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Mujahideen fighting with Russian paratroopers in eastern Tajikistan: media

September 8, 2010

[Blogmaster note:  This post consists of two parts: (1) Mujahideen media report claiming Russian forces are in eastern Tajikistan engaged in fierce fighting against 20+ escaped (Islamic resistance) prisoners freed earlier from a Tajik prison. (2) Tajikistan media report of the current ongoing operation to recapture the escapees.]

The following article is reprinted with permission from Kavkaz Center, Caucasus Emirate (mujahideen) news agency.

Mujahideen fighting with paratroopers of Russian terrorists in eastern Tajikistan
©  Kavkaz Center
September 8, 2010   15:27 Emirate time

According to media reports fierce battles between the Mujahideen and the puppet army of Tajikistan, backed units of the FSB gangs had been sent from Russia, are taking place in the Romitsky Valley in eastern Tajikistan.

Paratroopers, whom the locals identified as Russian servicemen, were landed in the Garma district. Russians, however, refuting this information, are claiming their troops are not engaged in the combat.

Meanwhile, earlier the FSB chieftain Bortnikov said in Moscow that Medvedev ordered him to send his gang formations troops to Tajikistan, supposedly to “capture escaped prisoners”. What in fact does it generally matter to Russia if political prisoners fled in a foreign country, the criminal did not say.

The puppets very sparingly tell about their losses, saying only that a certain warrant officer was killed in fighting in the mountain valleys on Wednesday.

According to the Russian puppets, it is supposedly about political prisoners Muslims recently escaped from prison. The puppets say that the Mujahideen are well armed and cause them heavy losses.

The puppets have not yet invented how the escaped inmates may be well armed.

Department of Monitoring
Kavkaz Center


The following article is reprinted with permission from news agency Asia Plus, Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

Search operation for escaped prisoners going on in the east of Tajikistan
©  Asia Plus
By Nargis Hamroboyeva
September 7, 2010

DUSHANBE – According to the source at one of power-wielding structures of the country, a group of the escaped prisoners has exchanged gunfire with government forces in Romit Gorge, Vahdat district today morning. As a result of the gunfire, warrant of Tajik National Guard was killed.

The source says a search operation for the escaped prisoners is going on in the eastern part of Tajikistan including Romit Gorge, Vahdat and Fayzobod districts.

According to various data, a group of the escaped prisoners numbering 5-6 persons, among them are Russian citizens, is hiding in the mountains. “They are well armed and they offering an active resistance,” source said.

We will recall that 25 convicts serving long jail terms escaped from the GKNB-run pretrial detention facility in the early hours of morning of August 23, killing five prison guards. Dressing in camouflage, the escapees reportedly fled toward the east of Tajikistan. The majority of the fugitives were among 46 people convicted by the Supreme Court on August 19 week of terrorism, drug trafficking, and seeking the forcible overthrow of the government. The prisoners reportedly took advantage of the negligence of the jail warden.

Tajik law enforcement authorities said on September 2 that they had recaptured one escapee in Vahdat district, 20 kilometers east of Dushanbe. His is Ibrohim Nasriddinov also known as Qori Ibrohim. Makarov pistol and F-1 hand grenade were confiscated from him.

On September 6, government security officials captured Abdurasoul Mirzoyev in Fayzobod district, some 50 kilometers east of Dushanbe. Abdurasoul is the brother of jailed former presidential-guard commander Ghaffor Mirzoyev who also headed the Tajik counter-narcotics agency.

The 23 other escapees, among them five Russian citizens, four Afghans and two Uzbeks, are still at large.


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