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Inteltrends: Burma Report 07-JAN-2011

January 7, 2011

Compiled by Inteltrends.

Large on-shore gas deposit found
DVB, 07 Jan 2011
State media reported on Thursday that the largest on shore discovery of natural gas for 20 years had been made in central Pahtolon, Magwe division. The deposit was estimated by state media to be as much as 909 billion cubic feet of natural gas and 7.16 million barrels of condensate, essentially naturally occurring liquid natural gas. The find was made by a joint venture between Chinese state owned enterprise, Sinopec International Petroleum Corporation (SIPC), a part of SINOPEC, ranked as possessing the 7th largest revenue out of any company in the world by Forbes, and the junta run Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE).

Airport Just Latest Chinese Foray into Burma’s Transport Sector
The Irrawaddy, 07 Jan 2011
A Chinese company, China Communications Construction (CCC), will invest US$100 million toward the construction of an airport near Naypyidaw, the new capital built by Burma’s ruling junta in 2004, in the latest move by China to expand its involvement in the Southeast Asian country’s transport sector.

Did Shan army become militia units because of free car licenses?
S.H.A.N., 07 Jan 2011
According to latest sources coming from the Shan State Army (SSA) ‘North’ areas, some of the SSA brigades that transformed themselves into junta-formed militia units have recently received dozens of car licenses by the ruling military junta.

Burma Army on alert after UAVs invaded its air force
S.H.A.N., 06 Jan 2011
The Air Force of Burma’s ruling military junta has recently given a directive to battalions in Shan State East’s Kengtung township under Triangle Region Command, to arm their weapons to be ready to shoot any type of plane that flies over their army bases, according to sources from Kengtung. The directive followed invasions of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) on the Burma Army’s radar station based in Loi Mwe, 20 miles southeast of Kengtung and 82 miles north of Maesai, Thailand on December 21 at around 11:00 and again on 1 January 2011 in Shan State South’s Namzarng-based air force.

China tightens security after media coverage of its military post on Burma border
Kachin, 06 Jan 2011
In the wake of the media coverage of China constructing a military post and several barracks for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) on its border with Burma, the giant neighbour has initiated stringent checks on cross border travellers.

Norwegian firm Seadrill heads back to Burma
Mizzima, 05 Jan 2011
The Norwegian firm Seadrill will set up its ‘West Juno’ gas drilling rig in Burmese waters to undertake contract work for the Thai oil firm PTT Exploration & Production Company Ltd (PTTEP). The rig will be in Burmese waters for four months.

ALP Fighting at Army Camp on Western Burma Border Kills 4
Narinjara, 05 Jan 2011
The Arakan Liberation Army (ALP), the armed wing of the Arakan Liberation Party, attacked a Burmese army camp in Paletwa Township in southern Chin State on 3 January, 2011, killing four Burmese soldiers, according to an ALP report.


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