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Caucasus Emirate: Statement by Amir Vilayat GIalgIayche (Ingushetia mujahideen)

September 15, 2010

The following article is reprinted with permission from Hunafa.com, Caucasus Emirate (mujahideen) news agency.

On the latest developments in Caucasus Emirate
Source:  Hunafa
September 15, 2010

Translated from Russian

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds

Blessing and peace to the envoy of God, his family and companions and all who followed his instructions to the Day of Judgement.

We, the Mujahideen GIalgIayche declare that the operation held on 30 Ramadan 1431 (September 9, 2010) Battalion soldiers “Riyad-to-Salikhin” in Cultural Heritage “is a continuation of the jihad with the infidels in the occupied South Ossetian Ingush territories. Our immediate objective is the expulsion of the invaders, the return of Muslims to the land of the Caucasus and the establishment of Islamic rule on them.

Everyone knows that Ossetia became an outpost of Russian infidels for their expansion in the North Caucasus. Ossetian kafirs actively and directly participated in numerous campaigns against the Muslim peoples of the Caucasus, in particular, against the Ingush. They remain the main support [of Russia], despite even the Beslan tragedy, when the Kremlin ruthlessly destroyed Ossetian children not to make concessions to the Mujahedeen. As long as the Muslim lands are not returned to owners, while the anti-Islamic activities of Ossetians will not stop, they will remain subject to our attacks. Allah said: “O Prophet! Fight with the unbelievers and the hypocrites and be harsh to them. Their abode is Gehenna. How bad is the place of arrival”(Tauba, 73 and Tahrah, 9), and he also said: “O you who believe! Fight disbelievers who are near you. And let them be convinced of your severity. And know that Allah is with those who fear Him.” (Tauba, 123).

We also declare that the mujahedeen are not involved in the assassination attempt on Khamzat Chumakov. Apparently, this action is the continuation of Kafir intelligence agencies to destabilize the situation in GIalgIayche. Despite the difference in views on some issues, we recognize that Hamzat Chumakov is known in Ingushetia, [as] one of the few principled, courageous and unbribable theologians, and his death may be at hand, but [by] the enemies of the Ingush people. We have already reported that, according to information we collect, crushed intelligence agent kafirskih T. Arselgov organize such provocations, indeed, before it has been tasked to kill someone from among the religious leaders. Thus, the attempt to kill Chumakov is a link in the chain of crimes of the infidels and their servants, aimed at discrediting the mujahedeen. Slaves, kafirs, are trying to fool people with their beautiful speeches and rare gifts, its ostentatious piety and hypocritical piety, to conceal her nasty nature of the saying that God: “There is such, whose speech you admire in this life. It calls on God to testify that in his mind, although he is a fierce debater. When he leaves, he begins to spread mischief in the land, destroy crops and kill offspring. But Allah loveth not mischief.” (Baqara, 204-205)

Our Lord! Do not reject our hearts from the truth after You have guided us to the straight path and grant us mercy from Himself, because you – Bestower!

Amir Vilayat GIalgIayche Adam


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