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GORDON DUFF: Mysterious Death Of American Ally, Reagan Friend, In Pakistan

January 24, 2011 Comments off

[Blogmaster note:  I posted the news of Col. Imam’s death in my Newsmarks column — and sent it out via RSS almost as fast as it hit the Pakistan newswire. Not too many folks clicked on the link, which attests that Col. Imam was largely an unknown figure among my readers. Gordon Duff offers a fitting tribute.]

The following column is reprinted with permission from Gordon Duff, staff writer and Senior Editor at Veterans Today.

Mysterious Death Of American Ally, Reagan Friend, In Pakistan
©  Gordon Duff
Source:  Veterans Today
January 24, 2011

*  “Colonel Imam” Kidnapped By Taliban Group Believed “Mossad” Backed

Colonel Imam (Photo: G. Duff) may have been the single driving force that pushed Russia out of Afghanistan. A modern day “Lawrence of Arabia,” Imam or Sultan Amir Tarar, a Pakistani Brigadier General, trained with American Rangers and Special Forces at Ft. Bragg, was as instrumental as Lech Walesa in bringing down the Soviet Union.

The group that kidnapped Imam 10 months ago along with Khalid Khawaja, who was murdered and a British journalist, has been misrepresented as former Pakistani intelligence who have joined a rebel Taliban faction from Punjab. This is disinformation. The group, the “Asian Tigers” is a terrorist group funded and organized by the substantial Israeli/Indian operational forces in Afghanistan, the Mossad/RAW. These groups organize terrorism inside Pakistan, working to destabilize that nation, support the heroin trade in Afghanistan and simulate “Al Qaeda” terrorists when needed.

They are an international terrorist organization, one proven to exist, one proven tied to Israel, one responsible for the killing of, not only Pakistani citizens by the hundred but American and NATO military and U.N. aid workers as well.

Without this organization, the “Asian Tigers” and similar groups, casualties in the Af/Pak theatre would diminish significantly.

However, no reports of this ever reach the western media, this information, intelligence contained in reports withheld by Wikileaks, censored, not only by Julian Assange and the New York Times but the CIA as well. These groups, though they attack Americans also, are protected just as the opium crops are, at the direction of the highest authorities in the American command.

It isn’t just Julian Assange and his New York Times partners that get their directions from Tel Aviv.

In briefings I received in Pakistan and Washington, estimates of these forces and their activities varied but one thing was for certain, they exist, they are a threat and they are being lied about. Whether India or Israel or both, Americans are dying at the hands of friends profiting from war, drugs and corruption in, not only American politics but the Pentagon establishment as well.

Colonel Imam, an American hero without equal, died at the hands of such an organization.

Col. Imam

I met the Colonel at the home of General Mirsa Aslam Beg, former Chief of Staff of Pakistan’s Army. With me were, among others, author Jeff Gates and VT [Veterans Today] editor, Raja Mujtaba. The Colonel was attired in a white turban and military field jacket. The patches, U.S. Ranger and Special Forces. The surprising part, his accent. It was, not only American but clear “old South.” This was a Georgia boy!

Despite the accusations thrown at the Colonel and General Beg, accusations also thrown at VT editor Lt. General Hamid Gul and others, of working with terrorists or supplying the Taliban, there was always one thing in common, the quest for peace and stability in the region. Where others are called “war criminals” by those profiting from continual conflict, the attacks against Colonel Imam always fell on deaf ears.

Few non-Americans have ever had the respect and friendship he enjoyed, not only in Congress, but among the special operations community who knew him to be fearless and loyal. I saw that immediately.

Colonel Imam was a gentle and honorable person, decent and kind. He died in captivity, said from “cardiac” problems. He died at the hands of terrorists, real enemies of the United States, real enemies of the people of Pakistan, real enemies of the people of Afghanistan, real enemies of all humanity.

He will be missed.


Gordon Duff is a U.S. Marine Vietnam veteran and Senior Editor at Veterans Today. His career has included extensive experience in international banking along with such diverse areas as consulting on counter insurgency, defense technologies or acting as diplomatic officer of U.N. humanitarian groups. He is a widely published expert on military and defense issues.

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Fidel Castro: Israel, U.S. Killed Iran Nuclear Scientists

January 8, 2011 Comments off

[Blogmaster note:  Although out of power for many years, Cuba’s Fidel Castro Ruz continues to write articles and commentaries about current affairs. These “Reflections of Fidel” are published in Spanish but usually appear a few days later in English.]

The following commentary was translated by Granma International, Havana, citing “CubaDebate” as the Spanish source.

What would Einstein say?
©  Fidel Castro Ruz
Source:  Granma Int’l
January 7, 2011

IN a Reflection published on August 25, 2010, under the title “The opinion of an expert,” I mentioned a totally unprecedented activity on the part of the United States and its allies which, in my view, underlined the risk of a conflict of a nuclear nature with Iran. I made reference to a long article by the well-known journalist Jeffrey Goldberg, published in The Atlantic Monthly, a U.S. magazine, datelined September of that year, titled “The Point of No Return.”

Goldberg was not anti-Israel, but on the contrary an admirer of Israel, whose citizenship he shares with that of the United States, and did his military service in the former country.

In the initial part of his article he wrote, textually: “It is possible, as well, that ‘foiling operations’ conducted by the intelligence agencies of Israel, the United States, Great Britain, and other Western powers (programs designed to subvert the Iranian nuclear effort through sabotage and, on occasion, the carefully engineered disappearances of nuclear scientists) will have hindered Iran’s progress in some significant way.”

The parentheses are his as well.

After mentioning that enigmatic phrase, I proceeded with an analysis of that Gordian knot of international politics which could lead to the war so much feared by Einstein. What would he say if he had known about the “foiling operations” aimed at the physical disappearance of the most capable nuclear scientists?

Perhaps because it seemed absurd and incredible, I didn’t pay it too much attention, but on reading some months later the recent exposés of the government of Iran, as well as news and opinions from well-informed people, that paragraph came forcefully back to my mind.

Four weeks before the end of 2010, an AFP cable reported:

Iranian nuclear scientist murdered
Tehran accuses USA and Israel of being behind double bomb attacks.
AFP, November 30, 2010

‘The hand of Western governments and the Zionist regime is involved in the assassination.’ Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was in no doubt at the point of discovering those responsible for the double attack on nuclear experts perpetrated in the early hours yesterday in Tehran. Majid Shahriar, a professor at the Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran and a member of the Nuclear Society of Iran, was killed and his wife wounded in an explosion a few meters from their home. His colleague, Fereidoun Abbasi, a laser physics specialist at the same university, and his wife were wounded in an attack with similar characteristics. Although Abbasi’s death was announced in the media, the Mehr agency finally confirmed that his life had been saved. According to the Fars agency, ‘unknown terrorists’ on motorcycles had attached magnetized bombs to their cars.

Members of the Ahmadinejad executive, such as Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar, directly accused the CIA and Mossad – U.S. and Israeli intelligence services respectively – of being behind these acts, which would seem to be a fresh blow to the country’s nuclear program on the threshold of a new round of talks with members of the 5+1…

With yesterday’s attack, three Iranian scientists have now been murdered since 2007. Doctor Masoud Ali Mohammadi lost his life in Tehran last January in a bomb blast outside his home, a death that has not been clarified by the authorities, which also accused Western intelligence agencies of attempting to abort what they consider a right, their nuclear program for civilian purposes. The first victim in the heart of the scientific community was Ardeshir Hosseinpur, who died in strange circumstances in 2007 at the Isfahan nuclear plant.

I do not recall any other moment in history in which the assassination of scientists became the official policy of a group of powers equipped with nuclear weapons. The worst is that, in the case of Iran, they are implementing it in a Muslim nation, with which, while they can compete and surpass it in technology, they could never do so in a terrain where, on account of cultural and religious matters, it could surpass them many times over in terms of its citizens’ disposition to die at any moment if Iran should decide to apply the same absurd and criminal formula to its adversaries’ professionals.

There are other serious events related to the butchery of scientists, organized by Israel, the United States, Britain and other powers against Iranian scientists, details of which the corporate media is not informing world opinion.

An article by Christian Elia published on the Rebelíon website on August 25, 2010, communicates the following:

An explosion killed the father of Iran’s drone aircraft, but he is merely the latest scientist to have lost his life in the country.

Finding a photo of Reza Baruni on the Internet is mission impossible. However, in the last two days, his name has been at the center of a mystery with many international aspects…

The only known fact is that Iranian aeronautical engineer Reza Baruni is dead. All the rest is shrouded in total mystery. Baruni is considered by all analysts in the industry to be the father of the […] Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) of the Islamic republic. His house was blown up on August 1, 2010.

On August 17, 2010, Debka (very close to Israeli intelligence) published the news of Baruni’s death and announced its conclusions: the Iranian engineer’s home flew through the air as a result of the detonation of three highly powerful explosive devices. Baruni was murdered.

But the murkiest episode, on the other hand, is that of the death of Masoud Ali Mohammadi, a nuclear physics professor at the University of Tehran, killed on January 11, 2010 in the Iranian capital. Professor Ali Mohammadi died in a remote controlled car bomb attack when he left his house to go to work…

An article published on the CubaDebate website states:

Israel admits responsibility for death of Iranian nuclear scientist last week

The Israeli secret service, Mossad, has claimed responsibility for the assassination last week of Majid Shahriar and the wounding of another physicist in Iran, according to sources linked to Mossad itself, in an operation carried out in Tehran. ‘It is the latest operation of the chief of Mossad,’ as heads of Israeli secret services meeting at their headquarters in Geliot, north of Tel Aviv, confirmed with satisfaction.

Gordon Thomas, a British expert on Mossad, confirmed to the U.K. Sunday Telegraph that Israel was behind the double operation to hinder Tehran’s nuclear program.

Thomas affirms that all attacks carried out in recent years against individuals linked to Iran’s nuclear program were organized by the Kidon (bayonet) unit.

According to the Hebrew Yediot Aharonot daily, Kidon comprises 38 agents, including five women, all aged from 20 to 30, who speak different languages, including Farsi, and travel to Iran with fake identities. Their base is in the Neguev desert.

In the times of the Diaspora, the world’s left was in solidarity with the Israeli people. Persecuted on account of their ethnicity and religion, many of them fought in the ranks of revolutionary parties. The peoples condemned the extermination camps which the European and world bourgeoisie attempted to ignore.

Today, the leaders of the state of Israel are practicing genocide and are associated with the most reactionary forces on the planet.

Still to be clarified is the alliance that the leaders of that state sustained with the odious South Africa of apartheid, to which, in complicity with the United States, it supplied the technology to develop nuclear weapons destined to strike the Cuban troops who, in 1975, confronted the invasion of racist South Africa, whose contempt for and hatred of the African peoples was in no way distinguishable from the ideology of the Nazis who murdered millions of Jews, Russians, Romany peoples and other European nationalities in the extermination camps of Europe.

If it had not been for the Iranian revolution – which, lacking weapons swept aside the best equipped ally of the United States on the southern flank of the Soviet superpower – today, the Shah of Iran, supplied with nuclear weapons, not Israel, would be the principal bulwark of the yankee empire and of NATO in that highly strategic region, immensely rich in oil and gas for the secure provision of the most developed countries of the planet.

It is an almost inexhaustible subject.

Fidel Castro Ruz
January 6, 2011
8:16 p.m.


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“Israeli Spying Network” Uncovered in Egypt Days Before Church Blast

January 1, 2011 Comments off

The following commentary is reprinted with permission from Veterans Today.

“Israeli Spying Network” Uncovered in Egypt Days Before Church Blast
©  Dr. Ashraf Ezzat
Source:  Veterans Today
January 1, 2011

*  People in Egypt don’t have to waste their time suspecting and accusing al Qaeda,.. Egyptians know better,.. they know that al Qaeda is a joke,.. they only point the finger at Israel, the one implacable enemy who happened to be the conspirator behind destabilizing Iraq and the whole region.

What kind of images come to your mind whenever Egypt is mentioned? To a lot of people Egypt is automatically associated with the pyramids, the river Nile and the historical monuments of the great pharaohs. But modern Egypt is a lot more than just a world tourist attraction. Egypt besides the long history and culture is one of the leading nations in regard to liberation from European colonialism; the Egyptian revolution in 1952 was an inspiration to a lot of liberation movements in Africa and the Middle East.

During the era of the cold war, Egypt — with India and former Yugoslavia — initiated the non alignment movement (NAM) an intergovernmental organization of states considering themselves not aligned formally with or against any major power bloc. But the enthusiastic call for pan-Arabism was and still is — one of the most important political projects Egypt had adopted and advocated during the 1960s. The idea of an Arabic union with economic, political and military collaboration is a dream all Arab peoples long for but on the other hand this project of Arabic unity is deemed a potential and clear danger to a small country in the Middle East namely, Israel.

The Egyptian policy kept changing according to the local and international variables throughout the years. Egypt transformed from a constitutional monarchy at the first half of the twentieth century, to a socialist republic during the 1950-60s and now to a state with a free market economy. Egyptians changed in so many ways, socially and economically that is, throughout the last 60 years. Egyptians vary in their political perspectives; they might as well disagree on a wide range of public issues but all Egyptians agree on one indisputable fact concerning their national security, they all view Israel as the permanent and implacable enemy.

Sometimes people get so wrapped up nowadays in news and conflicts they nearly forgot what happened during the last 60 years.

Egyptian-Israeli military conflict

From day one to its foundation, Egypt knew very well that Israel is a real threat to its eastern strategic borders and to the whole area as well. Egypt knew that the newly implanted Zionist regime was mainly aiming to expand by illegally grabbing more of the Arabic land.

So the Arab-Israeli conflict began as an Egyptian-Israeli military confrontation for the simple fact that Egypt was the strongest and the leading nation of the Arab world not to mention that it shared borders with Israel and Palestine.

From 1948 till 1973 Egypt got into 4 wars with Israel:

·  Palestine war, the brutal Israeli occupation of Palestine (Nakba) 1948.

·  The Suez war (tripartite aggression) was a war fought by Britain, France, and Israel against Egypt beginning on 29 October 1956.

·  The six-day war in June 1967, a sneaky Israeli attack that left part of the Egyptian land-Sinai peninsula- occupied by Israel.

·  October war 1973, in which the Egyptian military managed to retaliate against the humiliation of the June war and proudly put an end to the Israeli military invincibility and complacency.

The late president Anwar El Sadat of Egypt signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1979 -– Camp David accords — thus making Egypt the first ever Arabic nation to officially recognize Israel as a sovereign state in the Middle East and amidst the Arab world. That was a political dream Israel had been begging for through official political channels and backstage diplomacy as well.

The Camp David accords gave Israel what she wanted, Israel enjoyed peace on the long congested Egyptian front and she even enjoyed bilateral political, economical and agricultural exchange with Egypt. Israel even managed to sign a deal that allowed Egypt to supply Israel with all its needs of the natural gas through pipelines — extending all the way from Egypt to Israeli territories — which the Israeli officials called “peace pipelines”.

Israel used natural gas to replace fuel oil that powers its three major electric plants that run its military facilities in the country as well.

Frozen peace

One thing kept this peace treaty from being fully activated, namely the reluctance of the masses of Egyptian people to accept it, so the normalization of the bilateral relations remained virtually frozen till this very day.

The Camp David accord was an Egyptian political decision not a public one, consequently it remained as such. The policy makers in both countries exchanged ambassadors and delegations and often held meetings but the ice was never broken amongst Egyptians and Israelis.

Throughout the last 30 years since the signing of the Camp David accords not one Egyptian journalist or artist or writer or even a college student or a professor dared — voluntarily that is — to visit or participate at any international event where Israel is an active participant.

Even more, all Israeli cultural activities, artists and products are banned from collaborating or participating at any Egyptian events like cinema and musical festivals. Israeli literature and books are banned in Egypt. This antagonist attitude is something the Israelis always complained about and tried to bring about any change to it.

For the Egyptians and most of the Arabs there was nothing peculiar about their refusal to normalize the relations with the Israelis on the cultural level for they cannot shake hands with settlers who occupied the Arabic land by brutal force. They cannot forget 60 long years of military massacres and political deception. They cannot turn a blind eye to the ongoing genocide in Palestine. They cannot forget the long history of bloodshed and grabbed land. And most of all they cannot get over the deeply embedded into the collective Arabic psyche belief that Israel is never to be trusted.

Another Israeli spy network uncovered inciting sectarian violence between Muslims & Christians in Egypt

Lately, Egypt has uncovered a spy ring that included two Israelis and an Egyptian businessman suspected of collecting info on telecoms companies, and once again the days proved that 350 million people in the Arab world can’t be wrong about distrusting Israel.

The Egyptian general prosecutor ordered the transfer of three accused persons, who included two Israeli fugitives and one detained Egyptian Tarek Abdel Aziz, to be sent for trial before the emergency state security supreme criminal court on January 15th on the charges of spying for Israel and harming the country’s national interests.

The investigations with the suspected Israeli spy revealed a lot of surprising findings:

·  The Egypt-based Israeli ring had links with other Israeli espionage networks operating in Syria and Lebanon.

·  The Mossad was conducting covert surveillance of the phone calls of top Egyptian officials.

·  Israel — in the post-Camp David era — is targeting the stability of Egypt by inciting the sectarian violence between Muslims and Christians in Egypt – …as a matter of fact, as I was editing this post a car bomb exploded in front of a churh in Alexndria (St. Mary & St. Peter church) on the New Year’s eve leaving 21 killed and 80 wounded and some of the initial speculations are seriously pointing the finger at an Israeli agenda behind this terrorist attack.

·  Israel was behind the mysterious cut of Egypt’s main internet cable — connecting Egypt to the international network in January, 2008. The cut led to millions of dollars losses to the Egyptian economy especially the tourist sector.

·  The Mossad has recruited another Egyptian spy -– still on the loose — who managed to infiltrate and work with the Islamists groups in Egypt.

Given the aforementioned findings one couldn’t help but to wonder why a nation that is supposed to officially be in peace terms with Egypt would act in such a disgraceful and hostile way.

… The answer to this perplexing question is very simple. Israel never meant peace with Egypt or any other Arabic nation… Israel doesn’t believe in peaceful coexistence, Israel only believes that it has the right to exist and the right to defend itself while denying other neighboring nations the same rights. Israel views its security and future only through destabilizing and dismantling neighboring Arab countries. And in the case of Egypt there is one evil way to destabilize the country and that is through inciting violence between the Egyptian Christians (Copts) and their fellow Muslim citizens.

What is more interesting is that Egyptians were never astounded by the news of the uncovered Israeli spy network. In a way they got used to it, this was the 15th Israeli espionage operation to be uncovered since the signing of the Camp David so-called peace treaty with Israel.

And on the first day of the new year of 2011, after the deadly church blast in Alexandria, most Egyptians are growing more aware of the Israeli conspiracy targetting their national unity. People in Egypt don’t have to waste their time suspecting and accusing al Qaeda,.. Egyptians know better,.. they know that al Qaeda is a joke,.. they only point the finger at Israel, the one implacable enemy who happened to be the conspirator behind destabilizing Iraq and the whole region.

The Egyptian–Israeli peace treaty never changed anything. Israel is still seen as the enemy in the eyes and mind of every Egyptian. Israel is clearly seen by most Arabs as the evil doer in the Middle East.

2010 witnessed a lot of Mossad covert operations in the Middle East, few of those operations were uncovered like the assassination of Palestinian Hamas leader Mahmoud Mabhouh in January in what is known as the Dubai assassination job and the uncovered spy ring based in Egypt in December. The Mossad is certainly one of Israel’s most active and highly acclaimed government agencies that comes next to its defense forces and outside lobbies on the efficiency chart.

Israel might be able to grab more Arabic grounds and incite more violence in the Arabic world by covert operations, military aggression and dirty politics… but at the same time, Israel is practically losing credibility, popularity and most of all tolerability amongst the Arabic people… and those are the very same things that neither lobbying nor intelligence can win them back.


Dr. Ashraf Ezzat is a medical doctor and writer from Alexandria, Egypt. His articles have been published in Egyptian magazines and newspapers. For more articles by Dr. Ashraf Ezzat visit his website at:

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GORDON DUFF: AIPAC Spying, Why Is The FBI Looking The Other Way?

November 23, 2010 Comments off

The following column is reprinted with permission from Gordon Duff, staff writer and Senior Editor at Veterans Today.

AIPAC Spying, Why Is The FBI Looking The Other Way?
©  Gordon Duff
Source:  Veterans Today
November 23, 2010

Has AIPAC Made The FBI The “FBE,” Federal Bureau of Espionage?

AIPAC [American Israel Public Affairs Committee] is a sham. The group has, over the years, destroyed anyone who has tried to have it named what it really is, a dangerous foreign lobby and nest of spies. AIPAC is the most feared organization in Washington and most powerful, above any law. A former employee of AIPAC, Steve Rosen, who AIPAC claims was a spy, more appropriately a “caught” spy, now claims his former employer does nothing but spy.

Rosen stands to get $20 million in his defamation lawsuit against AIPAC. He isn’t without motive but we have also learned that Rosen has considerable documentation of AIPAC receiving and disseminating classified information, received from, well, we have to call them traitors, inside the U.S. government.

He also says the FBI can help him prove it because they have known about it all along.

Jeff Stein, at the Washington Post, reports the following:

Rosen says his actions were common practice at the organization. He said his next move is to show that AIPAC, Washington’s major pro-Israeli lobbying group by far, regularly traffics in sensitive U.S. government information, especially material related to the Middle East.

“I will introduce documentary evidence that AIPAC approved of the receipt of classified information,” he said by e-mail. “Most instances of actual receipt are hard to document, because orally received information rarely comes with classified stamps on it nor records alerts that the information is classified.”

But Rosen said he would produce “statements of AIPAC employees to the FBI, internal documents, deposition statements, public statements and other evidence showing that [the] receipt of classified information by employees other than [himself] … was condoned … for months prior to being condemned in March 2005 after threats from the prosecutors.”

Are we reading this correctly? Not only is Rosen claiming that AIPAC, the organization every American politician, every president bows to on a daily basis, spies against the United States, also on a daily basis, but that the FBI seems to be, well, a part of it?

Funny thing here, OK, not really funny, but what we don’t see asked is WHAT INFORMATION is being stolen? America learned, long ago with the infamous Jonathan Pollard case, that secrets going to Israel end up in the hands of America’s enemies. America’s most vital Cold War defense information, nuclear technology, air defense systems, classified weapons and even NATO defense plans in case of a Soviet invasion of Western Europe, all went to Russia as part of an arrangement between the Soviets and Israel. Pollard is doing life in prison for this.

Now we find the same thing is going on but the new FBI doesn’t arrest Israeli agents like it used to. Why is that?

What We Do Know

We know that a vast spy ring operates in Washington and that Israel is the center of it. We also know that Israel, Turkey, India, Pakistan, China and Russia trade American secrets back and forth like baseball cards. We know that AIPAC is deeply involved in this spying.

We know that AIPAC claims to hold signed letters of unconditional support from 80% of the members of congress, all of whom received campaign contributions arranged by AIPAC, with many elections financed almost entirely by AIPAC, a group involved, according to the Washington Post and Steve Rosen, in spying on the United States with seeming complicity by the FBI itself.

We know that the majority of policy makers in both the Bush and Obama administrations have been AIPAC members, actual citizens of Israel itself and are responsible for formulating and driving the disastrous policies that have brought America to near extinction as a force in the world.

If AIPAC is, as we are told, a spy organization, then can we not safely assume that every national secret goes to AIPAC?

What We Can Safely Surmise, That We Are Not Safe At All

The two biggest enemies the Israeli lobby had in Washington, “had” being the operative term were John and Robert Kennedy.

Both were murdered.

Senator William Fullbright spent his life trying to have AIPAC reined in, classified as a foreign lobby and put under controls he felt were necessary to keep America free. He saw them as that big a threat.

We know that AIPAC members and those allied to AIPAC fill the Pentagon, State Department, SEC, Department of Justice, the Supreme Court and congress. In congress, they control every committee and have power over every action of congress, every policy, every bill and every investigation.

In fact, despite the open admissions of spying, there will be no investigation of any kind, not by the FBI, not by congress, no grand jury, no local prosecutor, no federal judge, nothing will be done.

What does this tell us?

News That Will Never Be Reported

AIPAC has full veto power over any story reported by the mainstream media. Thus, no question about what information was stolen or where it went was asked.

The most important, the most basic questions were turned away from, not just by the press but the authorities tasked with keeping America secure.

There are no treaties of any kind between the United States and Israel. We pay Israel money, they take the money, do as they will and spend much of what we give them to pay Americans into giving them more money.

There is only one organization in the world with a similar ‘rat wheel’ business model and that is the Federal Reserve System and we know what they have done to America.

What we will never know is how America’s security is compromised. We can only trust our lives with Israel, believing they have our best interests at heart and, as they seem to control America’s government, Congress, the White House, law enforcement, our courts, that they will, somehow, do a better job than…


than they have been doing for the past 40 years.


Gordon Duff is a U.S. Marine Vietnam veteran, grunt and 100% disabled vet. He has been a U.N. Diplomat, defense contractor and is a widely published expert on military and defense issues. He is active in the financial industry and is a specialist on global trade. Gordon Duff acts as political and economic advisor to a number of governments in Africa and the Middle East. He is Senior Editor at Veterans Today.


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GORDON DUFF: Are Terrorists Supplying Our Airport Scanners?

November 18, 2010 Comments off

The following column is reprinted with permission from Gordon Duff, staff writer and Senior Editor at Veterans Today.

Are Terrorists Supplying Our Airport Scanners?
©  Gordon Duff
Source:  Veterans Today
November 18, 2010

Profit From Scanner Sales May Have Caused Terror Attack

Two very dubious terror attacks, both seriously discredited, have provided the impetus for 70 American airports to buy scanners. The two attacks trace down to Yemen and an Al Qaeda cell that the government there has openly accused the State of Israel as funding and managing. The most recent attack is now believed to never have happened at all. The infamous “printer bandit” bombings, first aimed at Chicago synagogues, then for “mid air” explosions have been debunked. The government of Dubai says the flights didn’t exist. The government of Britain said there were no explosives and the French suspected they may be nuclear weapons.

Every day, Americans are confronted with videos of children being subjected to intrusive searches of their genital areas, we see the panic and screaming. Airline pilots, some security heads of airlines and pilot associations report the scanners are, not only ineffective but potentially dangerous sources of radiation.

The scanners themselves exist only to provide fully detailed nude videos of all passengers, highly detailed depictions of genital/pubic areas, breasts on women. From a legal standpoint, no TSA employee is authorized to view child pornography, a federal standard that the scanner images clearly qualify as. Federal law prevents even prosecution and defense attorneys in pornography cases from viewing identical images in a closed courtroom. Law enforcement officers subjected to the same images require special screening and are subjected to extensive oversight. This is considered the most distasteful and reprehensible assignment for any police agency and yet, hundreds of thousands of TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) employees are given these tasks.

The best of them will be traumatized. It is one thing for a gynecologist or urologist to stare at genitalia hours each day, quite something else for an airport screener. In 2006, the spokesman for DHS was, himself, arrested for child sex crimes:

WASHINGTON – The Homeland Security Department spokesman, Brian Doyle, was held Wednesday on felony charges of sexually preying on a detective posing as a 14-year-old girl through explicit online conversations. He was quickly suspended without pay from one of the nation’s top crime-fighting agencies.

The arrest of Brian J. Doyle, 55, raised doubts about the ability of an agency responsible for safeguarding the country to ensure the security credentials of its own people. Doyle is accused of 23 felony charges related to sexually graphic conversations with what he thought was a teenage girl, who was in fact an undercover Florida detective. The charges, lodged Tuesday night by the Polk County, Fla., Sheriff’s Department, included 16 counts of sending pornographic movie clips to a minor.

Authorities said Doyle also sent non-sexual photos of himself. They included one of him in Homeland Security headquarters, wearing an agency pin on his lapel and a lanyard that says “TSA,” which stands for the Transportation Security Administration… Homeland Security also oversees an Operation Predator unit, which investigates child predators and pornographers.

The “Crotch Bomber” Fiasco

Nearly a year ago, a Nigerian “refugee,” really the son of a powerful government official with direct ties to both the CIA and Mossad, carried an explosive device onto a plane in Amsterdam, a device he attempted to explode in Detroit.

This incident is the primary rationale for the billions of dollars being spent on scanners. Initially, this incident wasn’t considered enough. Then the “printer bandit” incident, which now appears to only be a series of false newspaper reports, was staged. Both acts are tied to Yemen, a country whose terrorism problems were, even initially, tied to Israel and are now reported by the New York Times as being staged by the government to bilk the United States out of funding to be used for local political infighting between tribes.

There is, in fact, no substantive evidence of the existence of “Al Qaeda” in Yemen, a group that the BBC, has shown was a creation of the CIA and, in fact, has never existed. Video of the Al Qaeda stronghold in Afghanistan where the CIA claimed it stormed the thousand man, 10 level, underground bunkers system, proves conclusively that the entire Al Qaeda-bin Laden myth was created to support government excesses much as the more recent supposed terror attacks now have the American government “terrorizing” travelers.

YouTube – Veterans Today

“Crotch Bomber” Incident Caused By Foreign Ownership Of Airport Security

When the “Crotch Bomber” flew into Schipol Airport in Amsterdam, he was greeted by airport security and walked around customs. Though he had a passport back in Nigeria with an American visa, he wasn’t carrying any passport at all. He should never have been allowed on the plane from Abuja in the first place.

Worse still, employees of the Israeli owned security company that manages this airport along with Detroit and other airports, including all those that the reputed 9/11 hijackers were said to have used, are directly tied directly to Israeli intelligence.

Schipol Airport is one of the most modern and heavily secured in the world. It is equipped with HD video cameras and layers of biometric security capable of, not only facial recognition but particle detection, even at long range. The day the “crotch bomber” came to Schipol, airport security devices were turned off, all video was disabled and, worse still, airport security personnel were witnessed walking a terrorist with a bomb onto an aircraft, seen by two Detroit area attorneys who discussed this incident on, not only the news but the talk show circuit as well.

This utterly bogus “false flag” terrorism incident, an obvious fundraiser for the scanner manufacturers represented by former DHS head, Michael Chertoff, is now being treated as though it actually happened. Have we lost our minds?

A Year Later, What We Have Not Seen

Since America is in a panic over one proven imaginary attack, one simply invented by the news media itself, let’s look at a couple of the things wrong with the Detroit “attack.”

·   The missing video from Schipol Airport, 40 cameras worth, has never been openly reported or discussed. As it is believed to show security personnel openly assisting a terrorist, as was reported by reliable eyewitnesses, this is particularly disturbing. Even more disturbing is the fact that the actual act of boarding the bomb toting terrorist has never been accounted for. One moment, security personnel are telling the airline “we do it all the time” and the next moment, terrorist and bomb are on the plane. What happened?

·   During the flight, a “passenger” was seen filming the terrorist over a long period of time. This “passenger” was arrested in Detroit and taken, in handcuffs, past the sequestered passengers. This person was never arraigned in federal court, in fact there is no record of his arrest or even subsequent release. He is never named. The video of this individual being moved through the airport by the FBI and local police has also been destroyed. Who was this person?

Ionizing Radiation Causes Cancer, Airport Scanners Are Medically Insane

Hospital x-ray rooms are always in basements, rooms are lined with lead and employees are shielded as are patients to the degree possible. When Alexandr Solzhenitsyn wrote his famous work, Cancer Ward, describing hospital employees in a radiology unit dying from the harmful effects of x-rays, the world knew little of the danger. Shoe stores used powerful ionizing radiation on customers’ feet as a matter of routine and dental x-rays were, at that time, more powerful than those we now use to check the welds on the hulls of nuclear submarines. X-rays killed thousands, we will never know how many.

Since that period, technology has improved and levels of radiation have been lowered substantially to what is now considered “relatively safe” levels. However, there are known proven safe levels of ionizing radiation, the kind used in conventional x-rays and the scanner units deployed in 70 airports across the United States. There has also been no safety study regarding the failure to adequately shield multiple radiation sources in an open area nor the effect on TSA employees or those likely to be frequently exposed such as airline personnel.

The initial risks are two fold:

·   Women who are pregnant, particularly those who are in the first trimester and may be unaware they are carrying a fetus that is extremely vulnerable to damage from any level of ionizing radiation

·   Skin cancer has been deemed as a real risk

Paul Joseph Watson writes:

Airport body scanners could lead to an increase in skin cancers according to scientists at Columbia University, who warn that the dose emitted by the naked x-ray devices could be up to 20 times higher than originally estimated, in another clear example of how the scanners are completely illegal, dangerous to public health, and need to be removed immediately.

Dr David Brenner, head of Columbia University’s centre for radiological research, warns that children and people with gene mutations whose bodies are less able to repair damage to their DNA are most at risk.

“If all 800 million people who use airports every year were screened with X-rays then the very small individual risk multiplied by the large number of screened people might imply a potential public health or societal risk. The population risk has the potential to be significant,” said Brenner.

Brenner’s research shows that the scanners will likely contribute to an increase in a common type of skin cancer called basal cell carcinoma which affects the head and neck.

If there are increases in cancers as a result of irradiation of children, they would most likely appear some decades in the future. It would be prudent not to scan the head and neck,” added Brenner.

Lies About Scanner Specification

Several years ago, it was announced that “Al Qaeda” was surgically implanting bombs into humans. The Sun, owned by Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp, parent company of Fox News has reported:

“Female suicide bombers are being fitted with exploding breast implants which are almost impossible to detect, British spies have reportedly discovered. It is believed the doctors have been trained at some of Britain’s leading teaching hospitals before returning to their own countries to perform the surgical procedures. MI5 has also discovered that extremists are inserting the explosives into the buttocks of some male suicide bombers.”

Though these reports have been proven outrageously false, total fabrications, as with the Yemen “printer cartridge” bombs, it is believed that current scanner technology using dangerous ionizing radiation, though at moderately low levels, will be scaled up to respond to this imaginary threat. Levels of radiation then used will represent, particularly in an open terminal setting, a clear and present physical danger to the public, not to mention TSA employees.

Pure Scam

If one were to be honest about the dangers of terrorism, particularly in relation to airport security, these would be my recommendations:

·   Immediately eliminate all foreign ownership and control of companies that control airport security or manufacture, install and service airport security devices

·   Accept that the involvement of security agencies known to be directly involved in terror attacks themselves in profiting from the sale of security devices has, not only brought about an exaggeration of terrorist threats but has actually caused the threats themselves

·   Accept that America’s overreaction to questionable incidents of terrorism has made America a target, not of real terrorists, but of the use of terrorism to push America into surrogate conflicts, such as support of Israeli policies in Gaza or the Tribal conflicts in Yemen.

The billions being spent to endanger and inconvenience air travelers could be better applied toward port security, an area of vulnerability far beyond our air passengers. With billions of dollars of narcotics coming into the United States each month and thousands of undocumented aliens entering the country each week, searching airline passengers to what can only be called obsession, is poorly considered. It is time America reprioritizes its national security.


APA president Captain Bates’ letter in full:

Fellow Pilots,

In response to increased threats to civil aviation around the world, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has implemented the use of Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) body scanners at some airport locations.

While I’m sure that each of us recognizes that the threats to our lives are real, the practice of airport security screening of airline pilots has spun out of control and does nothing to improve national security. It’s long past time that policymakers take the steps necessary to exempt commercial pilots from airport security screening and grant designated pilot access to SIDA utilizing either Crew Pass or biometric identification. As I recently wrote to the TSA Administrator:

“Our pilots are highly motivated partners in the effort to protect our nation’s security, with many of us serving as Federal Flight Deck Officers. We are all keenly aware that we may serve as the last line of defense against another terrorist attack on commercial aviation. Rather than being viewed as potential threats, we should be treated commensurate with the authority and responsibility that we are vested with as professional pilots.”

It is important to note that there are “backscatter” AIT devices now being deployed that produce ionizing radiation, which could be harmful to your health. Airline pilots in the United States already receive higher doses of radiation in their on-the-job environment than nearly every other category of worker in the United States, including nuclear power plant employees. As I also stated in my recent letter to the Administrator of the TSA:

“We are exposed to radiation every day on the job. For example, a typical Atlantic crossing during a solar flare can expose a pilot to radiation equivalent to 100 chest X-rays per hour. Requiring pilots to go through the AIT means additional radiation exposure. I share our pilots’ concerns about this additional radiation exposure and plan to recommend that our pilots refrain from going through the AIT. We already experience significantly higher radiation exposure than most other occupations, and there is mounting evidence of higher-than-average cancer rates as a consequence.”

It’s safe to say that most of the APA leadership shares my view that no pilot at American Airlines should subject themselves to the needless privacy invasion and potential health risks caused by the AIT body scanners. I therefore recommend that the pilots of American Airlines consider the following guidelines:

Use designated crew lines if available.

Politely decline AIT exposure and request alternative screening.

There is absolutely no denying that the enhanced pat-down is a demeaning experience. In my view, it is unacceptable to submit to one in public while wearing the uniform of a professional airline pilot. I recommend that all pilots insist that such screening is performed in an out-of-view area to protect their privacy and dignity.

If screening delays your arrival at the cockpit, do not cut corners that jeopardize the safety of the flight. Consummate professionalism and safety are always paramount.

Maintain composure and professionalism at all times and recognize that you are probably being videotaped.

If you feel that you have been treated with less than courtesy, respect and professionalism, please submit an observer report to APA. Please be sure to include the time, date, security checkpoint and name of the TSA employee who performed the screening. Avoid confrontation.

Your APA Board of Directors and National Officers are holding a conference call this week to discuss these issues and further guidance may be forthcoming.

While I cannot promise results tomorrow, I pledge to dedicate APA resources in the days and weeks to come to achieve direct access to SIDA for the pilots of American Airlines. In the meantime, I am confident that you will continue to exhibit your usual utmost professionalism as you safely operate and protect our nation’s air transport system.


Gordon Duff is a U.S. Marine Vietnam veteran, grunt and 100% disabled vet. He has been a U.N. Diplomat, defense contractor and is a widely published expert on military and defense issues. He is active in the financial industry and is a specialist on global trade. Gordon Duff acts as political and economic advisor to a number of governments in Africa and the Middle East. He is Senior Editor at Veterans Today.


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GORDON DUFF: Bombs, Terrorism And Manure

October 31, 2010 Comments off

Blogmaster note:  The Daily Telegraph (U.K.) published an interesting article that lends support to Gordon’s position. (I’ll bet you didn’t read this in your local paper):

Cargo plane bomb plot: Yemen doubts its link to the plot
Telegraph, 30 Oct 2010
[Excerpt:] – The government of Yemen has expressed astonishment at the cargo plane bomb plots, claiming there were no UPS cargo planes that had taken off from Yemen.


The following column is reprinted with permission from Gordon Duff, staff writer and Senior Editor at Veterans Today.

Bombs, Terrorism And Manure
©  Gordon Duff
Source:  Veterans Today
October 31, 2010

“Is That A Bomb In Your Pants Or Are You Just Glad To See Me?”

“Worse still, the ‘terrorists’ father, described by the press as a ‘Muslim banker’ turned out to be a partner in an Israeli managed defense company and a close friend of the CIA.”

“Never was America, its freedoms and security less free and less secure as when Michael Chertoff was watching over us.”

Last week, we were told courier services were carrying powerful and undetectable bombs, sent from Yemen, mailed to “Chicago synagogues” to strike out at America’s Jewish population just before the elections. This would seem like a credible terrorist act if it were not for a few things:

·  Recent “debunked” terror threats, Adam “Perlman” Gadahn, the actor playing “American Taliban” and the long dead Osama bin Laden had both issued terror alerts that had, as usual, made no reference to Israel or Palestinians. This time, the press noticed and Israel became suspect number one as to the real origin of these threats.

·  Wikileaks has also been “outed” as a source unique in its protection of Israel and its interests. Reports have been proven to be, not only altered or falsified, but carefully filtered using PROMIS software, proving high level government complicity in filtering and fabricating data. Today, Israel announced that Wikileaks proves they were singled out by the U.N. for investigation for atrocities in Gaza as proven by the Goldstone Report. They now ask for a similar investigation of the United States, a nation they used to consider an ally, the nation that underwrites their economy with massive economic aid.

·  Newspaper reports, so often horribly unreliable, have universally misrepresented the nature of the explosive used, PETN, its detectability and function. This is not a minor thing, not at all. Literally hundreds of reporters were fed information easily disproven in Wikipedia.

We have seen it all before. Last Christmas, the “Crotch Bomber” was another “PETN/Yemen” terror fiasco. Press stories blamed Al Qaeda and were ready to build this into a new 9/11 except that reliable witnesses, Detroit area attorneys, saw the terrorist, no passport, no visa, escorted onto the plane. Before that, newspapers said the bomber had a diplomatic passport, a visa and had “evaded” security.

Bush And Chertoff

“Security” put him on the plane, security employed by a company whose management and employees are largely IDF and Mossad and whose owners are Israeli.

Worse still, the “terrorist’s” father, described by the press as a “Muslim banker” turned out to be a partner in an Israeli managed defense company and a close friend of the CIA.

Now we have the arrest, today, of a young woman in Yemen, one with no ties to extremist organizations or terrorism. When this story is “peeled away,” beneath the “spin,” where will it go? The problem is, every story is “spin” and has to be discarded. What does this tell us?

(VIDEO) Explosives::  Obama Says Yes, BBC Says No… Here We Go Again
YouTube – Veterans Today

Bomb Detection Mythology

Every newspaper in the country has reported that PETN, Pentaerythritol tetranitrate, is “undetectable.” Look at the word. See the part that says “nitrate”? Most common explosives are nitrates and there is nothing the least bit difficult about finding them. The game is simple. We now have to put a useless $5 million dollar “Michael Chertoff” package scanner in every post office in America to find explosives easily detected by 1970s technology. This is the heart of mythology and the racketeers that run, not only “counter-terrorism” but may well in fact run “terrorism” as well.

30 years ago, I was talking with my good friend Leo Crampsey about portable explosive detectors. Those of you who know Leo, know him as the “last man” up the ladder in 1975, last American to leave the embassy in Saigon as South Vietnam fell to the communists.

“In a role symbolic of its mission (the Diplomatic Security Service), one of the last people in the final helicopter to evacuate the U.S. Embassy during the fall of Saigon in 1975 was Leo Crampsey, Diplomatic Security’s regional security officer, according to the State Department.”

We had gotten a new British model, one extremely effective at detecting nitrate based explosives like PETN. It was very portable, rechargeable battery, and a good application for use by the Bureau of Diplomatic Security. Letter bombs had become a big issue and inspecting mail received by the president while traveling became the first application.

This much can probably be said, considering the years that have passed. Suffice it to say, I have been around these technologies and “counter-terrorism” for awhile and recognize the smell of “manure” in today’s press stories.

“Counter-terrorism” was a science long before 9/11 and the people of the United States had been looked after quite effectively for some time, before terrorism became an industry onto itself.


PETN is interesting stuff. It is actually a heart drug. There are more than a few ways to detect it, certainly those airport swabs can pick it up, sniffers and the newer scanners. It doesn’t hold together well so you can’t shape it as with other explosives unless you mix it with something else. It also requires a trigger of some kind, another explosive device, something that makes it even easier to detect. Ah, but the press doesn’t care about any of this, they are willing to fabricate stories about the new “magic” undetectable explosive, one that requires that airports, post offices, courier companies, all buy new inspection equipment.

Former head of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, represents many of the companies that make this extremely expensive equipment. Do we want to say who owns these companies? This, and a few things about Chertoff leap out at us in a second. Never was America, its freedoms and security less free and less secure as when Michael Chertoff was watching over us.

The smell we get is “false flag.”

How Big Is The Threat Of False Flag Terrorists?

“False Flag” means “terror for profit.” One thing the “9/11 Truth” movement never looks at is the money trail. Who profited from 9/11? So often the ideas about terrorism, the ones sold by the media, seem a bit thin.

“You hate America because of what? You’re kidding!”

Terrorism is 90% industry and 10% “crazy Arab extremists.” When we are told to believe a “cover story” about a terrorist attack, we are asked to discount the very well established fact that intelligence agencies are all, in reality, the real terrorist organization. They do the assassinations, the bombings and certainly are the ones who get the crazy and too often childish threats spread across the media. Terrorism is how they work. They do two things, they get information and they influence events.


This means bribe, this means blackmail but mostly it means murder, terrorism and lots and lots of doing things to blame on someone else. This, in fact, is the very heart of most intelligence agency activities and always has been. Then why does our media pretend none of this is what we know it to be when half the TV shows, books and movies we see talk about little else. Try getting a job with the Mossad or CIA if you can’t speak Arabic or look like a “cardboard cutout” terrorist.

When two idiots in Kansas City want to blow something up, probably because they have seen it done on TV so many times or just got their orders from, yes that long dead Osama bin Laden, orders relayed to them by ABC News, the “help” they get, where do you think it comes from? Look at Oklahoma City. Without delving into conspiracy theory, nothing added up there. Every terror attack since has had some kind of cover-up involved or as Colonel Shaffer calls it, “whitewash.”

Who Profits From False Flag Terror?

The first thing to come to mind is, of course, scaring the public to stop looking at their own government, its mismanagement, the massive corruption and the foreign influence that many say makes America seem more and more like a “colony.” The invasion of Iraq had some very interesting aspects to it, too many to count but these are worth looking at:

·  The phony intelligence created to justify the attack on Iraq was created prior to 9/11 but was written as an answer to 9/11. Are there really psychics?

·  The invasion of Iraq, in answer to 9/11 2001, was planned as early as 1999 or before, by people who weren’t even in government yet. Are there really psychics?

Look at Iraq alone. Haliburton Corporation, an oil tool company once headed by Dick Cheney began selling food, water, in fact everything imaginable to the U.S. government on “no bid” and “cost-plus” contracts with no oversight whatsoever. Dirty water, electrocuted troops, unfinished projects, massive overruns and worse were the result, that and endless billions “misplaced.” Bush political insiders formed companies overnight and were awarded contracts for everything imaginable, in reality, funding political “dirty tricks” and election rigging in the U.S. at the same time, the same way the drug profits from Afghanistan are being laundered back into congressional campaigns for the upcoming 2010 election.

Our ill planned invasion, now termed a “war crime” by almost everyone, turned into an insurgency, then a civil war and finally a total disaster for the United States, leaving Iraq unstable and believed by many under the total control of Iran.

If anyone can find a “war aim” other than stealing money from America and oil from Iraq, please let me know.

The Danger Of Press Complicity

When Israel attacked the Mavi Marmara in international waters, executing 9 humanitarian activists and then “photo-shopped” video for the press, piracy and terrorism by a government have never been as obvious. When Israel demonstrated its stranglehold on the press, suppressing news stories quite openly, it signaled to the world that we live under a real terror threat that has nothing to do with Islam or extremism.

Abuses like this, the news media totally discredited, only embolden profiteers who would use terror as a daily business practice. Yes, terrorism is nothing but a way of drumming up business, selling body scanners, bulldozers to knock down homes, drones to bomb weddings and funerals, endless “think tanks” and “consultants” who all do nothing but misdirect, misinform, mislead and, in reality, betray.

Terrorism is organized crime in its purist form, managed from Wall Street and New York, perhaps Washington, London and Tel Aviv also, maybe more so.

With the news, our military, the intelligence agencies, the drug cartels, big oil and defense all inexorably tied together financially, an endless “revolving door,” defended by a totally complicit and equally guilty press, terrorism can be expected to remain the only growth industry in the world. Thus, the only safe investment in America today…terrorism.


Gordon Duff is a U.S. Marine Vietnam veteran, grunt and 100% disabled vet. He has been a U.N. Diplomat, defense contractor and is a widely published expert on military and defense issues. He is active in the financial industry and is a specialist on global trade. Gordon Duff acts as political and economic advisor to a number of governments in Africa and the Middle East. He is Senior Editor at Veterans Today.

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Turkish Intelligence Organization breaks ties with Mossad

October 26, 2010 Comments off

The following article is reprinted with permission from, Yerevan, Armenia.

Turkish Intelligence Organization breaks ties with Mossad
October 26, 2010  18:08

The Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MIT) decided to break all ties with the Israeli Mossad. However, the Israeli authorities refused to confirm or deny this information so far, the Turkish newspaper Sabah reports.

Israeli media reported that intelligence cooperation with Turkey will cease in June. The reason for such suspicion was the appointment of the head of intelligence organization Hakan Fidan, who is one of the main political allies of the Islamist Prime Minister Erdogan and main conductor of the pro-Iranian supporters in Ankara, said Mignews.

As reported earlier, Turkey has agreed to place American missile defense on the Turkish territory. The Turks demanded that the system was not aimed against Iran (and against Russia, and Syria) and instead was “designed to protect Europe and Turkey”, with no specific definition of the source of threat. In addition, Turkey demanded unrestricted access to all data collected by such a system, and a ban on the transfer of the same data to Israel.


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