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CAUCASUS EMIRATE MEDIA: “Stratfor made a pretty ignorant statement on Moscow airport bombing”

February 9, 2011

The following article is reprinted with permission from Kavkaz Center (KC), Caucasus Emirate (mujahideen) news agency. Originally published under the title listed below, the title was later changed to “KGB active measures: Stratfor made a statement on Moscow airport bombing”.

Stratfor made a pretty ignorant statement on Moscow airport bombing
©  Kavkaz Center
February 9, 2011

The U.S. analytic site STRATFOR published a strange and rather ignorant statement of its analyst Ben West, given as an opinion of editorial by using the word “we”, which Russian propaganda dubbed as “a statement of CIA veterans”.

The news agency RIA-Novosti, which since the Soviet Union was and is a structural division of the KGB/FSB, was the first reported about the “statement of CIA veterans”.

The KGB agents cited several passages from the statement. The full text of it is not present anywhere in Russian propaganda.

A statement on the website Stratfor says:

“At STRATFOR we’re pretty skeptical of this video. We’re not convinced that it necessarily proves that Dokku Umarov did order the Jan. 24 attack even though he claims it.

First of all, Dokku Umarov isn’t really known ([to whom is he not known?] – KC) to work with militants from Ingushetia, he himself has more frequently in the past worked with militants from Chechnya and Dagestan.

He doesn’t necessarily have as close of links to Ingushetia. So the fact the prime suspect in the Jan. 24 bombing is Ingushetian leads us to become skeptical of the connections between Dokku Umarov and the bomber.

Additionally Umarov has made false claims before. Back in 2009 he claimed responsibility for an explosion at a dam in Russia (Stratfor is quite a topic, if they are so “smart” that they did not know it was not about the dam, which no one blew up, but the HPP’s engine room, then after these words of “CIA veterans” on their “state of affairs” could not be read at all. In addition, Dokku Umarov had never done on any statement [about] this topic as Russian lying. There was a written statement by Martyr Brigades Riyad-us-Saliheen – KC).

However we later learned (from the Russian propaganda – KC) that the explosion was due to mechanical failure (what a folly: no explosives in the metal, – KC) and not a terrorist activity. So Umarov does have a reputation (in the disinformation department of KGB – KC) for making false claims so we have to be pretty skeptical of this claim.

STRATFOR’s current assessment of the militant threat for the Northern Caucasus and Russia is that they’ve (i.e., the Mujahideen – KC) split and that individually each district poses a threat, but without Dokku Umarov as its head they don’t have the ability to coordinate these resources and pose a significant threat to Moscow.

But the revelation of this latest video means that STRATFOR is going to have to take a closer look at Umarov and the role he plays in the militant structure in the Northern Caucasus”, concluded the Startfor analyst.

It is to be mentioned in this context that the propagandist agent of the FSB in Finland, Backman, has recently reported to co-worker media in Russia, and [they] printed it, that Dokku Umarov is living in the U.S., so the “Stratfor specialists” may look for him in their country and interview.

And here is how the Russian propaganda concealing his text from readers presents a statement by Ben West:

– CIA veterans doubt that the attack in Domodedovo organized by Dorku Umarov, Gazeta.Ru
– CIA veterans do not believe the statements of Dokku Umarov about the terrorist attack in Domodedovo, GZT.RU
– CIA veterans: Domodedovo was not blown up by Dokku Umarov, Russian News Service
– CIA experts doubt that the terrorist attack in Domodedovo was organized by Umarov, Firstnews
– CIA analysts do not believe that Umarov was involved in the terrorist attack in Domodedovo, TCH.ua
– CIA analysts: Dokku Umarov did not blow up Domodedovo, 178 soobsheniy
– Site STRATFOR, uniting CIA analysts veterans, expressed “dissenting opinion” about the statement of the leader …

– CIA analysts do not believe in Dokku Umarov’s involvement in the terrorist attack in Domodedovo, NEWSru Israel
– CIA doubts that Umarov was behind the Domodedovo attack, Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper
– Militants groups in the North Caucasus are fragmented and do not have a single center…, Echo of Moscow radio

Kavkaz Center has long noted the remarkable transformation of KGB propaganda and related structures in the West supporting the KGB.

A very interesting phenomenon goes. More recently, even a sound of a child’s firecracker was declared “terrorist attack of Chechen (Caucasus) militants”, and now even, if Dokku Umarov himself set fire to the wick of a bomb and recorded it on video, Russian and Western “analysts” unanimously will deny what they see with their own eyes.

By the way, on the eve the Russian Service of Radio Liberty doubted the fact of the very existence of the individual Dokku Umarov. According to one analyst at Radio Liberty, at the last video it is allegedly “not clear whether this is Dokku Umarov, or his double”. In general, Hollywood has a rest, when there are cell phones with cameras in the Caucasus Mountains.

Everything is topsy-turvy in the minds of the Russian political gang elite.

Even a few years ago, after every explosion a “Chechen trace” was immediately tapped in pipelined manner, which led directly to al-Qaeda, but now, after the declaration of a complete victory in Chechnya and the final rising of Russia from the knees, the “Chechen trace” has been put under a categorical ban.

Since Russia and Putin claim to win, “Chechen terrorists” should not exist in nature. And if they are still remaining, then only “in the holes from which they have to be scraped off”.

Naturally, by definition it is impossible to organize the bombing of the Nevsky Express train or subway station “Lubyanka” from the mountain holes under the nose of the FSB. Hence, there is a violent rejection of any hint that the “Chechen terrorists” are capable [of shedding] “Russian blood” in the heartland of “Mother Russia”.

A “Caucasian trace” is also highly undesirable, since it is not leading to al-Qaeda but to a clearer understanding of the fact that “the Chechen war” has long turned into the Caucasus jihad.

And a Jihad in the Caucasus for Russia and its backers in the West is very, very unpleasant thing.

Department of Monitoring
Kavkaz Center


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