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Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: Interview with Mullah Abdul Karim, Jihadi leader in Balkh province

January 9, 2011 Comments off

[Blogmaster note:  The text of the following interview was released through official media channels of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban). Reprinted with permission. The background and introductory material are part of the media release.]

Mujahideen control 7 districts in Balkh province – and the main road to Shubarghan
Source:  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
January 9, 2011  14:53

Background ]

Balkh is amongst one of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces and is considered as one of the most important provinces in the North of the country. Its capital is Mazar Sharif which is one of the country’s major cities. It is approximately 12,593 square kilometers and has a population of about 650,000 or more according to a recent survey. Balkh province has been divided into 15 districts as shown below:

1.   Mazar Sharif
2.   Dahdady
3.   Nahr-e-Shahi
4.   Marmal
5.   Khlam (tashqalghan)
6.   Keldar
7.   Shor Tipa
8.   Dawlatbad
9.   Balkh
10.  Charbolak
11.  Chamtal
12.  Sholgira
13.  Charkant
14.  Kashinda
15.  Zari

Balkh is regarded as one of Afghanistan’s most historical and cultural cities and moreover it was one of the strongholds of Mujahideen in the last Jihad and is also a trench of Mujahideen in the current jihad.

A brief biography of Balkh province’s Jihadi leader

Mullah Abdul Karim (Nafiz) is the son of Abdul Jabbar and was born into a religiously devout family 26 years ago today in Sholgari district of Balkh province. He conducted his elementary studies in his home town and then furthered his religious studies in the different provinces of Afghanistan. He was also a friend of the Martyred Mullah Raz Muhammad Haidari the previous leader of this province and along with him has carried out Jihadic services in Balkh, Kandahar, Helmand and Zabul provinces and is presently the head Jihadi leader of Balkh province.

Alemrah Studio:  Dear Nafiz Sahib, before everything else, can you shed some light on the current year Jihadic situation of Balkh province?

Mullah Abdul Karim:  All praises are due to Allah and may His peace and blessings be on Muhammad (SAW) and his rightly guided companions.

To answer your question, I must firstly say that Alhamdulillah, this year was the year of honor, victory and help from Allah in accordance with the name of this year’s operation ‘Al-Fath’ [Operation Victory, Inteltrends: Operation Al-Fath] as declared by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. We witnessed the evident manifestation of Mujahideen victories in Balkh and the rest of the Northern provinces. I would like to mention that even though we had Mujahideen groups operating in all the districts but our sphere of influence and control was restricted to 4 districts which were Balkh, Chabolak, Chamtal and Sholgira. During this year we extended our reach and took control of other districts like Kashinda, Nahr-e-Shahi and also Keldar and other surrounding areas. We have also had great achievements in the other districts as well. The main highway between Balkh-Shubarghan which passes through Charbolak is always bearing witness to the constant ambushes of our Mujahideen which has become a major obstacle for the enemy logistical supply route. We were able to neutralize the enemy conspiracies by completely shutting down all the polling stations in 6 districts on Election Day. We also took out more than 15 enemy centers in which the enemy took on heavy losses from the resulting clashes. So overall the situation of Balkh province is very promising, all thanks are due to Allah. Groups of Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate have also been sent to all the districts where the enemy forces are facing a lot of difficulties.

Alemrah Studio:  Is the presence of foreign troops in Balkh still limited to the center or have they spread out to the districts?

Mullah Abdul Karim:  Like other northern provinces, the occupying forces based in Balkh are German, Norway, Bulgaria and other countries and are based in the provincial center, Mazar Sharif. The invading forces do go out to the surrounding districts for operations but have not built any outposts there.

Alemrah Studio:  Kabul regime’s Ministry of Defense as well as the governor of Balkh province in the press recently claimed that their operations in Mujahideen dominated areas have yielded great results and achievements; can you provide some information regarding this issue?

Mullah Abdul Karim:  It is true that the domestic and foreign troops were recently gathered from surrounding provinces to carry out operations against Mujahideen in Balkh province because the Kabul regime’s Ministry of Defense announced its intentions to carry out operations in the Northern provinces such as those being carried out in Kandahar and Helmand. Almost 5,000 international and domestic troops supported by air-power entered Chamtal and Charbolak districts but faced stiff Mujahideen resistance from the very first day. Their tanks were blown apart in bombings and their foot patrols were also relentlessly ambushed. The enemy only had presence in Charbolak’s Darzankar, Timorak and Khanabad areas and in Chamtal’s Tarako and Hotako villages before fleeing from all the areas due to the deadly casualties and damages caused by the ferocity of Mujahideen attacks. All praises are due to Allah, Mujahideen did not have any significant losses but the enemy took on heavy losses compared to any other time and fled, disgraced and humiliated.

Alemrah Studio:  How much of the region do the Mujahideen control in Balkh?

Mullah Abdul Karim:  As I pointed out earlier, Mujahideen have complete control of 7 districts but not the district centers and the enemy only controls those areas which are in close proximity to Mazar Sharif however Mujahideen are active in those areas too. The enemy forces are facing a tough time as Balkh-Shubarghan main highway, the main supply route of the enemy runs through Mujahideen controlled regions where they constantly ambush the enemy logistical convoys.

Alemrah Studio:  One of the new programs of the enemy is that of creating Arbaki (militia) forces in the Northern provinces. Has this development taken place in Balkh and what has been its result?

Mullah Abdul Karim:  The only district in Balkh province where an effort was made by the enemy to create militia force was Charbolak, were its Muslim population vehemently rejected this proposal with a united voice and said that they had experienced these militias before and are not ready to repeat the same mistake. With this disappointment, the enemy armed 2 previous gunmen commanders (one from Masood’s and another from Dustam’s party) along with some former thieves and robbers in Charbolak district where they have set up a few check posts but have so far not been able to harm any Mujahideen. This failed program has only been tried in Charbolak district which has resulted in hatred for the government by the local population because of the re-armament of previous criminals who recently, as per their previous behavior stole the valuables from homes which were located near their check posts during searches.

Alemrah Studio:  How much support and cooperation do the Mujahideen have from the people of Balkh province?

Mullah Abdul Karim:  The Mujahid people of Balkh, just as they had previously, are standing shoulder to shoulder and are fully cooperating with the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate. Despite the repeated efforts by the enemy to sow seeds of division and create local militias to strain the relationship between Mujahideen and the local populace but due to the nation’s understanding the nature and plans of the enemy through the years seem to have foiled these plans. The reason that Mujahideen are mobile and carry operations through the different districts of Balkh province is directly the result of the support of the people and we thank Allah Almighty for this situation.

Alemrah Studio:  How would you describe your relationship with the other Jihad areas in the Northern provinces?

Mullah Abdul Karim:  We are always in contact with our neighboring Juzjan province. Faizabad district is one of the districts in Juzjan which has a border with Balkh province and is in complete control of Mujahideen and so we lend each other a helping hand during rough times. All praises are due to Allah, Mujahideen in the Northern provinces are also in direct contact with each other like the rest of the country. Balkh, Juzjan, Faryab and Sar-e-Pul have regions which are in full Mujahideen control and they regularly carry out joint operations. There are vast regions under Mujahideen control from Balkh’s Sholgari and Charbolk to Juzjan’s Faizabad, Shortipa, Darzab and Faryab’s Dawlatabad and Sar-e-Puls Sayad districts are linked to each other. So due to this blessing, Mujahideen are able to coordinate and plan their operations with assurance and take advice from experiences of each other.

Alemrah Studio:  The enemy is constantly making efforts and is spreading rumors that it will oust Mujahideen from Northern districts. What do you believe regarding this?

Mullah Abdul Karim:  We have believed in Allah Almighty and started the Jihad here only by trusting in His power. In the beginning there were only a handful of Mujahideen carrying out guerilla style attacks in Balkh but never did we lose faith in Allah’s support and we have witnessed His help arrive in the past couple of years and are witnessing it now. We still repeat ourselves; that if we stay true to our covenant with Allah (Islam and Jihad) than no power in this world can defeat us. I think that this propaganda is the enemy’s last ditch effort so to raise the morale of its hired soldiers and give them false hopes. The Jihadic activities in the North have reached a point where no military operation can dismantle or eliminate it. The nation has now decided to help the Mujahideen and their stance will not be changed by any military operation.

Alemrah Studio:  A few days earlier the German Chancellor (Angela Merkel) visited her troops in the North and told them that they were involved in a legitimate fight and were not occupiers like Nazi Germany and added that the people wanted them here. What do you have to say regarding this as an Islamic Emirate Jihadi leader of one of the Northern provinces?

Mullah Abdul Karim:  I must say that these are false allegations by which the western leaders want to deceive their people. How are they not occupiers? By what treaty did they enter the North of Afghanistan? They might not call themselves occupiers but every Afghan attacks and kills them for this very reason. They are the helpers of America. Historically, Germany has always had a good relationship with Afghanistan and should work hard to not lose this trust. I think Germany has made a big mistake by helping the Americans in this illegal invasion and should withdraw their troops as soon as possible or they will have to bear the brunt of our strikes.

Alemrah Studio:  To end, what message do you have?

Mullah Abdul Karim:  To end I want to thank the Cultural commission of the Islamic Emirate who are reporting on the Jihadic activities of the Mujahideen and sending the good news of Mujahideen victories to our beloved countrymen and may Allah reward them for their sacrifices and bless their efforts. I want to thank them once again for reaching out to the Mujahideen of Balkh province and helping us to reach out to our beloved countrymen and the world.

Alemrah Studio:  And thank you also.


IntelTrends republishes selected resistance statements so that readers can access different perspectives on current affairs, political and military issues.

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GORDON DUFF: Zionism’s “Anti-Semitism” Ploy, A Dangerous Game

December 22, 2010 Comments off

The following column is reprinted with permission from Gordon Duff, staff writer and Senior Editor at Veterans Today.

Zionism’s “Anti-Semitism” Ploy, A Dangerous Game
©  Gordon Duff
Source:  Veterans Today
December 22, 2010

*  Making The World Fear And Hate Jews A Dreadfully Wrong Policy

When the rabbi advising Prime Minister Netanyahu goes on television claiming “goyim,” all non-Jews, only are allowed to stay alive as beasts of burden, serving Jews who are ordained by g-d to “bask in luxury” from the work of others, it isn’t an accident. He had a job. That job was to make people hate Jews. If people forget to hate Jews, Israel will have no purpose, it won’t need nuclear weapons or the continual wars it has convinced the United States to fight in its stead.

When Antisemitism began to disappear and Jews were no longer reviled because of primitive prejudices, Zionists lost a valuable weapon. The real problem is that the weapon, meant to serve expansionist Israel is also a weapon that has in the past sacrificed the lives of millions of Jews.

When a synagogue is burned, a Zionist lights the fire. When an Antisemitic slogan is painted on a wall, the offending hand is that of a Zionist. The world would have long forgotten its bizarre ideas of Jews as Christ killers and moneylenders were it not profitable for political extremists with no real religious views at all to renew them and give them life.

We are seeing a resurgence in Antisemitism, hatred of Jews as human beings, because of Zionism. America, in economic collapse, tired after 10 years of war and a total loss of faith in government is now being forced into two more wars, Korea and Iran. The hand of the ultra-nationalists, the Likudists in Israel and the ADL and AIPAC, their American “fifth column” is obvious to everyone. The terror attacks on 9/11 are now branded as “false flag” and even the most dull witted are seeing the hand of Israel.

American Jews, long convinced that Israel stood vulnerable to attack, subjected to constant terrorism are now questioning. It doesn’t take a genius to see that the stupidity of Israel, the blatant human rights violations in Gaza, the ties to long discredited neocon extremists in America, the attack on the Freedom Flotilla and the continual drum-beating for war on Iran, is going to have consequences. It is already happening.

An American public, dumbed down by decades of censored press, substandard education and propaganda is only inches away from becoming a violent mob. The rage against Islam, created for profit, created as a screen for oil and arms thievery and the looting of trillions of dollars from the American economy, has run its course. Hundreds of thousands of veterans have returned from war, reporting only corruption in their own leadership. The terror training camps, the bunker complexes, Osama bin Laden, all never found, perhaps they never existed at all. This is what is being said.

In 1940, Adolf Hitler was the most popular man in America. His hatred of Jews was seen as one of his best characteristics. Hitler had accused Jews of financial attacks on Germany, of building world communism. His proof was a few documents, unclear as to origin and yet, most of the world chose to follow him. Today, Israel under its current leadership spits in the face of nearly every nation, its academic leaders threaten Western Europe with nuclear attack, its religious leaders speak of American troops as “donkeys” to be sacrificed, no accusation made against Iran comes close to the things Israel publicly announces about itself.

Who could be this stupid? We know it is a game, building hatred of Jews so as to keep national victimhood status. Israel, or rather key groups claiming to be Israel, have made billions on this game.

Fomenting hatred for the Jewish people for financial gain, for political gains, spreading fear, all part of a childishly obvious globalist ploy is insane.

Mikey Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation picked up on the problem early on. The love affair between the American right, the Christian Zionists, quickly turned to its Antisemitic roots when Jewish cadets at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs complained about persecution at the hands of supposed “Zionist” Christians.

The thrall followers of pro-apocalypse preacher, John Hagee, Israel’s “bestest” friend in America, have always been “strange bedfellows” for any minority, particularly Jews with their history of valuing education and support for progressive causes. Hagee and his followers represent primitive and backward beliefs, violent, racist, extremist in every way.

Christian Zionism, as a religious doctrine, looks on Judaism as an abomination. Though it supports the return of Jews to Israel, it also supports the destruction of Israel and the forced conversion of all Jews to Christianity. They simply jumped the gun a bit at the Air Force Academy.

Nazi Zionists

One of the hidden undersides of Hitler’s policies toward the Jews was his alliance with Zionists. With all current battles pitting one version of the Holocaust against another with historical revisionists claiming that the holocaust is a myth created to further a Hitleresque “Greater Israel” plan, those things that are well within known history are sometimes pushed aside. One of those things is the strange relationship between Zionists and Hitler, a relationship even a “revisionist” has to admit had unpleasant consequences.

Lenni Brenner, in Counterpunch, writes of his discovery of this dark and shrouded period in history, a period when Zionist Jews in Germany came to an agreement with Hitler. He would call them to control Jewish life in Germany, eventually settling Jews in Palestine in a pro-German Nazi state. Zionist Palestine, allied with Hitler, was meant to offset British and German influence in the Middle East, a policy almost identical with the American Middle East Strategy a generation later. In fact, Israeli policies, first seen as “apartheid” and now more closely resembling the ethnic cleansing of the Serbs, also seems to have a truly “Hitleresque” aspect.

Following the odd history of the relationship between the Zionists and Hitler’s Nazi party, Jews cheering Wehrmacht victories, Jews shocked and dismayed at the Stalingrad defeat, a bitter pill for historians who have to fit this well documented mainstream scenario into a more fanciful historical narrative.

The clear note here, of course, Zionism isn’t Jews and opposing Zionist policies should have nothing to do with labeling anyone, race, religion, ethnicity, not damning them or their children. However, in our imperfect world, those who too often let greed and ambition blind them from the baser aspects of the human soul do so often misjudge. Believing that only you can hate, can deceive, can connive, is the height of arrogance. The Greeks call that hubris.

We call such people fools, perhaps something worse.


Gordon Duff is a U.S. Marine Vietnam veteran and Senior Editor at Veterans Today. His career has included extensive experience in international banking along with such diverse areas as consulting on counter insurgency, defense technologies or acting as diplomatic officer of U.N. humanitarian groups. He is a widely published expert on military and defense issues.

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KONSTANTIN GORDEEV: The Two Myths Behind Globalism

November 1, 2010 Comments off

The following commentary is reprinted with permission from Russia’s Strategic Culture Foundation. (Bold font appears in original article.)

The Two Myths Behind Globalism
©  Konstantin Gordeev
Source:  Strategic Culture Foundation
November 1, 2010

As a new world order ideology, globalism has to rely on myths for its own advancement. The key myths behind globalism are that the world is facing an ever-growing terrorist threat (the notion routinely serves to justify downright genocide disguised as “war on terror”) and that carriers of various cultural identities can coexist and interact smoothly within multicultural societies.

Unbiased research helps dispel the myth about the spiraling threat of terrorism. Robert A. Pape and James K. Feldman’s Cutting the Fuse. The Explosion of Global Suicide Terrorism and How to Stop It (The University of Chicago Press, 2010), a recent study based on an impressive array of data on kamikaze attacks across the world, offers truly thought-provoking conclusions on the subject. While only 350 terrorist acts perpetrated by suicide bombers were recorded in 1980-2003 and only 15% of them targeted U.S. citizens, in the much shorter 2004-2009 period of time the number reached 1,833, U.S. citizens being victims in 92% of the cases. Evidently, the surge of suicide bombings over the past six years must be attributable to the U.S.-led NATO campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq and to the Western occupation of the countries. Therefore, terrorism before and after 2003, the watershed year when the U.S. launched the intervention in Iraq, are two phenomena of totally different nature, and the underlying agenda of the U.S. anti-terrorist war has nothing to do with its stated goals. The U.S. campaigns allegedly intended to root out terrorism are in fact breeding it amidst the national-liberation upheaval. A. Pape and James K. Feldman argue that “foreign military occupation triggers secular and religious people alike to carry out suicide attacks”. Moreover, in their view the root cause of international terrorism lies in the situation in which political organizations, religious groups, and regional communities are forced to defend their independence under outside pressure. Self-sacrifice becomes the adequate response whenever the pressure takes such extreme forms as war and occupation, and consequently the notion that terrorist attacks are carried out by radicals having no popular support is a globalist myth.

It is not true that religiously motivated fanatics left the U.S. no choice other than to start the war on terror which took over a hundred of thousands of lives in Iraq alone. In reality, the Western military intervention left no choice to those whose right to national self-determination was trampled underfoot. It thus seems likely that attacks like the one which shattered the U.S. on September 11, 2001 were arranged by the intelligence services seeking to provoke an escalating global conflict. The blasts which destroyed civilian installations and killed innocent people provided pretexts for military campaigns, and those gave rise to new generations of shakhids. Fear of terrorism generated public support for military response, and the response strikes made survivors take revenge for their sufferings, at times at the cost of their own lives. Thus, the global war is gathering momentum while the world is kept in the dark about the authors of the scheme and their far-reaching objectives.

The above, by the way, invites analogies with the provocations which marked the outbreaks of both world wars. In World War I and World War II alike, aggressive regimes claimed to be reacting to terrorist attacks.

Speaking at a gathering of the younger flock of her conservative Christian Democratic Union this month, German chancellor A. Merkel inadvertently contributed to unmasking the second globalist myth by admitting the collapse of the strategy of multiculturalism in Germany. Though in essence she meant to limit her invectives to urging Muslim (for the most part, Turkish) migrants to acquire command of German as a pass to the country’s labor market, rather unexpectedly her statement sounded consonant with the views expressed in the controversial Germany Is Self-Destructing, a book by the now former Deutsche Bundesbank’s Executive Board member Thilo Sarrazin in which – shockingly for much of Europe – the financial officer portrayed Muslim immigration as a threat to the German statehood. T. Sarrazin wrote that Muslim immigrants “sponge off the state, neglect the education of their children and constantly produce little girls in headscarves”. A. Merkel said in her address that “at the beginning of the 60s our country called the foreign workers to come to Germany and now they live in our country… We kidded ourselves a while, we said: They would not stay, sometime they will be gone, but this isn’t reality… And of course, the approach to build a multicultural society and to live side-by-side and to enjoy each other… has failed, utterly failed”, and went on to assert that migrants who do not know German from the outset are not welcome to Germany. Horst Seehofer, the chairman of the Christian Social Union, which is the CDU’s sister party, seems to be joining the chorus – he holds that “…immigrants from other cultural circles like Turkey and Arab countries have more difficulties. …we don’t need any additional foreign workers from other cultures”.

The statements more than just reflect the German population’s established discontent at the pressure they are permanently facing from the Arab migrants, though polls do indicate that Germans suspect that the strategy of “demographic replacement” looms behind the facade of multiculturalism and increasingly favor authoritarian tendencies. Globalism may be ruining the Muslim world by direct extermination of the carriers of the Muslim identity in ostensibly anti-terrorist campaigns, but Europe’s traditional Christian culture whose credibility intellectuals for hire have been eroding for decades is also crumbling as masses of migrants from other civilizational backgrounds are flowing in.

Given the powerful ideological backing of the strategy of multiculturalism, it is hard to believe that its proponents simply fail to realize to what extent the niches occupied by carriers of different cultures have to be kept separate, subordination among them has to be ensured, and the spheres within which they can interact productively must be delineated to maintain the integrity of composite social systems. Absent the corresponding arrangements, insulated communities adhering to divergent cultures tend to get locked in ruthless rivalries over limited social resources. Groups with ascetic mentality, greater energy and cohesion, and higher birth rates – clearly not the traditional Europeans – are the likely winners in the race, and this may be the scenario the builders of “the brave new world” hope to see materialize.

Considering that currently the implementation of the strategy of multiculturalism causes Muslims to replace Europeans across Europe – from Russia to Spain – the German leaders skepticism is tantamount to the overall condemnation of globalism. Recognizing the failure of multiculturalism, they demolish the myth that cultural diversity automatically translates into global harmony.


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Israel Trains German Pilots to Fly Drones in Afghanistan

July 28, 2010 Comments off

The following article is reprinted with permission from Voice of America.

Israel Trains German Pilots to Fly Drones in Afghanistan
©  Voice of America
By David Byrd
July 27, 2010

Some German pilots that are part of NATO operations in Afghanistan are in Israel for training on special reconnaissance drones. The Jewish state’s expertise is helping to train the Germans to protect ground troops and convoys in Afghanistan.

At Israel’s Ein Shemer air base, a Heron drone takes off for a training mission. But this propeller-driven aircraft is bright white with a black iron cross and the red, yellow, and black flag of the German Luftwaffe on its side. Inside a non-descript metal building, a German pilot controls the craft, which carries high-resolution cameras and other equipment.

Germany has the third-largest NATO contingent in Afghanistan – nearly 4,700 personnel. The Germans ordered a small fleet of the Heron drones from Israel Aerospace Industries to help prevent civilian casualties and friendly-fire incidents in the rugged Afghan terrain.

One of the pilots in training – identified as Major C to preserve military secrecy – says having the drones in Afghanistan will be invaluable.

“It’s a huge support because then we can finally do intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance right over the battlefields in real life, so we support the troops and we can support convoys driving around in real time,” said Major C.

Inside the training building, pilots and instructors sit behind controls and computer screens. A map and the view from the drone’s cameras are displayed in front of each pilot. German pilot Major T used to fly a Tornado plane in Afghanistan. He says the drones could have a huge impact.

“So you know in Afghanistan it’s really hard to compare the good guys from the bad guys,” said Major T. “So you have to surveil them a long time until you can say ‘okay, maybe he’s kind of a suspicious person, so maybe we should investigate it a longer time or not.’ So that’s the main reason why we have the Heron there.”

Israel is one of the pioneers of combat drones, having used the remote-controlled aircraft in Lebanon and the Palestinian territories. The United States, Canada, France, Australia and Spain also use drones in Afghanistan.

But Israeli experts training German pilots at an airbase that Britain’s RAF used to fight the Germans in World War II is an historical irony not lost on Tomer Koriat, the deputy director of the training project. Koriat says his team has a great deal of respect for their German students.

“How do I feel about this issue, us supporting the Germans? From the beginning of the project till today all of us have learned that today we are talking about another Germany than what we used to know,” said Koriat.

Each of the Heron drones costs about $10 million, depending on how it is equipped. Because Afghanistan is an Islamic republic, Israeli mechanics will not be able to provide maintenance. A German partner – Rheinmetall Defence – will maintain the aircraft once they are deployed.


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German mercenaries to fight UN-backed government in Somalia

May 23, 2010 Comments off

The following article is from Deutsche Welle (DW), Bonn, Germany, citing nrt/dpa/AFP/Reuters as sources.

German mercenaries to fight UN-backed government in Somalia
©  Deutsche Welle
Editor:  Martin Kuebler.
May 23, 2010

A German security company has sealed a deal with a Somali warlord that politicians say violates UN sanctions. According to German TV, more than a 100 former Bundeswehr soldiers will fight as mercenaries in Somalia.

Former Bundeswehr soldiers are to fight as mercenaries in the civil war in Somalia, according to German public TV station NDR.

Asgaard German Security Group, a company based in Telgte near Muenster in northwestern Germany, has clinched a deal with Somali opposition politician Galadod Abdinur Ahmad Darman, who wants to topple the internationally-recognized Transitional Federal Government (TFG) in Somalia.

Security experts warn that a Somali warlord backed by highly-trained Western soldiers could shift the fragile political balance in the east African country and spark a bloodbath…

Read more. Full-text article appears at the following links.
Partial list.

Deutsche Welle, 23 May
Hiiraan Online, 23 May
Medeshi, 23 May


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