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CAUCASUS EMIRATE: Statement of Shamsuddin Batukayev

December 27, 2010

The following article is reprinted with permission from Kavkaz Center (KC), Caucasus Emirate (mujahideen) news agency.

Statement of Shamsuddin Batukayev
©  Kavkaz Center
December 27, 2010  12:56 Emirate time

As previously reported citing a source of KC, the former head of the Sharia Court of the CRI [Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, secessionist government], who lives abroad for many years and who previously held the position of the Wakil (head) of the Caucasus Emirate general mission abroad, Shamsuddin Batukayev, denied [pro-Russian Chechen president] Kadyrov’s legations that he intends to return to Chechnya, and reportedly asked him to prepare the necessary documents.

The Kavkaz Center was given on Monday an official statement by Shamsuddin Batukayev.

Due to the fact that Russian mass media outlets spread the message that I, Shamsuddin Batukayev, has allegedly asked the puppet regime in Chechnya to provide me the documents to return home, I officially declare –

This message is a fabrication from start to finish and first water misinformation that has propaganda purposes.

Obviously, the speculations around my name have nature of political order to obtain specific political dividends before the puppet regime.

I officially state I did not make any appeals – neither to the Russian invaders, nor to the puppet regime in occupied Chechnya.

Shamsuddin Batukayev

Department of Letters
Kavkaz Center


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