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General Mulugeta among the Dead in Shiniile

September 19, 2010

The following article is reprinted with permission from Ogaden Online.

General Mulugeta among the Dead in Shiniile
©  Ogaden Online
September 19, 2010  05:14

Reports reaching the Ogaden Online service desk from both our reporters in and around JigJiga [eastern Ethiopia’s Somali region] and highly placed sources within the Woyane leadership based in Harar confirm the death of a number of high ranking Woyane military officers in the latest battles in the Shiniile province.

Among the most high profile of the dead was the general commanding the eastern battalion that was headquartered in Harar. Locals knew him as General Mulugeta (spelling may be incorrect). He is confirmed to have died when the main Anane military garrison was overrun by Ogaden National Liberation Army (ONLA) commando units.

The highly placed sources within the Woyane leadership in Harar indicate that General Mulugeta and a number of other high ranking officers died when the house where they were holding a very sensitive meeting to evaluate the latest battle failures on the hands of ONLA units took a direct, rocket propelled grenade hit.

Although eyewitnesses confirm high military casualties that were ferried to the hospitals in Harar and JigJiga, there has been no official word from the Woyane military leadership about the death of the high ranking officers including General Mulugeta.

It is reported that the objective of the new ONLA offensive in and around the Shiniile province is to cutoff JigJiga from Harar and vice versa. It appears that the ONLA has already achieved some success since there has been a heightened tension and a sense of apprehension in Jig Jiga for the past couple of days.

As a result of the latest unified offensive that the ONLA undertook, it is reported that telecommunication in the Ogaden region was cut. Also, the head of the so-called local Somali administration was ordered to report in person to Addis Ababa for what was said to be ‘consultation.’


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