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Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: Pentagon’s frustration and Obama’s Expectations during the Night Stopover

December 13, 2010

The following commentary is an official media release from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban). Reprinted with permission.

Pentagon’s frustration and Obama’s Expectations during the Night Stopover
Source:  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
December 13, 2010  06:25

American president Obama made a 4-hour long stopover at the Bagram air base during a clandestine trip to Afghanistan and fatuously assured himself that the American forces would make advancement in Afghanistan and turn the tide against the Taliban. He said, the American forces would achieve the objectives for which they have come here.

American President Obama is making these assertions in a time that the Pentagon in a recent report to the American Congress has said that their current military operations against Taliban and the goal of bolstering the Kabul regime is falling short of its timeframe. Nor is there any vista of hope in the coming days to turn the table.

A number of experts, viewing he recent brief trip of Obama to Afghanistan, have opined that Obama is facing a poor image dilemma as per the popular surveys conducted among the American public as a result of the war in Afghanistan. So he extended the war by committing a troops surge through sending tens of thousands of new troops. Rationally, he should have put an end to the illegitimate Bush’s war and ended the legacy of his stubborness.

The Americans are witnessing that the war in Afghanistan is nearing its end with the defeat and historical disgrace of America and that the Taliban are gaining strength with the passage of time, so their resentments against Obama are constantly on the rise.

The people’s disenchantment with Obama came to the open during the recent Americans election which culminated into a smashing defeat to the democrats who belong to Obama’s party.

A French political analyst Bruno Bunfa, in an interview to the media, said that the hasty trip of Obama to Afghanistan reflects the jitteriness of the American president because the war in Afghanistan needs more expenditure while the American people are not ready to carry out the heavy weight of taxes and other financial restraints. He says, the former Soviet Union fought the war in Afghanistan for one decade to achieve their goals but achieved nothing. Obama and the Americans should not continue their policy of repression and coercion and showdown of forces in a country which is known for not having ever been governed through force and oppression.

The Americans and the Kabul regime rulers say that there were technical and security problems that the American president Obama nether held a press conference nor met any official of the Kabul regime, returning home during the stillness of the night. However, analysts believe that Obama had no guts to confront the public of the world and the Afghans and justify the rationale behind the prolongation of the Afghanistan war or at least, talk about a credible strategy about continuation of the occupation of Afghanistan. It is because the surge, the bombardment, the detainment of the officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and the initiation of spurious efforts for peace have all went awry. The conspiracies have failed and the schemes simply boomeranged.


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