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Temporary U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq, waiting for the civil war

September 4, 2010

The following commentary is reprinted with permission from Roads to Iraq, intel blog.

Temporary U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq, waiting for the civil war
©  Roads to Iraq
September 4, 2010

Most of the analysis and the views (at least in the Middle East) see the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq is an artificial scenario intended to mislead public opinion, the Iraqis and Americans and Middle Eastern, as well as the international opinion.

The U.S. exit from Iraq is just re-programming for a later entry, probably after the U.S. midterm congressional elections.

In other words, the U.S. withdrew from Iraq, but kept the following:

·  The Iraqi government crisis, with no sign of solution.

·  About 50 thousand U.S. troops, special forces poised to fight and implement offensive military operations.

·  Keep all the U.S. troops withdrawn from Iraq in a neighboring Arab country [Kuwait].

The U.S. withdrawal from Iraq led to the emergence of three camps, could be referred to as follows:

Optimists camp

The U.S. withdrawal from Iraq is an important turning point of Iraq’s stability, and promote trust and credibility, not in the Middle East, but between the U.S. administration and American public opinion, as that will help to strengthen the position of the U.S. Democratic Party to win the results of the coming midterm congressional elections, making American voters choose one of two options:

·  Vote Republican, which means the escalation of the war, and pay more expenses and loss the health insurance and social welfare drafts.

·  Vote Democrats, which means to get rid of the war and provide the funds nec­essary to support the economic situation and the domestic service in the U.S.

Pessimists camp

The U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, will not only serve to support the vacuum in the Iraqi arena, but it will be filled by: – Iran in the southern and central Iraq areas. – Al-Qaeda in western Iraq.

In addition to the Turkish “Justice and Development Party” Government, will free to eliminate Washington – Tel Aviv allies in northern Iraq.

Neutral camp

The U.S. withdrawal from Iraq is an event difficult to be subjected to any imme­diate assessment, because of the key variable that must be based upon the eval­uation of the Iraqi political process.

U.S. Vice-President. Joe Biden, who is the one behind the idea of dismantling and the division of Iraq project, came in a hurry to Iraq to derail the understand­ing reached between Iraqi political forces to choose a particular candidate for the new prime minister, is supposed to be announced at the end of Ramadan.

Iraqi Analysts, see that the U.S. forces had completed the combat missions and withdrew out of Iraq without accomplishing it’s objectives, they didn’t liberate Iraq, because Iraq was not primarily occupied. In addition, no American president or a U.S. military commander can announce that the U.S. forces had achieved the final victory in Iraq, because there is no Iraqi party that has signed a surrender agreement with the United States and its allies.

All that happened was: The U.S. forces had not been able to impose control in Iraq, and came up with the hope to return again after they have more new excuses. It is likely that the U.S. is seeking to push the Iraqi parties to wage a civil war, demanding the return of American forces, not on the background and justification for the liberation of Iraq, but this time on the background for saving Iraqis.


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