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YEMEN: Houthi rebel group holds heavy-weapon maneuver

December 25, 2010

The following article is from Al-Sahwa.net, Yemen.

Houthi rebel group holds heavy-weapon maneuver
©  Sahwa.net
December 25, 2010

The Houthi rebel group held a six-day heavy weapon maneuver last week in the Al-Baydhan area located between Saada and Amran provinces, local sources said.

The sources said the Houthi group used two tanks which were believed to be captured during the sixth war with the Yemeni military.

The Houthi rebel group in Saada has threatened to fiercely respond to what it called a “brutal massacre” committed by the authorities against its detainees imprisoned in the Political Security prison in Saada.

The group strongly warned the authorities of targeting its followers, pointing out that it would not remain silent toward such torture and mistreatment.

It further said it prepares its own plans to release its detainees by its own means, holding the authorities responsible for any consequences to the accident.

The official spokesman of the group Mohammad Abdul-Salam said that the Houthi detainees were subject to brutal torture, demanding to investigate theses acts.


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