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Facebook, a U.S. program to bring down Arab regimes

January 29, 2011

[Blogmaster note:  The Arabic version of this article is longer and includes more information, however I am unable to create an automatic translation link because the URL contains Arabic characters. You can do this yourself by clicking on the Arabic logo below, highlight and copy the URL. Then click here, select “Arabic to English” and paste the URL in the box provided. Click translate. — Steve.]

The following article appeared in the English version of Algerian newspaper Ennahar.

Facebook, a U.S. program to bring down Arab regimes
©  Ennahar
By Ismail Fellah
January 29, 2011

When the Tunisian revolt broke, a few days ago, opinions were divided on the role played by social networking sites including Facebook in this revolution, in exorcising the fear of a regime that understands only the language of force.

The same scenario seems to repeat itself in Egypt and confirms that Facebook has become a formidable weapon that plays an important role in demonstrations against the regimes in many Arab countries.

Apart from the legitimacy of claims and protests in some Arab countries, what becomes certain is that there is an organized campaign, directed by forces that lie behind the curtains, and whose objective is the establishment of American-style democracy after failing to reach a democracy on the armor. [i.e. by using tanks, military force — Inteltrends.]

Let us just remember what happened two years ago, when the British intelligence services had operated in 2008, Facebook to recruit agents and informants in all regions of the world. The British Foreign Minister himself recognized that the services of his country have used Facebook to recruit.


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