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Kurdish HPG media release 21-DEC-2010

December 21, 2010

[Blogmaster note: The HPG (People’s Defence Force) referred to in this statement is the military wing of the Kurdish KCK currently engaged in operations against Turkish forces.]

The following is an official media release from HPG.

Second Retaliation Action By Our Guerrillas
Source:  HPG
Tuesday, 21 December 2010  19:59

To The Press And Public

On 18th of December, at 17:00 hours, our guerrillas carried a retaliation action for commemoration of our martered guerrillas named Bedran and Fikri against three military vehicles, which were travelling from the Zewe army station/Basa (Guclukonak)/Sirnak to Cizre. As a result of this action, a scorpion type military vehicle has been completely destroyed. We couldn’t be able to get details on the number of dead and/or wounded soldiers.

Afterwards of the action, the Turkish state army bombarded the area with obus and mortars with no aims and then launched a military operation in the morning of 19th December. The military operation continued under the support of Cobra attack helicopters’ bombardments until the night hours of the same day. Operation pulled back on the same day with no results.

The Press Liaison Center – HPG


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