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Stanislav Mishin: Control of Food, the American Holodomor

September 29, 2010

[Blogmaster note:  The term “Holodomor” refers to a famine that occurred in 1930s Ukraine as a result of Soviet policies. more…]

The following column is reprinted with permission from Stanislav Mishin, a regular contributor to Russian newspaper Pravda.

Control of Food, the American Holodomor
©  Stanislav Mishin
Source:  Mat Rodina
September 29, 2010

Unlike popular belief, the Soviet Union did not set out to orchestrate the extermination of a large portion of the Ukrainian, southern Russian and Armenian populations, but set out or not, that is exactly what happened and nothing else could have come of it.

How so?

Simple: with the determination of controlling the agricultural economy and thus the peasant farmer, the Soviet Union laid the means and the ends of the humanitarian disaster that crippled it. It could not have happened otherwise.

On the one hand, the Marxist state MUST control the peasants, there is simply no other solution. The farm families, far from the centralized and controlled world of the cities, tend to have traditional and independent points of view. They tend to be more religious and self reliant, all things that are poison to the modern Marxist, be he Leninist Fascist, Stalinist Communist or Anglo Third Way Socialist.

Thus to control the farmer is to place the final nail into any coffin of independence and self rule, for it is in the country side that rebellion breeds and spreads to the cities, it has always been so.

However, to put the farmer under strict controls is to destroy him, his will and his abilities and thus his production: food. The cities, when starving, become much more dangerous and thus the farmer, hampered from doing his work, must be squeezed further to support the cities and revolutions.

In America, the House has already passed the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act S.510 bill and only the Senate is left to pass their version and co-mingle them into a unified monstrosity. The bill is designed to destroy the small farmer in America, the very caste of people who is the most likely opposition to the control of the moneyed elites. Though the American small farmer is a dying breed, with hundreds of thousands of families throwing in the towel over the past decade, he is not dying out fast enough.

Furthermore, with various resurgences of concern over the second rate food and tasteless sustenance that major food farms and processors are throwing into the American gullet, the small local farmer has gotten a second, albeit short lease on life. This bill will make sure that lease is done for. Organic food and the drive to not die of obesity or insulin shock at the age of 24, has proved a major market force and thus also a social force, that must be reckoned with and controlled, and in America, the land of the so-called free, nothing is and everything is controlled by one over-paid bureaucrat or another.

Under the guise of food safety, these farmers will be destroyed once and for all and an American version of the Soviet centralized food manufacturing and processing system will be created, with continuous shortages, occasional population control through starvation, whether intentional or not and so on. One small farmer recently commented to the Wall Street Journal as:

“I know people who have been small farmers for 25 to 30 years who are looking to get out of the business because food safety is becoming so alarmist.”

The paperwork restrictions on farmers, the amount of effort to put in perfectly filled out copies or to face $500,000 fines on the first infraction, will guarantee that only the large agro giants are left standing in rather short order. On top of this the FDA will have full authority to dictate each and every detail of how food should be grown and under what conditions to the American farmer.

But this bill goes much further than that. It will, through bureaucratic oversight that even Stalin would be jealous of, preclude any growth, harvesting, sharing or selling of any food stuffs, from a small garden plot to a field or a green house, without the victim bending his knee to government oversight, control and of course payments, all in the name of food safety and freedom.

In quasi Stalinist form, which is the hall mark of the American Marxist regime of President Obama, and his enablers of the One Party Two Branch system of government, any food grown or sold or given or consumed outside of the bureaucratic oversight, will be considered illegal contraband, on the scale of drugs or people smuggled. However, until the open borders of the American south, these Federal laws will be enforced.

Indeed, the American frog is already in boiling water and this is his final chance to jump. My bet, from previous effects of the elite’s control and the misdirection and destruction of the conservative will and anger, is that the frog will not jump. Instead it will dream lazily about its so-called freedoms, while sitting in its steel pot and boiling alive in the juices of its own self relevance.


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