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Moscow sends military troops to fight Uralian guerillas

October 27, 2010

The following article is reprinted with permission from Kavkaz Center, Caucasus Emirate (mujahideen) news agency.

Moscow sends military troops to fight Uralian guerillas
©  Kavkaz Center
October 26, 2010  13:39

According to Russian media outlets, Russians concentrated a large military contingent in the Uralian guerillas district of Miass near the town of Chebarkul under the guise of “conducting exercises/maneuvers”.

According to media outlets, “the main task of maneuvers is the containment of an armed conflict. The task of the first stage of military exercises is to prepare for fightings during the special operation”. “Exercises” are declared to be “anti-terrorist”. 300 occupation soldiers 12 armored assault vehicles (aka BMD-2) were dropped from a IL-76 military plane in the guerillas district, imperial mass media report.

Exactly the same number of imperial troops (300 soldiers) was engaged last summer against the guerrilla group of Roman Muromtsev in the Far East. In that case, the number of the Amurian guerrillas unit was estimated to 30 fighters, i.e. Russian punishers challenged the guerrillas in the ratio of 10:1. Therefore, we can assume that the Uralian guerrilla group has approximately the same number of fighters as the unit of Roman Muromtsev, which has meanwhile moved from the Russian-occupied Amurian Republic to Siberia.

A deputy commander of Russian airborne troops, major-general Alexander Lentz, is in charge of the “exercises” against the Uralian guerrillas.

It is to be recalled that Uralians carried out a successful sabotage (and possibly, military operation), and seized weapons from Russian occupiers in Chebarkulsky district on October 24, 2010.

According to official data by Russian invaders, a Russian soldier and a guerrilla fighter were wounded during the operation.

Meanwhile, a Kiev newspaper “Vechernie Novosti (Evening News)” in Ukraine in its issue dated October 25 reported in an article entitled “Real guerrillas emerged in Ural”, with reference to the Kavkaz Center, about two successful operations by Uralian guerrillas carried out on Sunday, October 24, and also reminded about earlier guerilla operations in the region.

It is to be recalled that Uralians are fighting for independence against Russians. The newspaper writes:

“On Sunday 24 October, Uralian guerrillas operating in the area of the town of Miass (South Ural Republic, or a so-called “Chelyabinsk Region of Russia”) carried out operations on seizing arms and attacked a traffic police post. Some casualties were reported.

The attack occurred in the village of Misyash near the town of Chebarkul.

Guerrillas came in a car, attacked a soldier, seized his Kalashnikov assault rifle with ammunition, and left the scene.

A Russian soldier was wounded.

Authorities proclaimed a special operation regime in the entire Southern Ural, because they fear a continuation of an armed uprising in the Russian Far East under the command of a former Russian military intelligence officer Roman Muromtsev (aka Prisyajniy).

Patrols of terror gangs “Russian police” have been strengthened at the entrances to Chelyabinsk.

As many as five crews of road police unit gangs are operating simultaneously at the entrance to Chelyabinsk from the M5 highway. The gangsters stop almost every vehicle in and conduct “inspections”.

The strengthening of police units has been also spotted at Trioitsky and Ufimsky checkpoints of the traffic police gangs.

About ten checkpoints of the gangs “police” manned by heavily armed traffic police units are operating on the Chelyabinsk-Miass M5 highway.

The Chebarkulsky military garrison of occupation soldiery was alerted and put in a stand-to position.

Earlier on Sunday, Urals guerrillas also attacked a patrol of the imperial gang “Russian police” near the railroad station Bishkil in Chebarkulsky district. It is not excluded that some of them were participants in the events near Misyash.

The search for the attacked in both the first and second cases yielded no results.

Earlier Russia’s official media outlets reported about the “man-induced” multiple fires in forest area of Miass. The KGB (FSB) started unsuccessful investigations.

In early 2010, in the town Oktyabrsky in the neighboring Republic of Bashkortostan, a real armed conflict broke out between Russian troops and Islamic insurgents. Combat aircraft and APC were used against guerillas who took hostages.

A stationary traffic police post was attacked at night on 12 June, 2010 in Perm Region near the village of Suksun on the border with Sverdlovsk Region. Five guerillas in masks and camouflage uniforms shot dead an imperial traffic police officer with a gun, seized his Kalashnikov assault rifle and a PM pistol, and then opened fire on the building of traffic police and their vehicles. The police car was burned, along with an imperial sergeant who was in it.

The attackers broke into the building and fired indiscriminately. Two traffic police officers in the building managed to escape unharmed to the second floor. The attackers fled into the woods.

After that, the police checkpoints have been strengthened with military vehicles to apprehend the attackers. Martial law has been proclaimed in the region, along with “Operation Volcano”, involving all security agencies – police, the KGB and “investigation committee of prosecutors” of Perm Territory, Sverdlovsk Region, and the Republic of Bashkortostan.

On June 13, 2010, at about 00.40 pm local time, on the 62-kilometer of the highway Lower Sergi-Krasnoufimsk, near the village of Artie and the internal border between Perm Territory and Sverdlovsk Region, imperial traffic police officers shot on a passing car driven by locals residents, whom the police thought to be guerillas.

A 25-year old driver and his 54-year old mother were injured. The woman was shot in her back, and she is now in a critical condition in a hospital”.

Department of Monitoring
Kavkaz Center


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