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Israel assisting exiled sheikh in bid to topple Ras al-Khaimeh gov’t

July 28, 2010 Comments off

The following article is from The Guardian (UK).

Israel linked to exiled sheikh’s bid for ‘coup’ in Gulf emirate of RAK
©  The Guardian
By Robert Booth and Ian Ferguson
July 28, 2010

Israel is aiding an exiled Arab sheikh who is vying to seize control of a strategically important Gulf emirate only 40 miles from Iran.

The Israeli ambassador to London, Ron Prosor, has met Sheikh Khalid bin Saqr al-Qasimi, the exiled crown prince of Ras al-Khaimeh (RAK), who asked him to help with his campaign to oust the leadership of the northernmost state in the United Arab Emirates.

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Suspicious U.S. military movements in the Gulf

April 13, 2010 Comments off

The following article is reprinted with permission from Roads to Iraq, intel blog.

Suspicious U.S. military movements in the Gulf
©  Roads to Iraq
April 13, 2010

Al-Manar newspaper, sees the real reason behind the Russian warning to the U.S. and Israel against attacking Iran.

The newspaper reported that secret security meetings took place recently between Israel and “some” regional security agencies, at the time France started a military build up in its military base established in the UAE, and the U.S. supplied Saudi Arabia with a highly sophisticated weapons worth billions of dollars, the goal is to attack aggressively Iran.

But the most important is that the U.S. started to provide its military bases in the Gulf-region and the Middle East with advanced and intelligent bombs, also the presence of the American nuclear submarines in Gulf.


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Mabhouh’s assassination: The eye signature and Jordan’s role

February 21, 2010 Comments off

The following post is from Roads to Iraq, intel blog.

Mabhouh’s assassination:  The eye signature and Jordan’s role
©  Roads to Iraq
February 20, 2010

Dubai Chief police Dahi Khalfan told Al-Khaleej that the Interpol adoption of the case confirms the existence of incriminating evidence.

His statement to UAE newspaper Al-Bayan, telling the newspaper that the suspects credit cards confirms their identities, is already reported in the media. But what is not reported in the Western media is Khalfan also said that Dubai police has copies of the eyescan signature of the suspects, which will be released to the public soon and already distributed on the Inter­national airports.

More evidence of Jordan involvement in the assassination of Mabhouh in Dubai. Jordanian News Agency (Petra) reported today that Kind Abdullah of Jordan returned from a private (secret) visit abroad – with reporting fur­ther details or where was his visit destination. Reporters in Dubai and Amman said that King Abdullah went to Dubai to hide Jordan’s role in the assassination.

Hamas also indirectly accused Jordan saying that an Arab country partici­pated in the murder. The statement link between the Jordanian Intelligence officer killed in Afghanistan and the assassination in Dubai – Which explains why Jordanian FM “Nasir Jawdah” out of the sudden released a statement saying that Jordan will continue the fight against terrorism.

As the King himself informed Arab leaders, Jordan under threat of impos­ing the Palestinians resettlement, the country’s security institutions are forced to cooperate with the Americans in Afghanistan and with the Israelis to assassinate Hamas leaders.


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Al Mabhouh assassination was managed from Austria

February 18, 2010 Comments off

The following article is from the Ezzedeen AL-Qassam Brigades – Palestine website.

Al Mabhouh assassination was managed from Austria
©  Al Qassam
February 18, 2010

Al Qassam Website – German newspaper called “Sud-Doichi chseitung”, which is considered reliable and specialized in the security affairs, said that the Mossad has managed the liquidation of Al Mabhouh from a room was established in Austria.

The newspaper said that most members of the assassination team used Austria cellular telephone numbers, and conducted encrypted phone calls from Dubai to Austria. Dubai police say that the assassins did not speak with each other’s directly but through the cockpit in Austria. The Austrian authorities said on Sunday evening that it would open an investigation in the file of Al Mabhouh assassination.

The newspaper added that all members of the assassination team flew to Dubai from European countries; five went to Dubai from Germany (Munich and Frankfurt); four of Zurich; two from Paris and four of Rome.


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’10 agents including 3 women, took part in Dubai Hamas assassination’

February 12, 2010 Comments off

The following article is from Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

’10 agents including 3 women, took part in Dubai Hamas assassination’
©  Haaretz
By Yossi Melman, Haaretz Correspondent
February 11, 2010

Ten agents, including three women, participated in the assassination of senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai in January, according to Intelligence Online, a Paris-based journal dedicated to tracking intelligence activity worldwide.

The journal published what it termed “new details” about the operation, which has been widely attributed to Israel’s Mossad intelligence service. It said that one of the female agents dressed herself in the uniform of a reception clerk at Al Bustan Rotana, the hotel where Mabhouh was staying, and then knocked on his door.

When he opened it her fellow operatives rushed him and stunned him with an electric device, the journal said, then they injected poison into his veins, in order to disguise the cause of death.

All 10 agents carried European passports, the journal said.

Previous reports spoke of seven agents, all carrying Irish passports.

The journal added that Dubai’s secret service had requested assistance in the investigation from its counterparts in Egypt and Jordan and from Interpol. Yet it seems unlikely that Egypt or Jordan could provide much help as both are hostile to Hamas. Indeed, both country’s secret services are engaged in their own war against Hamas operatives.

The journal said that Dubai’s government had ordered that Hamas itself be kept out of the probe, but Hamas is conducting its own investigation headed by the organization’s number two, Moussa Abu Marzook, with help from Iran and Syria.

According to the journal, Mabhouh arrived in the United Arab Emirates on January 19 on a flight from Damascus and checked into room 130 of Al Bustan Rotana.

A little while later he attended a meeting at the Iranian consulate in downtown Dubai. Shortly after his return, at about 9 P.M., an unidentified blond woman knocked at his door and he opened it. His body was found the next day by hotel employees, after his wife had tried to call him several times but received no answer, which aroused her suspicions.


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