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New York Times tells about a large-scale fraud with ‘negotiations’ with Taliban

November 25, 2010

[Blogmaster note:  I inserted a direct link to the NY Times commentary in the following article (the original text used a Russian translation). I also added a link for an official Taliban statement that supports the author’s position.]

The following article is reprinted with permission from Kavkaz Center, Caucasus Emirate (mujahideen) news agency.

New York Times tells about a large-scale fraud with ‘negotiations’ with Taliban
©  Kavkaz Center
November 25, 2010  12:07 Emirate time

The New York Times disclosed some details of a scandalous fraud with so-called “negotiations” with the Taliban, which the Western propaganda have periodically been reported on for many months.

Despite the fact that the Taliban routinely deny these reports [see link, Inteltrends], the Western media, mostly British, continue to report about certain meetings, contacts and exchanges of views between Karzai and the Taliban.

As the New York Times learned, the reports on negotiations with the Taliban did not appear out of nowhere. The contacts and meetings were indeed occurred, but it is just where the problem comes from.

“It turns out that Afghan and NATO leaders have been negotiating for months with an imposter pretending to be a top Taliban commander – even as Gen. David Petraeus was assuring reporters that there were promising overtures to Hamid Karzai from the Taliban about ending the war”, New York Times writes.

But that’s not all. The impostor did not appear by itself.

The New York Times said: “Those familiar with the greatest Afghan con yet say that the British had spent a year developing the fake Taliban leader as a source and, despite a heated debate and C.I.A. skepticism, General Petraeus was buying into it. The West was putting planes and assets at the poseur’s disposal, and paying him a sum in the low six figures”.

“It’s funny but not funny because the consequences are so staggering,” said a Western diplomat. “Put it this way: It was not well handled”, The New York Times quotes the diplomat and complains:

“And we wonder why we haven’t found Osama bin Laden. Though we’re pouring billions into intelligence in Afghanistan, we can’t even tell the difference between a no-name faker and a senior member of the Taliban. The tragedy of Afghanistan has descended into farce”.

“America is stomping around the moonscape of Afghanistan trying to do the right thing, but we can’t because we’re clueless about the culture to the point where we can be faked out by an imposter masquerading as Mullah Akhtar Muhammad Mansour, a high-level Taliban commander”.

As Dexter Filkins and Carlotta Gall revealed in The New York Times on Tuesday, the Afghan faker attended three meetings with NATO and Afghan officials, traveling across the border from Pakistan.

The New York Times further writes:

“Bizarrely, the Afghans (Karzai puppets – KC) let the fake Mansour retreat over the border. In a further huge embarrassment for the Western intelligence community, he was not held to determine whether he was a Taliban agent.

Nor is this the only confusion about our war. We also can’t seem to get the calendar straight. First, we were leaving in 2011. Then maybe we weren’t. Then we weren’t leaving until 2014. Then maybe we aren’t”, The New York Times writes.

Meanwhile, the situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating (for U.S. and NATO) with each passing day. The occupation command recognized the level of military activity has increased by 3 times.

The authors of the report of the U.S. Department of Defense to Congress recorded the highest level of military activity of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan, as well as growth anti-occupation sentiment among Afghans.

According to the report, the level of military activity in the country and the number of attacks increased by 300% compared with 2007, Sky News reported. This figure includes the number of clashes, attacks on ground and air targets, went off or found explosive devices and so on.

The study also recorded the number of Afghans who oppose the occupation presence in the country is at its highest since 2008.

The results of the report were made public just a few days after a NATO spokesman in Afghanistan Mark Sedwill said that children are safer in Kabul than they would be in London, New York or Glasgow or many other cities.

NATO countries agreed to gradually transfer responsibility for the situation in the country to Karzai puppets since 2011. The complete transfer of control of the situation is planned for 2014.

However, the commander of the occupation NATO forces led by the U.S. in Afghanistan, U.S. Gen. David Petraeus said we should not hope for a speedy withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan.

Petraeus said that he hoped that the same forces that planned to reduce, would partly be relocated to other areas of Afghanistan, where (in the jargon of invaders), “the situation is still difficult”.

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