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European Union Times
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Firat News Agency
Global Research  (Canada)
International Relations & Security Network (ISN)
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan  (Taliban)
Kavkaz Center  (Caucasus Emirate, mujahideen)
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Ogaden Online
PanARMENIAN Network  (Armenia)
Pravda  (Russia)
Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty  (USA & Eur.)
RIA Novosti (Russia)
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Sofia News Agency  (Bulgaria)
Sri Lanka Army
Sri Lanka Ministry of Defence
Strategic Culture Foundation
Veterans Today  (USA)
Voice of America  (USA)
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs  (USA)
Workers World  (USA)
World Socialist Web Site
Yemen Post
Yemen Times

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About your blogmaster: “Steve in Wisconsin” is a former deputy sheriff with travels in Africa, Asia and Central America. Interests include global politics, jihadist movements in Central Asia and the Caucasus, and the Ruhnama (‘Book of the Soul’) written by Turkmenistan’s late president, Saparmyrat Niyazov.

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