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Response of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in Reaction to the UN Report on Civilian and Children’s Casualties in Afghanistan

February 17, 2011

The following statement is an official media release from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban). Reprinted with permission.

Response of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in Reaction to the UN Report on Civilian and Children’s Casualties in Afghanistan
Source:  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
February 17, 2011  16:45

Banki Moon, Secretary General, UNO, has said that 1,795 children have been killed or injured during attacks of Mujahideen and operations of Americans in the past two years. But as usual, he has blamed Mujahideen for the most part of the casualties.

The UNO report also mentions an unsubstantiated incident which was circulated by some colonialism-related media outlets in June last year, claiming that the Taliban had executed a 7 year old boy on charges of spying in Sangin district of Helmand province.

While leveling these charges against the Mujahideen, Banki Moon, has claimed that a reduction has been witnessed in civilian and children casualties during the Americans’ operations. Furthermore, he has applauded the signing of an action plan with the Kabul stooge administration against recruitment of children in army and police.

We strongly condemn the two-faced policy of the UNO which is clear from its above-mentioned assertions. Meanwhile, we support any action aimed at protecting the life of civilians, old men, women and children. We also remind Banki Moon, UN Secretary General that we are followers of an order and a law which was bestowed on humanity as a great gift of the mercy of God through the Holy and beloved Prophet of God Mohammad (peace be upon him) at the occasion of Haj-ul-Widaa 1400 years ago. Then darkness was prevalent all over the world and man hardly knew the word of human rights.

It is a pity that this world body is playing politics now in this 21st century under the name of protection of human rights and distorts facts in order to please Washington. Therefore, to elucidate the matter further, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan wants to present the following points before the UNO and the international community:

1.  Who attacked the wedding ceremony in Dehrawood, Uruzgan: a funeral in Azizabad, Herat; a wedding ceremony in Shinwar, Ningarhar; a shrine’s visitors in Paktika; passengers in Paktia and a congregation of attendees in Zadran? Were they the Taliban or the invading Americans who did this? Haven’t hundreds of children and civilians lost their lives in these gruesome events? Have you raised this issue?

2.  Has the Islamic Emirate not announced its readiness to the world in clear terms that let’s constitute a joint commission to pinpoint the perpetrators and then punish them. Why are you still silent on this issue and are dodging to shoulder the task?

3.  Did not the American National Intelligence Council dropped the existing ground realities in Afghanistan to include them in their revised estimate report which published in December on demand of General Petraeus, fearing it will contradict his claims of success against Taliban and that the Mujahideen were responsible for civilian casualties? Are your remarks not part and parcel of this policy and do not they support this trend?

4.  Isn’t your assertion part of the general policy devised by James Clapper, director of the American National Intelligence, CIA and General Petreaus last year, which emphasizes that American troops’ casualties be reported much less than the actual number and their human rights violations be kept secret from the knowledge of the public? Contrarily, the casualties of Mujahideen should be exaggerated and various blames of human rights violations should be leveled against them. Following this, the criticisms by Human Rights Watch in New York, World Amnesty International and the so-called human rights commission of Afghanistan, leveling charges of civilian and children casualties against Mujahideen are a clear indicator that those entities are working for the American colonialism under the umbrella of protection of human rights.

5.  Why your good self don’t bother to raise the issue of murder of 150 civilians in Kunduz 1.5 years ago who lost their lives as a result of bombardment of American jet fighters? Why do you not condemn the incident? All people are aware of the perpetrators.

6.  The UN report also has pointed to a claim that Taliban executed a seven year old boy in Sangin district of Helmand province in June last year. At that time, the Islamic Emirate sent an investigation team to the area which reported after a complete investigation that no event of that kind had ever happened in the said locality i.e. Sarwan Kalla. Neither had the enemy carried out any operation or bombardment which would have necessitated the arrest of any one on suspicion of spying. Furthermore, we would like to point out that as per the prevailing laws of the Islamic Emirate, no commander or a judge is allowed to execute any one by themselves. Complete investigation and approval of the leadership is a must in such cases. Is this claim not similar to the claim of the Time Magazine which published a picture of a young Afghan girl whose nose had been cut off? The magazine claimed, Taliban had done this but later it was proved that Taliban had no role in the incident. Even the reporter who reported it first says it was a family criminal case. Similarly, the family of the girl says, Taliban are not involved but America politicized the issue for attainment of well-known goals.

7.  During the reign of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the esteemed Amirul Momineen (may Allah protect him) instructed the ministry of defense and home affairs to take action against recruitment of children in their units and contingements and do not use them at the front line of war. These instructions are still operative. But it is a pity and ironic that you signed an agreement with the Kabul Stooge Administration against recruitment of children in the army after the passage of one decade of war in Afghanistan. It raises the question that why you so-called protectors of human rights postponed this crucial issue of human rights for ten years to sign?

8.  The UNO report has also said that Mujahideen should respect the principles of the Geneva Convention about war. We have been urging from the beginning that all parties of the war should abide by the recognized laws of the war. But again which principle of the Geneva Convention allows America to keep thousands of innocent detainees in Bagram, Kandahar and Guantanamo? Which law of human rights says to deprive them of access to self-defense and keep them imprisoned without trial? Have the Special Forces not established brutal cells of detainment in every military base where they brutally torture them and many of them have succumbed to the torture and lost their lives. Did the famous Jihadi personality Moalim Awal Gul not die in Guantanamo this month because of torture? Which human rights law was that to keep him in Guantanamo without trial for the past nine years?

9.  The Afghans are awake now. They can tell the White from the Black. The people witnessed the essence of years of slogans of democracy, women’s and children’s rights, freedom of speech with their own eyes. Repetitions of these slogans only damage you. Put an end to this drama. Leave the land of the Afghans to the Afghans.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


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