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Blogmaster’s musings: Health insurance premiums are out of control

October 5, 2010


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Blogmaster’s comments from Wisconsin’s Northwoods
By Steve in Wisconsin
October 5, 2010

Feingold runs ad touting health care vote… An article in the Rhinelander Daily News reads, in part:

Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin boldly embraces and defends his vote for the health care reform law in his latest campaign television ad, even as other Democrats avoid the topic and Republicans rail against it.

Feingold’s Republican opponent, Ron Johnson, has his own ad taking Feingold to task for the March vote, saying Feingold went against the wishes of Wisconsin residents.

It is my understanding that the purchase of health insurance will be mandatory — and according to the negative publicity generated by opponents of the measure the quality of physician services will decrease relevant to the limited selection of doctors and hospital services offered under the various plans.

I am willing to bet, however, that the vast majority of Americans who oppose health care reform already have medical insurance through their current employer or retirement agency. Am I right? Seriously, for my readers who oppose Obama’s plan… you’re “already insured” (or covered under your spouse’s insurance), aren’t you? I ask this question because I have yet to find an uninsured individual or family who opposes the opportunity to obtain affordable health insurance — any health insurance.

As a retired government employee I (and my family) are covered under Blue Cross. This is good insurance and I have few complaints. But according to my latest “open enrollment” form that I received in the mail last week, the cost for Blue Cross family coverage has risen 9.9% last year and the new MONTHLY PREMIUM for 2011 is $1,656. (Of this amount I pay $304 and the remaining $1,352 is paid by my former gov’t agency but that’s not the point. The point is that this is an absurdly high premium that is, in fact, more than some household’s entire monthly income.)

Much like the “clown” (Francisco Everardo Oliveira Silva) who was recently elected to Brazil’s Congress after running for office using the slogan “Vote for me, It can’t get any worse”, the American people have finally reached the breaking point and are tired of being “gouged” by doctors, hospitals and drug companies incident to medical care that Europeans and Canadians receive from their governments as fundamental rights.

I believe that government has an obligation to care for the health of its citizens — an obligation that takes priority over spending hundreds of billions of dollars on foreign wars. And I really don’t care whether you use the taboo term “socialism” to describe this obligation or not. Obama Care has its problems (as do the health care programs in Canada and Europe). It’s not surprising that corporate America’s drug manufacturers and “for profit” hospitals are against any initiatives that will dilute their earnings. Even as one who has government-provided health insurance I am being “gouged” by the system simply in being billed for ridiculous amounts “not covered” by Blue Cross. Personally, I want to see how Obama’s plan pans out in reality — not conjecture.


Steve in Wisconsin is a former deputy sheriff with travels in Africa, Asia and Central America. His primary blog is inteltrends.wordpress.com

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