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More than 280 Ethiopian soldiers killed in Ogaden during the past few weeks

December 27, 2010

The following article is reprinted with permission from Ogaden Online. (Map added by Inteltrends.)

More than 280 Ethiopian soldiers killed in Ogaden
©  Ogaden Online
December 26, 2010  22:58

The Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) forces have carried out heavy attacks against Ethiopian troops in Ogaden. Heavy casualties, including deaths and injuries, were inflicted on Ethiopian troops in the attacks, which occurred in various parts of the Ogaden, and military equipment was captured from them.

Our correspondent in the region has reported major battle victories scored by the Ogaden liberation forces over the past few weeks, during which the enemy suffered massively. The Ethiopian army suffered more than 280 soldiers killed, many more wounded and weapons captured, among other losses.

On 22 Dec 2010, Reports received from the Ogaden National Army (ONLA) central command which were corroborated by reliable local, civilian eyewitnesses confirm the success of the ONLA attacks in inflicting heavy losses to the Ethiopian (Woyane) army in Garbo area, specially place called Badhiweynley which is part of Nogob Province.

First reports provided by the ONLA central command indicate the operations undertaken by the Halgan unit which operates in and around the area resulted the death of 110 Ethiopian soldiers including Eight high ranking military officials and the capture of huge caches of military supplies. The supplies included small arms, machine guns, sophisticated military radios, and a large cache of more modern medicines.

Shortly after leaving the garrison, eyewitnesses reported that this unit engaged Ethiopian (Woyane) reinforcements sent from Garbo. It is said that the Ethiopian (Woyane) reinforcements which were not expecting ONLA units in the area where the battle took place sustained major military losses.

Our reporter in Garbo confirmed that many Woyane dead and wounded have been brought to the city.

On the same date, the unflinching ONLA Commandoes forces carried out a well-executed attack on Ethiopian (woyane) troops in Degahbour, killing dozens soldiers and burning two military vehicles. The soldiers were watching TV when ONLA commando raided their base.

On 15 Dec 2010, Ogaden liberation fighters carried out nocturnal attacks on enemy Ethiopian army convoy in near Barajisaale, Qorahay province, destroying two Russian made (Ural) trucks and captured sizable quantities of Ammunition and weaponry. The Ethiopian casualties in these operations are over 80 dead and more than 40 wounded. On the same date, the ONLF forces carried out a heavy rocket propelled grenade attack on enemy troops stationed in one of the military bases in Madhaafaan Village, Shabelle province, killing 13 soldiers and wounding dozens more.

On 12 Dec 2010 forty-seven Ethiopian (Woyane) soldiers were killed and 53 others wounded in a similar attack in Kadiwa, near farmadow, Jarar/Degahbour province.

The fleeing Ethiopian soldiers burned down the Farmadow town. It is reported the soldiers have prevented the town dwellers from saving any valuables from their burning property. As a result many of the town dwellers are reported being destitute and are said to be squatting in the outskirts of the burnt town. Also, Ethiopian soldiers burned three people alive including 71 year old lady and Mentally challenged man.

On 14-12 Dec 2010, a heavy attack was carried out against Ethiopian (Woyane) troops at a place called Gabriile and Fiqi all part of Nogob and Qorahay province. Fourteen soldiers were killed and 20 others wounded in the attack.

There is constant fighting between Ethiopian troops and ONLF forces in the Ogaden region. Human rights organizations accuse the Ethiopian soldiers of violating the human rights by harassing the people in the Ogaden region.


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