of NATO’s power in southern Europe and the Mediterranean also constitutes a step toward the expansion of Bilderberg’s geopolitical sphere of influence beyond the Balkans to the area of the Caspian Sea, Central Asia and Western Asia.”

“The ghost of Travis”

“In the first week of November 1999, I received something that initially appeared to be a postcard sent from Ladispol, a small village near Lazio, Rome, on the Mediterranean coast.”

“March 30, 1980 was the date on which we officially left the Soviet Union. While we were in Italy, we established ourselves in Ladispol, a tiny village that would be our home for the next year.”

“I went out into the street. It was drizzling. Two little children were delightedly jumping and splashing around from puddle to puddle, leaving their footprints on the pavement. I crossed the elegant street below the storm clouds and opened the door of the pub right on the corner of my house. November 29, 1999. What the hell did all that mean? I read the words again. ‘I’m doing fine. Wish you were here.’ Signed: Fashoda. Who the hell was that guy?”

“‘Fashoda isn’t a person but a place!’ I could feel my heart pumping. November 29, 1999 […] Suddenly, I sat upright in my seat. ‘Fashoda, Travis Read!!!'”

“Travis was a criminal who I had met at the Bilderberg Club meeting in King City in 1996. He was a small-time thief, undisciplined and detestable […] Travis was prone to getting arrested and, almost with the same speed, getting released again.”

“As I discovered later, Travis Read had turned into a criminal in order to work with criminals.”

“He was sent to Sudan by contacts who worked for both the CIA and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the RCMP […] The details of his trip to Sudan were never revealed but, just like in 1989, that godforsaken place attracted all the most inappropriate types of people for the most appropriate reasons.”

“‘If Travis wants to see me, this is going to turn into a big mess,’ I said to myself.”

“I have to admit that when things got bad, I always trusted the old Soviet officials. Something intrinsic in them made them mistrust the West and they didn’t let themselves to be bought easily, as opposed to what mainstream newspapers and press reports would have you believe.”

“They weren’t the class of people you’d want to betray. I knew that I was safe with them. My grandfather had risked his life in the early 1950s to save the lives of the fathers of these men, KGB agents…”

“On November 27, late at night, my cell phone rang. It was Travis. He was staying in some dive on the outskirts of Rome.”

” – Piazza della Repubblica at 5.30 p.m. – I interrupted him.

” – I’m setting the rules – shouted Travis.”

” – You want the information or not? – Travis asked.

” – Not enough to get killed – I said coldly.”

“Travis didn’t show up for the meeting. Around 8.30 p.m. we rushed over to his residence, if you can call it that, guns in hand. The one-room dive had been completely turned over. Even so, there was no sign of a struggle, bloodstains or the body of Travis Read. As far as I know, he was never heard of again.”

“From time to time, the ghost of Travis appears in the furthest recesses of my mind, a morbid memory of the fragility and fallibility of the human spirit.”

That is how Estulin concludes Chapter 3.

“Bilderberg and the secret war in Afghanistan”

“The reasons for which wars are waged are rooted in the ideology reflected in school text books: nations go to war for terribly long periods of time on the basis of lies, as demonstrated by World War 1 and every conflict of the 20th century.”

“The famous historian Edmund Morgan wrote the following: ‘History never repeats itself. It only seems like it does to those who do not know the details.'”

“The Caspian Sea Basin and Central Asia are key to energy in the 21st century. Two thirds of oil reserves are in that region […] ‘America wants the region to be under the total U.S. domination,’ according to James Donan in an article published in the Oil & Gas Journal trade magazine on October 9, 2001.”

“…Madeline Albright [then secretary of state under the Clinton administration and one of the people responsible for the Kosovo war] concluded that ‘working to mold the area’s future is one of the most exciting things we can do,’ according to the May 1998 issue of Time magazine.”

“The Gulf war allowed the Pentagon to establish numerous military bases in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and elsewhere.”

“As Professor Michel Chossudovsky has documented in War and Globalization, the GUUAM alliance (Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Moldova) formed by NATO in 1999, lies at the heart of the Caspian oil and gas wealth. An essential component of GUUAM is Georgia – a client state of the United States – where Mikhail Saakashvili replaced as president former Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze via a coup d’état cooked up by the Americans and presented as a popular and spontaneous revolt.”

“According to Project Underground […] former members of the Soviets, the KGB and the Politburo are taking advantage of the oil wealth, together with a formidable collection of significant Cold War figures, principally from the George [H. W.] Bush cabinet. The players are the former advisors of Reagan, Bush and Clinton, such as James Baker III (ex-secretary of state in the Bush Sr. administration), Dick Cheney (vice president) and John Sununu (ex-chief of staff at the White House).”

“…Peter Sutherland (of British Petroleum), Queen Elizabeth II of Britain (major shareholder in British Petroleum and head of the Committee of 300), who are fighting for control of oil resources and the oil pipeline corridors leaving the Caspian Sea Basin. In 1998, following the secret meeting of the Bilderberg Club in Scotland, I reported in the independent media that NATO, following the orders of the Club that founded it, gave Russia carte blanche to bomb Chechnya, knowing that that would further increase hostilities between those two countries whose mutual hatred dates back more than 300 years.”

“The Afghan oil pipeline wasn’t simply a business but a key component of a wider geostrategic agenda: total military and economic control of Eurasia (the Middle East and the former Soviet Republics of Central Asia). George Monbiot confirmed as much in The Guardian on October 23, 2001: ‘But the oil and gas there is worthless until it is moved. The only route which makes both political and economic sense is through Afghanistan…'”

“After the fall of the Soviet Union, the Argentine Bridas oil company, directed by its ambitious president Carlos Bulgheroni, was the first company to exploit the oilfields of Turkmenistan, where some of the largest natural gas reserves in the world are to found […] Afghanistan is the shortest route to the Gulf for transporting the gas resources of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan from North Central Asia and West Central Asia.”

“To the dismay of Bridas’, UNOCAL went directly to the regional leaders with its own proposal. UNOCAL formed its own competing U.S-led, Washington-sponsored consortium, which included Delta Oil of Saudi Arabia, along with Saudi Prince Abdullah and King Fahd…”

“According to Ahmed Rashid, ‘UNOCAL’s real influence with the Taliban was that their project carried the possibility of U.S. recognition, which the Taliban were desperately anxious to secure.’ […] In the spring of 1996, UNOCAL executives flew to Dallas Uzbek leader General Abdul Rashid Dostum (a mass murderer responsible for the Dasht-i-Leili massacre in December 2001 in which hundreds of Taliban prisoners were deliberately suffocated in metal truck containers while being driven by American and Northern Alliance soldiers to the prison in Kunduz, Afghanistan) in order to discuss routing the pipeline through his northern (Northern Alliance-controlled) territories.”

“The competition between UNOCAL and Bridas, as described by Rashid, ‘began to reflect the competition within the Saudi Royal family.’ In 1997, Taliban officials traveled on two occasions to Washington, D.C. and Buenos Aires to be wined and dined by UNOCAL and Bridas.”

“Once again, violence would change the course of events. In response to the bombing of U.S. embassies in Nairobi and Tanzania (attributed to Osama bin Laden, although according to French intelligence sources, the attack was the work of the Israeli Mossad), President Bill Clinton fired cruise missiles at vacated tents in Afghanistan and Sudan on August 20, 1998. The administration then broke off diplomatic relations the Taliban, and UN sanctions were imposed.”

“For the remainder of the Clinton presidency, there would be no official U.S. or UN recognition of Afghanistan. And no progress on the pipeline.”

“Then George Walker Bush entered the White House.”

“During the final months of the Clinton administration, the Taliban were officially a terrorist group. After almost a decade of fierce competition between the UNOCAL-CentGas consortium supported by the United States and Bridas of Argentina, no company had managed to reach an agreement to construct an oil pipeline in Afghanistan […] George W. Bush reestablished relations with the Taliban. That should come as no surprise given that in 1998 and again in 2000, former President George H.W. Bush traveled to Saudi Arabia on behalf of the Carlyle Group, the eleventh largest contractor of the U.S. Department of Defense, where he had private meetings with the Saudi royal family and the family of Osama bin Laden, according to the September 27, 2001 edition of the Wall Street Journal.”

“In one of the most surreal and Kafkaesque episodes of the events prior to 9/11, The Washington Post quotes Milt Bearden, a CIA agent who helped to establish the Afghan Mujahideen, lamenting the fact that the United States had not taken time to understand the Taliban, affirming: ‘We never heard what they were trying to say’ […]. ‘We had no common language. Ours was, ‘Give up Bin Laden.’ They were saying, ‘Do something to help us give him up.’ But there is much more.”

“In fact, the relationship between the Bush administration and the ‘terrorist’ and leader of Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, was never better.”

“The evidence of the war in Afghanistan, where multinational avarice is mixed with the avarice and cruelty of the oil greats (BP, Shell, Exxon, Mobil, Chevron, etc.) is simply irrefutable. It is shocking to think that a corner abandoned by the hand of God, controlled by terrorists, could be converted into a point where the interests of the Bush administration, Bridas, UNOCAL, the CIA, the Taliban, Enron, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Russia and India are all combined.”

Under the epigraphy “A Cowboy in the White House,” Daniel Estulin notes:

“Bush formed his cabinet with figures from the energy industry with close links in Central Asia (Dick Cheney of Halliburton, Richard Armitage of UNOCAL, Condoleeza Rice of Chevron) and came to power thanks to the generosity of corporations like Enron with rights acquired in the region.”

“The participation of the Bush family in the oil politics of the Middle East and Central Asia and its profound links with the Saudi royal family and the Bin Laden family have existed for generations.”

“How the Bilderbergs created the Yom Kippur war with the objective of internationalizing oil”

“…The Bilderberg members left no loose ends. They are not working to a five-year plan. They are planning in the longer term. In the early 70s, they prepared a Plan B, a plan for oil sharing that included the United States and another 11 important industrialized countries, by establishing a mechanism under which Allen sustains the following: ‘For the first time in American history oil produced within the United States would be shared and assigned in the case of another Middle East oil embargo.'”

Epilogue:  Chapter 4

“‘The ‘test’ of 1973, prepared by Bilderberg members, clearly demonstrates that oil will be utilized as a weapon of control. What happened in 1973 alerted ‘the American people and made them see how much control foreign governments and multinational corporations could exert over the nation,’ writes David A. Rivera in Final Warning: A History of the New World Order.”

“Chapter 5 covers:”
“MATRIX:  Data Bases and Total Information Awareness”

“Generally speaking, it is much easier to reach an agreement if there are no listeners. It is not a question of secretiveness, but of capacity to act in a more efficient way.”

NEIL KINNOCK, European commissioner and member of the Bilderberg Club

“The Pentagon’s Total Information Awareness (TIA) Program is a system based on a coded phrase and implies the gradual dissolution of America’s precious individual liberties defended by the Constitution, in favor of a global, totalitarian state. Much of the details of this gigantic espionage system remain a mystery. In the wake of the attacks of September 11, 2001, the TIA has become a surveillance network that is ‘representative of a greater tendency which has appeared in the United States and in Europe: the apparently inexorable flow toward a society under surveillance.'”

“The principal axis of the Total Information network is a new and extraordinary mode known as Data mining, or the discovery of knowledge presupposing the automated extraction of concealed predictive information based on data bases.”

“Putting into practice an incomparable capacity for processing billions of registers per second, Accurint has compiled the largest register of accessible contact data in the world. Accurint searches more than 20 billion registers that cover recent house moves to old addresses dating back more than 30 years.”

“…when asked for more information, company executives refused to disclose more specific details on the nature of the sources of the data.”

“According to Christopher Calabrese, legislative counsel for privacy-related issues in the American Civil Liberties Union, ‘Matrix turns every American into a suspect.'”

“Associated Press has revealed that, in January 2003, Jeb Bush, the governor of Florida, informed Vice President Dick Cheney, Tom Ridge, who was about to be sworn in as secretary of the new Office of Homeland Security, and Robert Mueller, director of the FBI, about the secret project that would demonstrate how the security forces could use a computer program to capture ‘terrorists.'”

“Iberia Airlines”

“On the other hand, Iberia, the principal Spanish airline company, has been accused of giving confidential information on its passengers to the U.S. government…”

“‘The United States is obliging airlines to hand over details on travelers,’ Andy Sullivan, Reuters, March 17, 2004.”

“In the same way, NASA has also asked for and received confidential information on the passenger details of millions of Northwest Airlines clients, such as names, addresses, travel itineraries and credit card numbers, for a similar data mining study… incidents have generated dozens of lawsuits. This also represented a violation of its own policy.”

“‘Northwest Airlines is handing over to NASA personal information on millions of passengers; the transfer violates the privacy policy,'” Electronic Privacy Information Center, January 18, 2004.

“‘Northwest Airlines hands over passenger data to government,’ Jon Schwartz, USA Today, January 19, 2004.”

“Private details open to everybody”

“Commissioner Almunia; Borrell, president; and Jose Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission and another Bilderberg habitué, organized a grand campaign in favor of the approval of fundamental rights, allegedly sacred, in the European Constitution […] What neither Borrell, nor Almunia, nor Barroso have said to the good European citizens is that each and every one of their rights, according to Article 51, can be suspended if ‘the interests of the Union’ require it.”

“However, there is a lot more to say in terms of the shameful demonstration of betrayal on the part of the European Commission in relation to its own citizens.”

“European control of telecommunications: vote in European Parliament to accept the retention of data and surveillance on the part of the security forces.”

“Voting on the retention of data of May 30, 2002 (In the former European legislation, PPE and PSE votes brought together 526 Euro deputies out of a total of 626).”

“Statewatch and Reporters sans frontiers were the only organizations to inform on what resulted in decisions affecting hundreds of millions of Europeans.”

“Basically, the grandiloquence and defiance of socialists on questions of national and international law are a farce. The alliance of the PPE and PSE groups in the European Parliament has demonstrated that they support the demands of the EU governments, instead of acting in defense of the people and defending citizens’ rights to privacy and civil liberties.”

“Javier Solana Madariaga, a key member of the Bilderberg Group, former NATO secretary general and secretary general of the European Union Council/High Representative for Common Security and Defense Policy, in a decision that the International Association of Journalists simply christened ‘a summer coup d’état.’ Remember, readers, that characters like Javier Solana do not represent your interest or the interests of Spain.”

Afterwards, Estulin documented everything over 16 pages.

His book includes an epigraphy called “My End.”

“The creative memory is the most subtle opponent of historians. The pretext of forgetting governs and deforms everything that we decide to openly record. Existence and the world would seem to justify themselves only as an aesthetic phenomenon. Only aesthetic implies not life for life, but a sharp contrast with the moral interpretation of existence and the world.”

“Amos Oz, probably the best-known Israeli novelist, made this observation: ‘There, where war is called peace; there, where oppression and persecution are named security, and murder, liberation, the contamination of language precedes and prepares the contamination of life and dignity. In the end, the state, the regime, the class or ideas remain intact while human life is destroyed.'”

“If democracy is the government of the people, the secret objectives of governments and sinister pressure groups are incompatible with democracy. The very idea of clandestine spheres of influence within government that embark on secret campaigns against humanity is, thus, alien to the notion of liberty and must be combated with enthusiastic determination, unless we wish to repeat the fatal errors of a not too distant past.”

“In a society constantly more dismembered, there are certain elements that make it possible to highlight what we share, what we have in common, and make it possible to do so directly, with dramatic intensity. Human dignity and a genuine desire for freedom, which is instantly understood anywhere in the world and needs no translation, are some of the most valuable aspects of the universal tradition. It merits all the support that it can get.”

“Finally, if criticizing the arrogant, unthinking and abusive aspects of the totalitarian society sometimes makes people mock you and label you an ‘anti-everything,’ you should consider it an honorable distinction. Graham Greene had the key when he said that ‘a writer must be ready to change sides at any moment. His mission is to defend the victims and the victims change.'”

Daniel Estulin

Finally, he dedicates eight-and-a-half pages to the memory of his grandfather.

“That was the last time that I saw him alive. An old man of average complexion, 96 years of age, seated on his dilapidated couch, looking through his exaggerated spectacles, meeting my look, but barely capable of recognizing my eyes. He was alive because he moved and spoke, or rather because he was making an inhuman effort to join together the letters, which were spilling over in the furthermost places of the depths of the consciousness that was left to him and were stubbornly refusing to come together to form coherent syntagma. In the final months of his long life, my grandfather, a man who used to express himself with clarity and who was captivated by humor and debate, was literally lost for words. In a kind of final act of cruelty, cancer robbed him of language before robbing him of life.”

“With my return flight ticket to Spain in my hand, I passed by his house to bid him farewell. In my last visit we didn’t say anything much. I couldn’t find the appropriate words. He was breathless and it cost me to breathe because I knew that I would never see him again. ‘Adios’ was a too simple and too terrible expression.”

“On the living room table, propped up against the wall, was a photograph of my grandparents, taken shortly after their arrival in Canada in 1983. My grandmother had died a little more than one year previously. My grandfather, gravely ill at that moment, never recovered from the loss of somebody who he had loved profoundly for more than 40 years.”

“Trying in every way not to burst out crying, I continue reminding myself that these pages are a vindication of honesty at the expense of cruelty and opportunity. The principal theme is not politics, nor is it an open criticism of totalitarianism, but rather a beat of the heart of a man, and for that I pay him tribute. It is for that reason that it should be read.”

“The clinical death of my grandfather was confirmed on April 18, 1995. One supposed that it was his last afternoon as himself, as Auden said of the day on which Yeats died: ‘He became his admirers.’ He became a memory; he disappeared into the profundity of his name. It is one of the mysteries of death, which should suppose a minimal difference for everybody, at least for those close to that person.”

“Like the rest of us, people die at least twice: physically and conceptually. When the heart stops beating and when oblivion begins. The most fortunate ones, the great ones, are those in which the second death is postponed in a considerable way, perhaps indefinitely […] Calls came in from all the countries and imaginable corners of the planet, a tribute to the infinite admiration that he, my grandfather, a former KGB counterespionage agent, instilled in those persons whose lives he influenced.”

“His grandfather was a soldier among soldiers. He spent 25 years defending the Czarist Empire, Alexander II and Alexander III. My grandfather continued the military tradition of the family. He took part in the Revolution, the Russian civil war and the two world wars. While he was defending Minsk in the initial weeks of the Second World War, his whole family, 11 brothers and sisters, his father, his mother and a grandmother of 104 years of age, were exterminated by the Nazis in Karasy-Bazar, Crimea.”

“He really lived a life. He did not simply limit himself to living.”

“My grandfather had married on one occasion, in 1930. He had had three children. Then the war came. He fought in Belarus, defended Brest, but was forced to withdraw with what was left of the Red Army due to the German advance. At some point, in the resultant chaos, he lost track of his family. A mother and three children of eight, five and three years could not move as rapidly as the Red Army or the Nazi soldiers. They were captured by the Nazis, sent to a concentration camp and exterminated.”

“The Second World War, as I demonstrate in this book and as I have amply revealed in my first book on the Bilderberg Club, was astutely financed by the Rockefellers, the Loebs and the Warbergs. Prince Bernhard, a founder member of the Bilderberg Club, was also implicated. He was a Nazi. Most members of the British royal family were in sympathy with the Nazis, as was a large part of the ‘liberal’ East Coast Establishment of the United States, the plutocratic network which dominates the economic, political and social life of that country. Hitler, the beast, was created by the same people who, today, secretly attend the meetings of the Bilderberg Club, the CFR and the Trilateral Commission. History, for these people, is a blank chalkboard on which to defecate against the anguish of others. Can I be blamed for so much despising Bilderberg and his counterparts?”

“In my case, my grandfather continues being my cornerstone – travel companion – including after his death. He is as absent as he is present.”

“Time and space, the devices of a world wounded everywhere, the mountain of waste that we call history, which also represent his successes. They are his successes. Like time, they conserve the magic that makes him disappear.”

“I remember him above all when his birthday comes around. But, for me, this year is different. Age is an accumulation of life and of loss. Adult age is a series of lines crossed. I have crossed a threshold. From now onwards, I am alone…”

In the second part of this Reflection I have compiled a large quantity of the final lines of his book. They explain his contempt for the odious institution of the Bilderberg Club.

It is terrible to think that the intelligences and sentiments of children and youth in the United States are mutilated in that way.

Today, we have to fight to avoid being led into a nuclear holocaust, and to restore as much as possible their physical and mental health and to think and plan the ways in which human beings can be liberated for ever from such a terrible fate.

Fidel Castro Ruz
August 18, 2010
5:54 p.m.


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Fidel Castro Ruz: The World Government (Part One)

August 20, 2010 Comments off

[Blogmaster note:  Although out of power for many years, Cuba’s Fidel Castro Ruz continues to write articles and commentaries about current affairs. These “Reflections of Fidel” are published in Spanish but usually appear a few days later in English. Part One of Fidel’s latest commentary “The World Government” appears below. A link to Part Two (final) appears at the bottom of this post.]

The following commentary was translated by Granma International, Havana, citing “CubaDebate” as the Spanish source.

The World Government  (Part One)
©  Fidel Castro Ruz
Source:  Granma Int’l
August 19, 2010

IN my recent Reflection of two days ago – on August 15 – I wrote, commenting on an article by Cuban journalist Randy Alonso – who hosts the “Roundtable” national television program – about a meeting that took place at Barcelona’s Dolce Hotel on what he calls ‘World Government’: “…Other honest writers like him were likewise following the news that somehow was leaked from that strange meeting. Somebody much more informed than them has been on the trail of these events for many years.”

I was referring to the writer Daniel Estulin; 475 pages, 20 lines each, were awaiting me for a review of the fantastic story narrated by the abovementioned author, whether any of the participants in that meeting had dared to deny their presence there, or their participation in the events related in his book.

The most that can fit into this Reflection – which I will divide into two parts so that it is not too long – is the inclusion of a number of paragraphs that I selected to give an idea of the fabulous book, entitled: Los secretos del Club Bilderberg (The Secrets of the Bilderberg Club). In the book, Estulin rips to shreds the big gurus: Henry Kissinger, George Osborne, the executives of Goldman Sachs, Robert Zoellic, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Pascal Lamy, Jean Claude Trichet, Ana Patricia Botín, the CEOs of Coca Cola, France Telecom, Telefónica de España, Suez, Siemens, Shell, BP, and other similar politicians and financial tycoons.”

Estulin starts at the roots:

“‘For an unprecedented two Sundays in a row, on the Ed Sullivan Show, over 75 million Americans watched the Beatles shake their heads and sway their bodies in a ritual which was soon to be replicated by hundreds of future rock groups.'”

“The man responsible for making the U.S. public ‘like’ The Beatles was Walter Lippman himself. The Beatles, the most parodied and covered group in the history of music, were placed before the U.S. public so that they could be discovered.”

“Enter Theo Adorno,” is the title of one of the first epigraphs.

“The responsibility of devising a social theory of rock and roll fell to the German sociologist, musicologist and composer Theodor Adorno, ‘one of the leading philosophers at the Frankfurt School of Social Research…’ Adorno was sent to the United States in 1939 to direct the Princeton Radio Research Project, a joint effort between Tavistock and the Frankfurt School with the aim of controlling the masses, which was financed by the Rockefeller Foundation and founded by one of David Rockefeller’s trusted men, Hadley Cantril…”

“In fact, the Nazis had made intensive use of radio propaganda as an instrument for brainwashing and had transformed it into an integral part of the fascist state. This fact was observed and studied by the Tavistock networks and utilized extensively in its own experiments. The aim of this project, as explained in Adorno’s Introduction to the Sociology of Music, was ‘to program a mass ‘musical’ culture as a form of mass social control…'”

“‘Radio stations were converted into machines that recycled the top 40 hits 24 hours per day.'”

“The Beatles arrived in the United States in February 1964, when the civil rights movement was at its peak. The country was wracked by a profound national trauma and was recovering from the brutal assassination of President John F. Kennedy […] on the streets of the capital, the civil rights movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King organized a demonstration that was attended by more than half a million people.”

“Between 1964 and 1966, the so-called British invasion led to the emergence of a series of British rock singers and groups who became popular in the United States and besieged American culture. […] Toward the end of 1964, it was demonstrated that this ‘English invasion’ had been well planned and coordinated.”

“‘These recently-created groups and their lifestyles […] became a new and very visible ‘type’ (Tavistock jargon), and it was not long before the new styles (clothing, hairstyles and use of language) swept millions of young Americans into the new cult. The youth of the United States suffered a radical revolution without even being aware of it […] and reacted in an incorrect manner against the manifestations of that crisis, namely by using every kind of drug – first marihuana and then lysergic acid (LCD), a powerful drug that altered people’s state of consciousness.’ […] at the MI6 headquarters in London and the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, it can be taken as fact that British intelligence and its affiliate, the U.S. Office of Strategic Services, were directly implicated in a secret investigation to control human behavior. Allen Dulles, director of the CIA at the time when the agency began Project MK-ULTRA, was head of the OSS in Berne, Switzerland during the initial stage of the Sandoz research.”

“…in the United States and Europe, large outdoor rock concerts were used to halt the growing discontent of the population.”

“The offensive launched by Bilderberg-Tavistock led a whole generation down the yellow brick road of LSD and marihuana…”

“Enter Aldous Huxley”

“The high priest of the British opium war was Aldous Huxley, the grandson of Thomas H. Huxley, founder of the Rhodes Roundtable Group and also the well-known and eloquent biologist who helped Charles Darwin develop his theory of evolution.”

“Toynbee, an Oxford graduate […] was the British delegate to the Peace Conference in Paris in 1919…”

“‘His tutor at Oxford was H.G. Wells, director of British intelligence during World War I and the spiritual father of the Aquarian Conspiracy. Aldous Huxley was one of the initiates of ‘Children of the Sun’, a Dionysian cult in which the sons and daughters of the British Roundtable elite participated.’ His most famous novel Brave New World is a blueprint (ordered by several world councils) for an authentic socialist world under one sole government or, as his Fabian mentor H.G. Wells said – and used as the title for one of his own popular novels – a blueprint for the New World Order…'”

In Brave New World, Huxley focused on the scientific method for keeping all populations outside of the minority elite in an almost permanent state of submission and enamored of their chains. The principal tools used to achieve this state were certain vaccines that altered brain function and medicines which the state forced the population to consume. In Wells’ opinion, this was not a conspiracy but rather ‘a world brain working as mind police.'”

“In 1937, Huxley moved to California where he worked as a scriptwriter for MGM, Warner Brothers and Walt Disney, thanks to one of his contacts in Los Angeles: Jacob Zeitlin.” […] ‘Bugsy Siegel, the West Coast boss of Lansky’s mafia outfit, had longstanding ties with Warner Brothers and MGM.'”

“In fact, show business – production, distribution, marketing and publicity – is under the control of a mafia that arises from the union of organized crime and high-level Wall Street conmen, who are ultimately controlled by the all-powerful Bilderberg. Show business is designed in the same way as any other ‘business line’ of Bilderberg and his henchmen.”

“Huxley’s Work”

“In 1954, Huxley published an influential study of mind expansion via the use of mescaline titled The Doors of Perception (1954), the first manifestation of the culture of psychedelic drugs.”

“In 1958 he collected a series of essays that he had written for Newsday, under the title Brave New World Revisited, in which he described a society in which ‘the primary objective of governors is to avoid at all costs that the governed create problems.'”

“He predicted that democracies would change their essence: the old and strange traditions – elections, parliaments, supreme courts – would remain, but the substratum below would be of non-violent totalitarianism… Meanwhile, the ruling oligarchy and its well-trained elite of soldiers, police, thought fabricators and mind manipulators would tranquilly lead the world as they pleased. In effect, this description of Huxley is perfectly adjusted to the current situation.”

“In September 1960 Huxley was appointed guest professor of the Carnegie Centennial at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston. He was there for just one semester, after which he was sacked. ‘While he was in that city, Huxley created a circle at Harvard…'”

“The public subject of that circle or seminar was religion and its significance in the modern world… In an article published in The Campaigner magazine in April 1974, Michael Minnicino affirms: ‘During his time at Harvard, Huxley made contact with the president of Sandoz who, in his turn, was working on a CIA assignment to produce large quantities of LSD and Psilocybin (another synthetic hallucinogenic drug) for MK-Ultra, the official CIA experiment in chemical warfare,’ an experiment using humans as guinea pigs for their often lethal experiments which, on many occasions, involved the use of LSD […] Moreover, McGill University in Montreal, Canada, a higher education institute linked to Bilderberg, was also running experiments in the 1960s within the MK-Ultra program under the auspices of John Rees, a degenerate fascist from Tavistock, utilizing as subjects children from national orphanages, whom they tortured and then supplied with various doses of LSD. […] According to documents recently declassified by the CIA (thanks to the Freedom of Information Act), Allen Dulles (at that time director of the CIA) bought more than 100 million doses of LSD, ‘many of which ended up on the streets of the United States at the end of the 1960s,’ according to Minnicino in the previously quoted article.”

“‘…thousands of university students served as guinea pigs. They (the students) immediately began to synthesize their own ‘acid’.'”

“‘…the vast majority of those who demonstrated against the war went to Students for a Democratic Society, prompted by the sense of outrage provoked by the situation in Vietnam. But once trapped in the atmosphere created by the psychological warfare experts at the Tavistock Institute, and inundated with the message that hedonism and defense of the country was a legitimate alternative to the ‘immoral’ war, their scale of values and their creative potential dissipated in a cloud of hashish smoke,’ writes the author in the previously quoted monograph.”

“Creating The Counterculture”

“The open cultural ‘war,’ although undeclared, against U.S. youth began in earnest in 1967, when the Bilderberg members, in order to secure their objectives, began organizing open-air concerts. Through this secret weapon, they succeeded in attracting more than four million young people to the so-called ‘festivals.’ Without knowing it, the youth became victims of a perfectly planned experiment with drugs on a grand scale. Hallucinogenic drugs […] whose consumption was advocated by the Beatles […] were freely distributed at these concerts. Within a short space of time, more than 50 million of those who attended (then aged 10 to 25 years) returned home converted into messengers and promoters of the new drug culture or what would end up being known as the ‘New Age.'”

“The largest concert of all time, the open-air ‘Woodstock Music and Art Fair,’ was described by Time magazine as an ‘Aquarius Festival’ and as ‘the greatest show in history.’ Woodstock became part of the cultural lexicon for an entire generation.”

“‘At Woodstock – wrote journalist Donald Phau – nearly half a million youth gathered to be drugged and brainwashed on a farm. The victims were isolated, immersed in filth, pumped with psychedelic drugs, and kept awake continously for three straight days, and all with the full complicity of the FBI and government officials. Security for the concert was provided by a hippie commune trained in the mass distribution of LSD. Once again, it would be the networks of British military intelligence which would be the initiators,’ with CIA help via its ex-director William Casey and its contacts with Sefton Delmer of MI6, whose contact Bruce Lockhardt was the MI6 controller of Lenin and Trotsky during the Bolshevik Revolution.”

“Another decade would have to pass before the counterculture was integrated into the U.S. lexicon. But the seeds of what was a titanic and secret project to turn around U.S. cultural values were sown at that time. Sex, drugs and rock and roll, huge demonstrations across the nation, hippies, drug addicts who dropped out of school, the Nixon administration and the war in Vietnam were tearing apart the very fiber of U.S. society. The old and the new clashed head on without anyone being aware of the fact that that conflict was part of a secret social plan designed by a few of the most brilliant and diabolical people in the world…”

“The Aquarian Conspiracy”

“‘In the spring of 1980 – Lyndon LaRouche writes in DOPE INC. – a book titled The Aquarian Conspiracy (which sold more than a million copies and was translated into ten languages), became famous overnight as a manifesto of the counterculture.’ […] The Aquarian Conspiracy affirmed that the hour had come for the 15 million U.S. members of the counterculture to join together in order to provoke a radical change in the United States. In fact, this book was the first publication directed at society as a whole which backed the concept of teamwork, a concept that was held to be the most virtuous and was rapidly promoted by the management ‘gurus’.”

“The writer Marilyn Ferguson affirms: ‘While a still untitled book outlined the newly emerging social alternatives, I thought about the particular form of this movement, about its atypical leadership, about the patient intensity of its followers, about their improbable successes…'”

“At a conference in 1961, Aldous Huxley described this police state as the ‘final revolution: a dictatorship without tears’ in which the people ‘love their chains.'”

“Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security advisor to President Carter, a founder member of the Trilateral Committee and a member of Bilderberg and the CFR, expresses identical ideas in his impassioned work Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era, written under the auspices of Columbia University’s Research Institute on Communism and published by Viking Press in 1970.”

“Without using violent repression, they designed a complex combination of actions to obtain a ‘peaceful citizen’ for the New World Order […] They also supported new concepts like ‘Emotional Intelligence’, which is the capacity to love oneself and adequately relate with others. […] A third way for converting this ‘industrial citizen’ into a ‘peaceful citizen’ is a grand marketing campaign to unleash an immense social recognition for collaborators with NGO’s, as I explained in my first book The True Story of the Bilderberg Group.”

According to Harman:

“‘Once softened up [the United States], it was ripe for the introduction of drugs (especially cocaine, crack and heroin) and the beginning of an era that would rival Prohibition with the enormous sums of money accumulated.'”

“It is worth mentioning that sections of the 3,000 pages of ‘recommendations’ given to the recently elected Ronald Reagan by the CFR in January 1981, were based on material taken from the report ‘Changing Images of Man’ by Willis Harman.

“Under a full moon December 8, 1980, John Lennon was murdered by a man named Mark Chapman. It is unlikely that one day we will come to know if Mark Chapman was victim of an artificially induced model psychosis, a killer in the style of the ‘Manchurian Candidate,’ sent by the Tavistock, the CIA and MI6 to silence a Lennon who was revealing himself as constantly more difficult to control.”

“The Perfect Brainwashing Machine: MTV”

“Enter MTV, Music Television”

“MTV, a marketing channel for popular rock music and music videos, invented and directed by Robert Pittman for an adolescent and youth audience, was founded on August 1, 1981. It is now part of the Viacom empire (known as the CBS Corporation). In order to reach youth without society realizing the deception, it became necessary to ‘have available a counter-institution preaching values counter to the dominant values in society.’ That is precisely what MTV does, ‘But in order for that effort to be successful – says L. Wolfe -the positive influence of parents and of school has to be neutralized or, at least, their influence weakened.'”

“‘The model for this (MTV) were the theater shows presented by the pre-Nazi Richard Wagner, in which the audience was transported into a kind of ecstasy which was then consciously used by the Nazis to create their own symbolic celebrations, like the meetings in Nuremberg.’ The brainwashing specialists who created MTV were very aware of their effect. In a book about the channel, Rocking Around the Clock, E. Ann Kaplan affirms that MTV ‘hypnotizes more than any other [television channel] because it consists of a series of short texts that keep us in a constant state of emotion and expectation… We remain trapped in the constant hope that the next video will finally satisfy us. Seduced by the promise of immediate plenitude we continue infinitely consuming those short texts.'”

“During the four minutes that one music visit approximately lasts (the Tavistock scientists determined that four minutes was the maximum length for an involuntary subject to be susceptible to receiving the messages contained in the programs) ‘an artificial reality in the form of ‘counterpoints’ is inserted into the consciousness, replacing the cognitive reality…'”

“If people thought about this process – writes Walter Lippman – it could all be over,’ but, he concludes, ‘the mass of illiterate, mentally weak, profoundly neurotic, undernourished and frustrated individuals is so considerable that there is reason to believe much more than we generally believe. And so [the process] is placed within the reach of people who are mentally children or barbarians and whose lives are a total mess, they select simple contents with a great popular attraction…’ In Crystallizing Public Opinion, Edward Bernays states that ‘the average citizen is the most effective censor in the world. His or her own mind is the greatest barrier separating him or her from the facts…'”

“Viewers suffering from brainwashing have only the illusion that they retain the capacity to choose, just like drug addicts believe that they are in control of their addiction instead of it controlling them. ‘MTV – says Ann Kaplan – is designed thanks to a constantly increasing knowledge of the methods of psychological manipulation.’ …The average of television consumption had climbed constantly since its appearance, so that, by the mid-1970s, it was the daily activity to which most time was devoted after sleep and work, with almost six hours’ viewing per day. Since then, with the appearance of the video machine, video consoles, it has increased far more. School age children were spending almost as much time watching television as sleeping.”

“‘In Freudian brainwashing terminology – states Emery – viewers of a music video find themselves in an induced state very similar to sleeping. They are helped, or induced to enter that state, by the repetitive appearance of brilliant colors and images that overwhelm their vision, while the pulsating and vibrant rhythm of rock has a similar effect on their ears.’ Not only are we in an era of television, but also in an era conditioned by television – and it is an era of disquiet, of discontent, of frustration, directed nowhere or all over the place at once – as is logical in an environment in which [television] is omnipresent.”

“Bilderberg’s sinister clique and capos, the clandestine spheres of influence and conscious and intelligent manipulation of organized habits are the most recent expression of a more profound campaign of manipulation in order to institute a world government without limits, which does not respond to anybody other than to itself.”

“…the principal successes sold at will to a demoralized population to the benefit of the fundamentalist fanaticism of a group of men who do not have to respond to anybody and who are seeking absolute power at the price of the dignity of modern humans, denigrated, humiliated and scorned by the combined powers of the manipulation apparatus and brainwashing of Bilderberg-CFR-Tavistock with their team of scientists, psychologists, sociologists and scientists of the new science (New Age, mysticism, et cetera), anthropologists and fascists determined to recreate a new Roman Empire.”

“The first to begin were Edward Bernays and Walter Lippmann. Then Gallup and Yankelovich. Later, Rees and Adorno, Aldous Huxley and H. G. Wells, Emery and Trist, followed by the drugs culture and the Aquarian Conspiracy, a supposed ‘humanist’ ideal in favor of the old culture, sprinkled with a pinch of human freedom instead of what it really is: an intelligent way of degrading people until they are converted into mere farm animals, denying them the originality of the human consciousness, which is instantly understood everywhere without the need for translation.”

“The New Age will be a new Dark Age. It will signify the premature death of a little more than half of the population and the deliberate oblivion of humanity’s greatest achievements. This is the totalitarian ideology proposed by the New World Order, determined to rule the world even if it is over our corpses. […] Why is it worthwhile defending our civilization? Why is a regime based on freedom better than the dictatorships that currently oppress a large part of humanity? For some, the answers to these questions are evident, for many, they are not.”

How And Why Bilderberg Organized The War In Kosovo”

“This time it was the turn of the Balkans. The ‘master plan’ was conceived during the 1996 meeting of the Bilderberg Club in King City, a small luxury enclave 20 kilometers from the Canadian city of Toronto. […] The wars of the Bilderberg Club members in Kosovo and the Balkans had a concrete motive: drugs, oil, mineral wealth and the advance of the ‘global government’ cause.”

“The United States and Germany began to support the secessionist forces in Yugoslavia after the collapse of communism in the former Soviet Union, when the Yugoslav Federation rejected being incorporated into the western orbit. John Pilger, a prizewinning Australian journalist, wrote in the New Statesman: ‘Milosevic was a brute; he was also a banker once considered an ally of the West prepared to put into practice ‘economic reforms’ in line with the demands of the IMF, the World Bank and the European Union; to his misfortune, he refused to cede sovereignty. The empire expected no less.’ According to an article by Neil Clark, a journalist specializing in Middle East and Balkan affairs, ‘At that moment, more than 700,000 Yugoslavian companies remained under social ownership, and the majority were still controlled by joint committees of directors and workers, with only 5% of capital in private hands.'”

“Sara Flounders, an activist and journalist close to the Workers World Party, an international peace movement, wrote in an article: ‘…the credit conditions of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank require the disintegration of all public industries. This is the case of oil and natural gas in the Caucasus and the Caspian Sea, as well as the diamond mines of Siberia. Whoever possesses or has a dominant interest […] will be the one who wins the armed struggle that is beginning in Kosovo. NATO domination on the terrain will place U.S. companies in the best position facing those resources.'”

“Initially, the Bilderberg members attempted to ‘inflame’ the Serbs by pursuing the war criminals that they were sheltering, taking them to trial before a new International Court. The Serbs, proud and experienced, avoided this provocation by persuading suspects at the lowest level of the echelon to hand themselves over voluntarily. However, that was not enough. In order to infuriate the Serbs, The Hague International Court, controlled by the United States, had recourse to illegal kidnappings in order to incite the war.”

“This would also explain why Richard Holbrooke, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations from 1999-2001, a Bilderberg and CFR member and six-time candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize, inserted a clause on Kosovo in the final agreement. What has Kosovo got to do with Bosnia? Nothing. But Holbrooke’s idea was to convert Bosnia into a rehearsal for the Bilderberg Club’s future expansion in the Balkans.”

“In Search Of An Excuse: William Walker Enters The Stage”

“…as John Laughland explains in his article ‘The technique of a coup d’état,’ it was William Walker, a member of the CFR and ‘former ambassador in El Salvador, whose government, supported by the United States, established the death squads.’ In 1985, Walker was an aide to the assistant secretary of state for Central America and a key operator in Reagan’s White House attempts to overthrow the Nicaraguan government. Lieutenant-Colonel Oliver North, appointed to the National Security Council in early 1981 and fired on November 25, 1986, was the Reagan administration official with the greatest implication in secret aid to the Contras thanks to the benefits arising from arms sales to Iran.”

“According to the legal file, Walker was responsible for establishing a false humanitarian operation on an airbase in Ilopango, El Salvador, which was secretly used to supply the Contra mercenaries who were attacking Nicaragua with arms, cocaine, munitions and provisions.”

“Walker, who had handed over arms to the Contras in Nicaragua and had now transformed himself into a peace observer, declared with great fanfare to the world press that the Serbian police were guilty of ‘the most horrific’ slaughter that he had ever seen. The Serbs, who, up until then, had skillfully avoided the provocations of NATO and the Bilderberg Club, had fallen. The alleged ‘massacre’ prompted a pretext for the intervention. On January 30, the NATO Council authorized the bombardments. And Bilderberg ordered Javier Solana, its secretary general, to ‘use armed force in order to oblige the Serbian delegates and those of Albanian ethnicity at the ‘peace’ negotiations in France to discuss a framework for the ‘autonomy’ of Kosovo.'”

“An August 4 article in The Washington Post quoted a senior U.S. Department of Defense official who indicated that only one thing could provoke a change of policy: ‘I think that if certain levels of intolerable atrocity were to be reached, that would probably be a detonator.'”

“As a useful historical reference, one should recall that the Serbs were victims of the worst act of ethnic cleansing, such as the 200,000 or more Serbs who were eliminated in the Krajina region in Croatia during ‘Operation Storm’ supported by the United States in 1995, or the 100,000 or more Serbs who were eliminated in Kosovo by the ELK after the NATO bombardments. Needless to say, the International Court, the justice mechanism of the New World Order, has done nothing to bring the authors of that atrocity to justice.”

“‘They had to have known about it, because how else would the Crown be induced to maintain an army in that region where there was nothing of value except for the lucrative opium trade? It was very expensive to maintain armed men in such a distant country. Her Majesty must have asked why those military units were there,’ ponders Dr. John Coleman in Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300.”

Under the epigraphy:

“History Of The Implication Of The United States In Drug Trafficking”

“As opposed to what history books have told us over the years, pernicious drug trafficking is not the exclusive territory of the criminal classes, at least if by criminal classes we understand some of the most important families in the history of the United States, known as the East Coast Liberals, whose members are directing that country from the oligarchy via a parallel system of government known as the Bilderberg Club.”

“Kosovo And Heroin”

“In an article published on March 24, 1999 in The Times of London, two journalists, Roger Boyes and Eske Wright, affirm, ‘Albania – which is playing a fundamental role in decanting money to the Kosovars – is at the epicenter of European drug trafficking…'”

“Albania has turned into the European crime capital. The most powerful groups in the country are organized criminals who use Albania to cultivate, process and store a large percentage of illegal drugs destined for Western Europe…”

I shall continue tomorrow.

Fidel Castro Ruz
August 17, 2010
6:20 p.m.



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