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Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: Interview with Mullah Abdul Karim, Jihadi leader in Balkh province

January 9, 2011 Comments off

[Blogmaster note:  The text of the following interview was released through official media channels of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban). Reprinted with permission. The background and introductory material are part of the media release.]

Mujahideen control 7 districts in Balkh province – and the main road to Shubarghan
Source:  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
January 9, 2011  14:53

Background ]

Balkh is amongst one of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces and is considered as one of the most important provinces in the North of the country. Its capital is Mazar Sharif which is one of the country’s major cities. It is approximately 12,593 square kilometers and has a population of about 650,000 or more according to a recent survey. Balkh province has been divided into 15 districts as shown below:

1.   Mazar Sharif
2.   Dahdady
3.   Nahr-e-Shahi
4.   Marmal
5.   Khlam (tashqalghan)
6.   Keldar
7.   Shor Tipa
8.   Dawlatbad
9.   Balkh
10.  Charbolak
11.  Chamtal
12.  Sholgira
13.  Charkant
14.  Kashinda
15.  Zari

Balkh is regarded as one of Afghanistan’s most historical and cultural cities and moreover it was one of the strongholds of Mujahideen in the last Jihad and is also a trench of Mujahideen in the current jihad.

A brief biography of Balkh province’s Jihadi leader

Mullah Abdul Karim (Nafiz) is the son of Abdul Jabbar and was born into a religiously devout family 26 years ago today in Sholgari district of Balkh province. He conducted his elementary studies in his home town and then furthered his religious studies in the different provinces of Afghanistan. He was also a friend of the Martyred Mullah Raz Muhammad Haidari the previous leader of this province and along with him has carried out Jihadic services in Balkh, Kandahar, Helmand and Zabul provinces and is presently the head Jihadi leader of Balkh province.

Alemrah Studio:  Dear Nafiz Sahib, before everything else, can you shed some light on the current year Jihadic situation of Balkh province?

Mullah Abdul Karim:  All praises are due to Allah and may His peace and blessings be on Muhammad (SAW) and his rightly guided companions.

To answer your question, I must firstly say that Alhamdulillah, this year was the year of honor, victory and help from Allah in accordance with the name of this year’s operation ‘Al-Fath’ [Operation Victory, Inteltrends: Operation Al-Fath] as declared by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. We witnessed the evident manifestation of Mujahideen victories in Balkh and the rest of the Northern provinces. I would like to mention that even though we had Mujahideen groups operating in all the districts but our sphere of influence and control was restricted to 4 districts which were Balkh, Chabolak, Chamtal and Sholgira. During this year we extended our reach and took control of other districts like Kashinda, Nahr-e-Shahi and also Keldar and other surrounding areas. We have also had great achievements in the other districts as well. The main highway between Balkh-Shubarghan which passes through Charbolak is always bearing witness to the constant ambushes of our Mujahideen which has become a major obstacle for the enemy logistical supply route. We were able to neutralize the enemy conspiracies by completely shutting down all the polling stations in 6 districts on Election Day. We also took out more than 15 enemy centers in which the enemy took on heavy losses from the resulting clashes. So overall the situation of Balkh province is very promising, all thanks are due to Allah. Groups of Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate have also been sent to all the districts where the enemy forces are facing a lot of difficulties.

Alemrah Studio:  Is the presence of foreign troops in Balkh still limited to the center or have they spread out to the districts?

Mullah Abdul Karim:  Like other northern provinces, the occupying forces based in Balkh are German, Norway, Bulgaria and other countries and are based in the provincial center, Mazar Sharif. The invading forces do go out to the surrounding districts for operations but have not built any outposts there.

Alemrah Studio:  Kabul regime’s Ministry of Defense as well as the governor of Balkh province in the press recently claimed that their operations in Mujahideen dominated areas have yielded great results and achievements; can you provide some information regarding this issue?

Mullah Abdul Karim:  It is true that the domestic and foreign troops were recently gathered from surrounding provinces to carry out operations against Mujahideen in Balkh province because the Kabul regime’s Ministry of Defense announced its intentions to carry out operations in the Northern provinces such as those being carried out in Kandahar and Helmand. Almost 5,000 international and domestic troops supported by air-power entered Chamtal and Charbolak districts but faced stiff Mujahideen resistance from the very first day. Their tanks were blown apart in bombings and their foot patrols were also relentlessly ambushed. The enemy only had presence in Charbolak’s Darzankar, Timorak and Khanabad areas and in Chamtal’s Tarako and Hotako villages before fleeing from all the areas due to the deadly casualties and damages caused by the ferocity of Mujahideen attacks. All praises are due to Allah, Mujahideen did not have any significant losses but the enemy took on heavy losses compared to any other time and fled, disgraced and humiliated.

Alemrah Studio:  How much of the region do the Mujahideen control in Balkh?

Mullah Abdul Karim:  As I pointed out earlier, Mujahideen have complete control of 7 districts but not the district centers and the enemy only controls those areas which are in close proximity to Mazar Sharif however Mujahideen are active in those areas too. The enemy forces are facing a tough time as Balkh-Shubarghan main highway, the main supply route of the enemy runs through Mujahideen controlled regions where they constantly ambush the enemy logistical convoys.

Alemrah Studio:  One of the new programs of the enemy is that of creating Arbaki (militia) forces in the Northern provinces. Has this development taken place in Balkh and what has been its result?

Mullah Abdul Karim:  The only district in Balkh province where an effort was made by the enemy to create militia force was Charbolak, were its Muslim population vehemently rejected this proposal with a united voice and said that they had experienced these militias before and are not ready to repeat the same mistake. With this disappointment, the enemy armed 2 previous gunmen commanders (one from Masood’s and another from Dustam’s party) along with some former thieves and robbers in Charbolak district where they have set up a few check posts but have so far not been able to harm any Mujahideen. This failed program has only been tried in Charbolak district which has resulted in hatred for the government by the local population because of the re-armament of previous criminals who recently, as per their previous behavior stole the valuables from homes which were located near their check posts during searches.

Alemrah Studio:  How much support and cooperation do the Mujahideen have from the people of Balkh province?

Mullah Abdul Karim:  The Mujahid people of Balkh, just as they had previously, are standing shoulder to shoulder and are fully cooperating with the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate. Despite the repeated efforts by the enemy to sow seeds of division and create local militias to strain the relationship between Mujahideen and the local populace but due to the nation’s understanding the nature and plans of the enemy through the years seem to have foiled these plans. The reason that Mujahideen are mobile and carry operations through the different districts of Balkh province is directly the result of the support of the people and we thank Allah Almighty for this situation.

Alemrah Studio:  How would you describe your relationship with the other Jihad areas in the Northern provinces?

Mullah Abdul Karim:  We are always in contact with our neighboring Juzjan province. Faizabad district is one of the districts in Juzjan which has a border with Balkh province and is in complete control of Mujahideen and so we lend each other a helping hand during rough times. All praises are due to Allah, Mujahideen in the Northern provinces are also in direct contact with each other like the rest of the country. Balkh, Juzjan, Faryab and Sar-e-Pul have regions which are in full Mujahideen control and they regularly carry out joint operations. There are vast regions under Mujahideen control from Balkh’s Sholgari and Charbolk to Juzjan’s Faizabad, Shortipa, Darzab and Faryab’s Dawlatabad and Sar-e-Puls Sayad districts are linked to each other. So due to this blessing, Mujahideen are able to coordinate and plan their operations with assurance and take advice from experiences of each other.

Alemrah Studio:  The enemy is constantly making efforts and is spreading rumors that it will oust Mujahideen from Northern districts. What do you believe regarding this?

Mullah Abdul Karim:  We have believed in Allah Almighty and started the Jihad here only by trusting in His power. In the beginning there were only a handful of Mujahideen carrying out guerilla style attacks in Balkh but never did we lose faith in Allah’s support and we have witnessed His help arrive in the past couple of years and are witnessing it now. We still repeat ourselves; that if we stay true to our covenant with Allah (Islam and Jihad) than no power in this world can defeat us. I think that this propaganda is the enemy’s last ditch effort so to raise the morale of its hired soldiers and give them false hopes. The Jihadic activities in the North have reached a point where no military operation can dismantle or eliminate it. The nation has now decided to help the Mujahideen and their stance will not be changed by any military operation.

Alemrah Studio:  A few days earlier the German Chancellor (Angela Merkel) visited her troops in the North and told them that they were involved in a legitimate fight and were not occupiers like Nazi Germany and added that the people wanted them here. What do you have to say regarding this as an Islamic Emirate Jihadi leader of one of the Northern provinces?

Mullah Abdul Karim:  I must say that these are false allegations by which the western leaders want to deceive their people. How are they not occupiers? By what treaty did they enter the North of Afghanistan? They might not call themselves occupiers but every Afghan attacks and kills them for this very reason. They are the helpers of America. Historically, Germany has always had a good relationship with Afghanistan and should work hard to not lose this trust. I think Germany has made a big mistake by helping the Americans in this illegal invasion and should withdraw their troops as soon as possible or they will have to bear the brunt of our strikes.

Alemrah Studio:  To end, what message do you have?

Mullah Abdul Karim:  To end I want to thank the Cultural commission of the Islamic Emirate who are reporting on the Jihadic activities of the Mujahideen and sending the good news of Mujahideen victories to our beloved countrymen and may Allah reward them for their sacrifices and bless their efforts. I want to thank them once again for reaching out to the Mujahideen of Balkh province and helping us to reach out to our beloved countrymen and the world.

Alemrah Studio:  And thank you also.


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Taliban anticipates claiming victory in 2011

January 5, 2011 Comments off

The following commentary is an official media release from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban). Reprinted with permission.

2011 Will be the Year of Victory for the Afghan Mujahid People
Source:  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
January 5, 2011  05:07

Enemies of the Afghan Mujahid people and the occupiers of our hero-bearing land admit now that 2010 was a year of troubles, casualties and worries for them. The Arab News reports that the Pentagon has conceded that in 2010, American casualties in Afghanistan in terms of fatality and injuries had gone up from hundreds into thousands. They say, the Taliban’s strength and movability has increased.

Pentagon and the American war machine now have to disclose the facts about the war of Afghanistan which they were not willing in the past to unveil or admit. They thought that the repeated launching of strategies by Obama would achieve some tangible gains in 2010 to become stuff for domestic and global consumption and, meanwhile, show advancement at military and political fronts. Contrarily, the Mujahiddeen frustrated the vastly trumpeted operations of Kandahar and Helmand by using their minuscule cache of weapons and ammunitions and relying on the help of the Almighty Allah (SwT). These operations were being carried out under the direct supervision and command of Obama and the British Prime Minister. Moreover, the operations of Mujahideen continued against the invaders in all parts of Afghanistan successfully throughout 2010 on the basis of a triumphant strategy, which had far less casualties for the Mujahideen. They dealt a constant blow at the invaders in every part of the country, dumbfounding the enemy to know which part of the province and district have the most concentration of the Mujahideen forces.

The Mujahideen regularly targeted their enemies in every area, village, highway, plantation field, every ravine and gorge all around the clock. The invaders perceived every inch of the country as being an apparition of threat and danger. As result, in November last year, in the Portuguese capital Lisbon, the NATO Summit decided to withdraw foreign forces from Afghanistan in 2014.

Obama sent General Petraeus to Afghanistan to conduct the war as he was the most experienced and eminent general in the eye of Obama. He tried vainly in 2010 to terrorize the Afghans by implementing the American shock and awe policy, resorting to aerial bombardment, destruction of villages and localities and civilian genocide. He thought the people would abstain from supporting the Mujahideen. However, far from turning away from the support of Mujahideen, the common people’s unstinted support to Mujahideen increased manifold in comparison with the past years.

The support was so strong and close that the invaders were not able to tell the common man from a Taliban. On the other hand, the Americans spread the rumors and conspiracy of negotiation in 2010, claiming that some officials of the Islamic Emirate have had contacts with them and that some rounds of the talks had already taken place in some undisclosed places and the next rounds were to be held soon. This ploy of the Americans also went awry with the help of the Almighty Allah (SwT) and had no achievement. They were not able to lure even an active group commander or a low-ranking official of the Islamic Emirate to entangle him in their cobweb or beguile him through the hypes of negotiation.

It was due to this commitment and dedication of the Mujahideen and their leaders with the Jihad and the Islamic Emirate that last week, the New York Times reported, that the Taliban now have more unity and coordination among themselves.

In view of the status quo characterized by casualties and setbacks to the enemy and with the public opinions being against the war, what Obama and Petraeus expect to achieve in 2011 which would turn the tide in their favor or vice versa, is it not that they may face more humiliating setbacks and retreats? Those who have sagacity can draw a conclusion now that Afghanistan has become a hotbed of death, destruction and collapse for the Americans and no strategy by Obama will ever change it to their advantage nor the genocide launched by Petraeus will terrorize it into submission or control it. Contrarily, 2011 will be the year of victory for the Afghan Mujahideen with the help of the Almighty Allah (SwT). The pure blood of the Afghan Muslim nation will bring in yield in the current year, if God willing.


IntelTrends republishes selected resistance statements so that readers can access different perspectives on current affairs, political and military issues.

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Response of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan as regards Lisbon Meeting

November 21, 2010 Comments off

The following is an official statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban). Reprinted with permission.

Response of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan as regards Lisbon Meeting
Source:  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
November 21, 2010  08:28

On 20.11.2010 ended the meeting of 28 NATO member countries which had been held in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. Participants of the meeting passed some decisions about Afghanistan. In response, the Islamic Emirate issue its stance concerning the decision as follows:

1.  Seeing that the USA failed to get additional military assistance of the NATO member countries in Lisbon Meeting for prolongation of the war in Afghanistan despite her all-out efforts or at least get commitment to ensure long-term continuation of the present military power of the NATO member countries in Afghanistan, therefore, it is good news for the Afghans and all freedom-loving people of the world and it is a sign of failure for the American government. In the past nine years, the invaders could not establish any system of governance in Kabul and they will never be able to do so in future.

2.  The real solution of the Afghan issue lies in withdrawal of the foreign forces. Hence the NATO decision to start withdrawal of military forces from Afghanistan in 2014 is an irrational decision because until then, various untoward and tragic events and battles will take place as a result of this meaningless, imposed and unwinning war. The bottom line for them is to immediately implement what they would ultimately have to implement though after colossal casualties. They should not postpone withdrawal of their forces even be it for one day.

3.  As far as the Mujahid people of Afghanistan are concerned, they are not ready to tolerate foreign invasion and occupation of their country even if it is for one day because of their firm determination. Nor do they feel exhausted in the way of the sacred Jihad and the struggle of independence. So they will not remain silent even for a single night until and unless the goal of complete freedom and formation of an independent government is achieved. They will not wait for the time of implementation of a given decision or timetable of withdrawal.

4.  Seeing that the invading forces which have come here from far-flung places, thousands of kilometers away, and want to set a timetable for withdrawal but still want to continue presence of their forces at the regional countries, therefore, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls on the neighboring and regional countries to take drastic measures for a bright future of Afghanistan, the Afghans, and all the region, for good relationship and reconstruction of Afghanistan.

5.  The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has formulated comprehensive policy for the future Afghanistan, for efficient governance, security, Islamic justice, education, economic advancement, national unity, and a foreign policy that will ensure protection of the country against any harm of others and convince the world that the future Afghanistan will not harm them. The Islamic Emirate wants to take a strong step in collaboration with all countries and in the framework of mutual respect to maintain bilateral cooperation with all countries; ensure economic progress and bright future.

We consider the whole region as our home against colonialism and as a responsible force, want to play a role for peace and stability of the region in future.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


IntelTrends republishes selected resistance statements so that readers can access different perspectives on current affairs, political and military issues.

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Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: The Americans can no longer conceal their defeat in the Kandahar Operations

November 20, 2010 Comments off

The following commentary is an official media release from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban). Reprinted with permission.

The Americans can no longer conceal their defeat in the Kandahar Operations
Source:  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
November 20, 2010  04:21

The White House has determined July 2011 as the deadline to begin withdrawing their defeated invader forces from Afghanistan. It is therefore necessary for them to justify this withdrawal in front of their civilians and the world at large by achieving some meaningful or tangible gain in Afghanistan.

To this end they have stationed over 150,000 foreign troops in Afghanistan along with all the military technology they can muster. The Americans have chosen Kandahar as their battleground both for its sentimental and strategic importance.

For the past nine months the Americans have been attempting their utmost to achieve some sort of military or political gain in Afghanistan. They employed all the propaganda tools at their disposal to turn the people away from the Mujahideen. However, failing to win the support of the people, the invaders resorted to the indiscriminate carpet bombings of the people’s lands and the mass murders of the innocent civilians. All this has caused the displacement of thousands of families from their lands and villages. However, despite all their trickeries and force, the battle for Kandahar has settled steadily in the Mujahideen’s favour.

The Mujahideen were, from the start of these operations, to carry out precise Commando-led operations against the nerve centres of the foreign forces and their puppet partners, thus seizing the initiative from the foreign occupiers. Not only did the Mujahideen conduct these operations in Kandahar city, but also extending to surrounding areas such as the airport, Dand, Arghandab, Zhiri, Panjwaee, and Maiwand districts. The head of the foreign barbarian forces, Nick Carter, last month, could not give any information on these operations to the media. This is mostly because the enemy neither knows the military strength of the Mujahideen nor their main bases. The Mujahideen, profiting from the Dagger and Marjah operations, were able to introduce several new tactics that have completely demoralised the invader forces. These tactics are the main reason why the Mujahideen have not abated their operations in the area in the winter season. These new tactics have placed the foreign invaders under significant military and domestic pressure.

Their failure in the Kandahar operations was also the main reason behind Obama’s supporters, the Democrats, defeat in the mid-term elections. Also due to their failures in the Kandahar operations, Obama’s approval ratings in America have sunk to 46% while the myth of America’s military superiority globally has been shattered. This Friday’s NATO meeting in Portugal will also address how the foreigners can prevent the escalating death toll of their soldiers in Afghanistan.

Though the eleventh month in Afghanistan is generally very cold and naturally impedes any military undertakings, the Mujahideen have been so active in Afghanistan that midway through the month, the invaders (who hide 90% of their real casualties in Afghanistan) by their own count have lost over 23 soldiers in this month. In summary it has become clear that after nine years of occupation, the invaders are doomed towards the same fate as those that tread this path before them. Their troop surges, their new strategies, their new generals, their new negotiations, and their new propagandas have been of no avail.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan opines that the Americans have exhausted themselves in Afghanistan over the last nine years, and now will not stay long in our beloved country. What they could not gain in the last few months with their, then, fresh troops, they will not be able to gain in Kandahar, with their, now, demoralised and fearful troops. It is becoming manifest that the Americans will not be able to conceal their defeat in Afghanistan for too long. Therefore, the White House, instead of counting their mounting casualties in Afghanistan, would be better advised to formulate a withdrawal plan, to at least save those troops, which are still alive.


IntelTrends republishes selected resistance statements so that readers can access different perspectives on current affairs, political and military issues.

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Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: Interview with Haji Ahmad Saeed, head of (Mujahideen) operations in Kandahar city

November 11, 2010 Comments off

The following transcript is an official media release from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban). Reprinted with permission.

An indepth interview with Haji Ahmad Saeed, head of operations in Kandahar city
Source:  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
November 11, 2010  15:01

The recent operations in the province of Kandahar, by the enemy I.S.A.F forces are viewed by the western-orientated media, as the last military push against the Mujahideen. The majority of them are of the opinion that should these operations fail as well; the Americans would have no other option but to leave Afghanistan.

The enemy admits, that the essential objective of this operation is to prevent the collapse of Kandahar city (which is Afghanistan’s second largest city) to the Mujahideen forces. To achieve this, the enemy, besides conducting operations in the districts surrounding Kandahar city, has now also started military operations in the city centre as well. To find out exactly what impact these operations have had on the Mujahideen forces, we talked to Haji Ahmad Saeed, who is in charge of Mujahideen military operations in Kandahar city. This detailed interview is presented below.

Alemarah:  First of all, please give us some general information of the recent operations of the invading forces: what are some of the activities the invaders have undertaken?

Haji Ahmad Saeed:  All Praise is to Allah, Kandahar city, which has in the past many years, bore witness to some of the Mujahideen’s greatest operations and bravery, has seen sustained attacks by Mujahideen warriors. These attacks have caused our internal and external enemies’ to panic, to the point of admitting that [the area] could very well fall to the banner of Islamic Emirate’s soldiers. Since then, the enemy has completely revised its strategy, focussing almost exclusively on Kandahar city and its surrounding regions. In line with this strategy, the enemy has increased its presence in the region considerably. This increase has been witnessed in the city centre as well, where the enemy has increased its infantry and motorised battalions. They have also carried out large scale raids against civilian population by surrounding entire districts, then carrying out house to house searches for weapons and Mujahideen. They have also started operations in regions that are under Mujahideen control. They have infested the city centre with numerous foreign and army outposts, besides the normal police stations. They have set up more and more check points on the roads and increased their intelligence gathering spy-rings. All this has given Kandahar city the appearance of a city under siege.

The enemy has caused all this commotion and carried out these measures to stop our activities in the region but Alhamdulillah and again Alhamdulillah, as our recent operations in the heart of the city have shown, the enemy has utterly failed in this objective. Even the westerners’ own governmental and non-governmental agencies confirm our success by stating that Mujahideen activities in Kandahar, instead of decreasing, have increased by over twenty-four percent.

Alemarah:  The enemy invaders claim that they have set up a belt [around] Kandahar city to choke the movements of Mujahideen into and out of the city. What information do you have regarding this?

Haji Ahmad Saeed:  It is true that the enemy has set up various check points on the roads leading into the city and on the main highways and constructed some ten large army stations. One of these army posts is on the Panjwaee road near Kobai; another is on the way from Khanjakak towards Soop; another is on the Heart road near Seelo; another is on the Arghandab road near Mir Ahmad Khan’s Kalachi; one near Kotal, one on Shah Wali Kote road, on Kabul road near Ainoominy; on the Boldak road from Shurandam towards the city. They have also set up two new army posts on the roads leading from Mahlajat. All these outposts have some of the most high-tech detection and identification tools available to the west. Yet despite this they have never captured any of our Mujahideen, nor detected any explosive-laden vehicle. Everyday our explosive filled vehicles pass over these army checkpoints and army posts without being detected or captured. This is all by the Grace of Allah who has favoured us in all opportunities. The enemy’s so called ‘belt’ has achieved no other purpose besides harassing the local populace. As you can see, our attacks on the city have increased rather than decreased. Therefore this belt is no impediment to the Mujahideen operations and its purpose has been inflated far beyond its capabilities.

Alemarah:  How are the Mujahideen’s operations inside Kandahar city?

Haji Ahmad Saeed:  In the city, as of old, as soon as darkness spreads the stooge government’s rule comes to an end, our battalions start their patrols and our operations begin. At night, we set up our ambushes on all the major roads, sealing the enemy inside their outposts. Due to our ambushes, now the enemy has accepted that they cannot provide support to their other outposts if and when they get attacked. Similarly, the Mujahideen always watch their activities during day time. Everyday enemy spies and soldiers are shot dead by our snipers. Several days ago, on the Kandahar bypass road, Mujahideen conducted searches of cargo trucks finding and subsequently burning those trucks carrying supplies to enemy soldiers. All this proves that the Mujahideen have the capabilities and willingness, to conduct operations in the city according to their own initiative, while the enemy has lost all morale and determination to fight.

Alemarah:  It is said that since this new operation was launched, many innocent residents have gone missing, some of whom have subsequently been found and have reported to have been kidnapped by American and puppet government officers. What information do you have regarding this?

Haji Ahmad Saeed:  It is true that the enemy has arrested many innocent people, the majority of whom are still suffering in prisons. These people have been arrested by government intelligence services as well as by various local militias. Many of them have been arrested due to personal or tribal rivalries. These incidents require a thorough investigation because many of these innocent arrestee’s have often been tortured to death without any legal process. These are all innocent Afghan civilians whose death should be investigated by all Afghan and global societies.

Alemarah:  Enemy has been announcing recently that they have captured a large cache of weapons, explosives and mines from the Mujahideen. What is your information regarding this?

Haji Ahmad Saeed:  This is yet another of the enemy’s baseless claims. We have not yet faced a situation where the Mujahideen’s weapons or mines have been captured due to the enemy’s intelligence gathering. However, it has sometimes happened that some of our mines have failed to explode due to some technical or electronic failure. These have subsequently fallen into enemy hands further inflating their egos.

Alemarah:  The issue of civilian casualties is hotly debated in Kandahar. The enemy propaganda claims that civilians are often killed in Mujahideen operations. What do you have to say about this

Haji Ahmad Saeed:  I, as the head of Kandahar operations, feel very sensitive to this issue, first in front of Allah and then in front of our Afghan people. If we did not fear for causing harm to our own people then our operations in Kandahar would be ten times more than they are today. We have always tried our best to completely end any civilians casualties on our part. We often have had to cancel our operations when we fear the possibility of civilian casualties. On the other hand, the enemy always seeks to stay and move in our population centres so that if Mujahideen attack them, any resulting civilian damage would be blamed on the Mujahideen. As much as we want to attack the enemy, we know that they want to use our people as human shields for their protection and therefore we abstain from confronting them in these areas.

Alemarah:  Partly as a result of the recent operations and partly due to the targeted killings of government workers, some people in Kandahar are beginning to think that these shootings and bombings are random and indiscriminate. For this reason these people are very fearful of the present situation. What is your message to these people?

Haji Ahmad Saeed:  I want to tell these people that if they are not government workers then they should be completely calm and relaxed. The operations in Kandahar are not random and spirit of the moment operations, instead each step is thoroughly planned and meticulously executed. The Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate first conduct thorough background research into their targets and when their relationship with the puppet government and their foreign paymasters is fully confirmed, do they proceed to punish these collaborators. Only once during my term has one of our Mujahids mistaken an innocent person (who fully resembled the intended target and was present in the same neighbourhood) for an intended target and killed him. On that occasion we contacted the family of the deceased and resolved the matter under the law of Shariah. Other than that no innocent person has been killed in these targeted assassinations. I want to console my fellow countrymen that the valiant Mujahideen would never stoop to randomly killing their own countrymen. It is quite possible that the puppet government and the foreign invaders have put some moles in the city that terrify the populace by defaming the name of the pious Mujahideen. We have provided a contact number to the people of Kandahar to seek our help if ever confronted by these stooge government bandits.

Alemarah:  How would you describe the Kandahar government?

Haji Ahmad Saeed:  The government in Kandahar is barely capable of defending itself. We can see that the Kandahar government has no staff or functioning bureaucracy. Its only functioning organs are the police stations, which are run by the American invaders. On the other hand, the Mujahideen have set up various different committees which are always busy resolving the daily disputes of the local people in Kandahar.

Alemarah:  To end, if you would like to say something or send a message, feel free.

Haji Ahmad Saeed:  I, as a Mujahid and Muslim Afghan, would like to outline three issues which, if acted upon, will Inshallah bring success in this world and the one to follow.

·  My first message is to the puppet government workers. I say to them as a Muslim Afghan to leave this government. The government they work for is neither lawful nor Shar’ee (which applies the rule of Allah) but is a slave institution set up by the Americans to further their imperial goals. It does not befit a Muslim to work for the infidels in such an institution. They should hasten to leave this institution, and the Mujahideen will uphold all their rights.

·  My second message is to the various different contractors responsible for working for the Americans in exchange for money. I tell them that even if your collaboration with the foreigners brings you wealth; it also increases the misery of Afghanistan under foreign occupation. For this reason you must give up on earning such unlawful wealth and give up your collaboration with the American invaders.

·  My third message is to the various militias around Kandahar that are set up and run by the American invaders. Most of the commanders and soldiers in these militias are those same bandits that infested Kandahar before the inception of the Islamic Emirate. These bandits were once disarmed after the invasion but have once more been re-armed to serve as the shovels of Americans. I ask these men to consult their consciousness. How the Americans used them at the start of the invasion and then denounced them as bandits and miscreants. Now that they are again knee-deep in the mud, they invoke you to do their dirty deeds. Is it not enough for you to learn from your previous mistakes? You should not involve yourself once again in this dangerous war.


IntelTrends republishes selected resistance statements so that readers can access different perspectives on current affairs, political and military issues.

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Uncertain World: Talking Afghanistan without schadenfreude

November 4, 2010 Comments off

The following commentary is reprinted with permission from RIA Novosti, Moscow.

Uncertain World:  Talking Afghanistan without schadenfreude
©  Fyodor Lukyanov
Source:  RIA Novosti
November 4, 2010

News about Russia’s alleged intention to contribute forces to the Western coalition in Afghanistan has made headlines on both sides of the Atlantic in the past few days. The story might just be an elaborate hoax, similar to speculation that appeared in the Polish media a year and a half ago. But more likely it is a projection of what psychoanalysts call the collective unconscious. The situation in Afghanistan is so bleak now that it inevitably calls to mind memories of the Soviet Union’s occupation of Afghanistan, while also making the NATO-led coalition want to shift the burden.

Schadenfreude – the German word for taking joy in the misery of others – isn’t a feeling worth cultivating, so we should try to figure out how Russia and the United States can work together in Afghanistan, with other Western allies playing supporting roles.

Russia’s direct military involvement does not seem to be a realistic option. Indeed, it would be hard to come up with a compelling motive that could make Moscow enter the unwinnable war against the Taliban, especially now that the Western coalition’s defeat seems inevitable. Some argue that by fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, NATO is actually “doing Russia’s job,” so it would be only fair for her to contribute.

But this argument does not hold up as the U.S. and its allies began fighting in Afghanistan of their own free will and the campaign they have been waging ever since is not a proxy war. Admittedly, an early withdrawal of the Western forces from Afghanistan would make the situation in the troubled Central Asian country even more volatile, thereby creating new security risks for Russia.

Potential Russia-NATO cooperation on Afghanistan is an important security issue, which requires careful consideration. But the focus should be on arrangements in Afghanistan following NATO’s eventual pullout rather than on options for Moscow’s military contribution to the alliance’s ongoing campaign.

It looks like Washington has no clear-cut plan for Afghanistan. The replacement this past summer of General Stanley McChrystal as the commander of the International Security Assistance Force and the national security leaks made public in Bob Woodward’s recent book “Obama’s Wars” showed that the U.S. political establishment and top military brass are split on Afghanistan, with no consensus on the campaign’s strategies and goals. In all likelihood, the main priority for the Obama administration in the months ahead will be to work out a face-saving exit strategy. Defeat in Afghanistan could seriously undermine U.S. prestige around the globe, while also casting doubts on NATO’s relevance as a military political alliance capable of leading effective international campaigns.

A NATO defeat in Afghanistan would not make Russia better off either, as it could trigger an upsurge in Islamic radicalism and extremism across the Middle East. It is unlikely that the Taliban, who fight mainly for their own territories and for Pashtun dominance in Afghanistan, will rush to expand their influence northward. But various religious and ethnic groups with interests in the region may use the Taliban movement as a cover to penetrate into ex-Soviet Central Asian countries. During the era of Taliban rule in Afghanistan in 1996-2001, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan were under constant pressure from local extremists with ties to Afghanistan. At that time, Moscow had few options for offering assistance to its allies.

Today, Russia’s primary task should be to reinvigorate the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). This alliance is the only organization capable of ensuring stability across Central Asia. But it currently only exists largely on paper and has yet to prove its use in practice. When the outbreak of violence in Kyrgyzstan this summer called for concrete action from the CSTO, it became clear that the organization had no judicial, political and military foundation to act. Russia’s CSTO allies are reluctant to create a precedent for Russian intervention that could be used against them in the future. And the non-Asian member states, such as Belarus and Armenia, refuse to commit themselves to maintaining security in the region. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has repeatedly said he sees no point in his country’s involvement.

It is only through a real, empowered CSTO that Russia can aspire to leadership in Central Asia and a dialogue with Washington on regional issues. Moscow feels slighted by the lack of enthusiasm on the part of NATO and the United States for the new security organization. For the West to recognize the potential for cooperation with the CSTO, Russia must first prove that it is also an effective partner. If convinced, NATO would surely be eager to team up on Afghanistan, where the current situation gives little cause for optimism.

Another related issue that should be raised in any dialogue on cooperation is future U.S. military presence in Central Asia after its withdrawal from Afghanistan. There is no doubt that the Americans would want to leave a residual force behind, given the region’s strategic importance and the uncertainty of Afghanistan’s future. Five years ago, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization demanded that Washington set a deadline for closing its military bases deployed in former Soviet states to support the U.S.-led campaign in Afghanistan. But the context has changed since then. Washington no longer seems as driven to export democracy around the world. The Middle East has become more, not less, explosive, owing in no small measure to wrongheaded U.S. policies. Beijing, meanwhile, is becoming increasingly assertive, a trend that cannot help but cause alarm among the Americans, as well as some of China’s neighbors.

With this in mind, it would make sense for Moscow to start up dialogue with Washington on the possible forms of post-Afghanistan military presence in Central Asia. Russia should steer the United States toward a posture in the region that would not threaten Russia’s own interests. This is an issue to be settled straight away, without waiting for the United States and NATO to make impulsive decisions in a last-minute settlement. The recent unrest in Kyrgyzstan showed that a “zero-sum” mentality can only be overcome when it is clear that no one stands to win. The conflict over military bases in Kyrgyzstan was made redundant when the country started falling apart. The parallel military presence in the region of two great powers would have a stabilizing effect and provide more leeway in case of an emergency.

Rhetoric on the importance of joint efforts against international terrorism does not work any more: the argument has been overused and the sincerity behind it was dubious all along. But Afghanistan has now become a hotbed of instability, which releases sparks all over the region. Any long-term solution will require a coordinated effort from all the countries concerned, including Russia, China, India, Iran, smaller neighboring nations, and the United States.


Fyodor Lukyanov is Editor-in-Chief of the Russia in Global Affairs journal – the most authoritative source of expertise on Russian foreign policy and global developments. He is also a frequent commentator on international affairs and contributes to various media in the U.S., Europe and China, including academic journals Social Research, Europe-Asia Studies, Columbia Journal of International Affairs. Mr. Lukyanov is a senior member of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy and a member of the Presidential Council on Human Rights and Civic Society Institutions. He holds a degree from Moscow State University.

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Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban): Comment on recent elections

September 22, 2010 Comments off

The following comment is from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban). Reprinted with permission.

Whom the Afghan People Sided With? With the Islamic Emirate or…?
Source:  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
September 22, 2010  12:10

UNAMA [United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan] and other Western and internal stooge entities which were delegated to conduct the so-called parliamentary elections on Sept. 18, had earlier predicted that only in a 30% area of Afghanistan, would the situation be ready for holding the elections.

Reason: the security problems. But on the day of the polling, people witnessed that even that prediction did not come true. Less than 10% of the voters took part in the ridiculous American drama by casting their votes. The low turn-out can be ascribed to fear and wide-spread rigging.

The Americans and their allies spent $200 million dollars to maintain security and conduct other clandestine dealing of bribery etc. in order to bring to success the fake elections process. They deployed 300,000 foreign and domestic soldiers on the polling day to make safe the few polling stations and pave the way for voters to cast votes. All these notwithstanding, with the help of Allah (SwT) and the assistance of Mujahideen with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the so-called elections were disrupted and thus remained limited to a few cities. Therefore, have had derogatory results for the implementers. We would like to leave alone hundreds of events which evidently prove our claim. Instead, we deem it sufficient to mention examples of only two elections centers as the tip of the iceberg: a district elections center in Ghazni and an election center in a populated village in Logar province. Now all those with insight and sagacity can judge for themselves what will be the credibility of the elections and the next parliament after all the shameful cases that happened on the day of the polling.

More than 300,000 people are living in Andar district of Ghazni province. The officials and observers at the polling stations admitted themselves that only 3 voters cast their votes during the day despite the fact that the polling station had remained open the whole day. In Pad khwab Shana, 3 kilometers in proximity of the provincial center, Pullie Allam, with a population reaching 30,000 persons, only 250 ballots were cast. That too, because of tribal affiliation, bribery, coercion and material incentives.

Other reports from various parts of the country say that no polling station had been opened in 162 districts out of 360 districts of the country. 1260 polling stations were forced to close before 11 o’clock of the day. Voting process was disrupted in the remaining polling stations due to successful attacks of the Mujahideen. Not only did the people not participate in the elections but remained at their houses as a sign of opposition to the so-called elections. After 4 o’clock of the day, in the dusk time, when the official time ended for ballot casting, Mujahideen ambushed ballot boxes which were being hauled from a few city centers to the capital of the country. They were torched and destroyed.

Now the world, the UNAMA and the observers can decide what credibility these fake and failed elections will have? They should also ponder whether they are going to give importance to the voice of the majority people of Afghanistan or to the subservient media, the pre-planned commentaries and the distorted news items about the elections? Similarly, they should make clear whom the Afghan people sided with – with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, or with America, UNAMA and the stooge Kabul Administration?

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


IntelTrends republishes selected resistance statements so that readers can access different perspectives on current affairs, political and military issues.

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