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Fugitive KGB Lt. Col. warns West about serious Russian threat

November 23, 2010

The following article is reprinted with permission from Kavkaz Center, Caucasus Emirate (mujahideen) news agency.

Fugitive KGB Lt. Col. warns West about serious Russian threat
©  Kavkaz Center
Publication time:  23 November 2010, 16:28

An American specialist on Russia, Jeffrey Nyquist, author of the book Origins of the Fourth World War, said on the website Financial Sense Online that he spoke with fugitive KGB Lt. Col. Viktor Kalashnikov, who is now living in Germany.

Kalashnikov pointed out that he has recently visited the German Ministry of Defense and was surprised upon misconceptions about Russia. According to him, NATO generals still think in terms of the Cold War with the European theater of operations.

In fact, Russia is waging an asymmetrical warfare against the West throughout the world to create a new Russian empire entitled “Our Common European House”.

Nyquist wrote:

“Russia hoped that the unification of Germany in 1990 would lead to the breakup of NATO. Feeling cheated when this didn’t happen, another front was activated.

According to Kalashnikov, Moscow “engaged” Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait, luring the West into a strategic trap while making itself the West’s indispensible partner. Once the West had decisively intervened in the affairs of the Middle East, it was only a matter of time before the provocation of 9/11 would utterly distort Western strategic priorities.

Here is the brilliance of asymmetrical warfare, says Kalashnikov. The West is now involved in a conflict described by a leading British general as “unwinnable”.

So the West goes over to the strategic defense while turning to Russia for support. “And that,” says Kalashnikov, “is going to be the West’s position for the next 30 years!”

Under George W. Bush the West was on the offensive. American and British troops, together with NATO forces in Afghanistan, were taking the war to the enemy. But this has apparently changed.

After following Bush’s strategy for a spell, President Obama wants to pull American troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, and Europe is not going to fill the gap.

One might ask what is going on. Why does it matter whether Europe follows an offensive or defensive strategy?

The struggle against radical Islamic forces, says Kalashnikov, hasn’t been placed in proper context.

“The West is slow to grasp that the end of the Cold War merely signified a shift toward asymmetrical warfare.” Kalashnikov is reminding us that during the Cold War the West was confronted by the massive tank armies of the Warsaw Pact. But now the West faces something different.

The Russian side did not give up its quest for the “Common European House.” It merely changed the game, and altered the mode of conflict”.

Meanwhile, Russian influence in Central Europe, and in Ukraine grows. The West has betrayed Ukraine, abandoning its previous plans to take it into the NATO.

“Russia, pressing on the borders of NATO and supporting Hugo Chavez, and being victorious in Africa, and Europe is stuck with a crisis because millions of Muslims have immigrated here”, said Kalashnikov.

Kalashnikov was surprised by naivety of the West. Germans complain that the Russians are recruiting their people, extracting political information from them. For some reason, naive Germans imagined the Russians had stopped spying, Kalashnikov said perplexed.

Nyquist writes:

“The former KGB officer laughed at the idea that Russia would adopt Western values.

“We are not about progress,” he admitted. “Russians are happy already. The Russian elite … would never admit that Western norms would ever be transferred to Russia… So there is a huge barrier, of the kind which can never be removed. The West thinks they are at a higher stage than Russia; but that is the source of many mistakes, said Nyquist on website Financial Sense Online.

We would like to recall from our part that fugitive KGB lieutenant colonel Viktor Kalashnikov recently complained to the British newspaper The Times that the Russian terrorist gang KGB-FSB poisons him with mercury.

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Kavkaz Center


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