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More U.S. intervention in Yemen’s anti-terror plans

December 27, 2010

The following article is reprinted with permission from Yemen Times, Sana’a.

More U.S. intervention in Yemen’s anti-terror plans
©  Yemen Times
By Ali Saeed
December 27, 2010

The Yemeni Ministry of Interior’s announcement on Friday that it will create four new anti-terrorism branches for units in Shabwa, Marib, Hadramout and Abyan is a response to direct pressure from the United States.

Saeed Ubaid, an expert on Al-Qaeda, told the Yemen Times that the U.S. has recently become increasingly demanding on Yemen regarding combating terrorism. He said that this new move by the Yemeni government was in direct response to U.S. pressure on the Yemen government to step-up its efforts against terrorism.

“The increasing demands of the U.S. on Yemen have become like an order and not cooperation,” said Ubaid.

“And that makes us feel that the U.S. wants to fight a proxy war against AQAP.”

Ubaid claims that one of the most recent demands from the U.S. has been for Yemen to provide intelligence information about members of Al-Qaeda, arrested or being held by, the Yemeni government.

He described the expansion of anti-terrorism units to cover the four governorates as “a forward movement”, as long as they can prove efficient, are well equipped and local security leaders in the areas support them.

The Ministry of Interior said that its move aimed to “tighten the noose on terrorists and to paralyze their movements where they hideout”.

“Yemen has never been, and never will be a safe haven for terrorism,” it said.

The ministry claimed the step would advance its confrontation with Al-Qaeda elements to “a closing stage to root them out of Yemen”.

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) claimed responsibility for the recent parcel bomb plot. Packages were sent to the U.S. from Yemen and intercepted in Dubai and London at the end of October.

The four governorates chosen for the new units have witnessed intense clashes between Al-Qaeda elements and Yemen’s security forces, said Saeed.

“Shabwa is the home of Fahd Al-Qasa, listed by the FBI as the third most-wanted terrorist and the U.S. born cleric Anwar Al-Awlaki,” he said.

Lauder city in Abyan governorate, where one of the branches of the counterterrorism unit will be based, was announced as an “Islamic state by Al-Qaeda,” according to Ubaid.

Similarly, Marib, where one of the branches will be established, is also considered a heaven for Al-Qaeda in Yemen, he said.

Hadramout will host the largest of the new bases. A number of the governorate’s local security leaders have been targeted by AQAP in 2009 and 2010, according to the Ministry of Interior. In March 2009, a suicide bomber in Shibam killed four South Korean tourists, which Al-Qaeda later claimed responsibility for.


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