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Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: General Petraeus Should Realize the Realities

August 30, 2010

The following is an official comment from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban). Reprinted with permission.

General Petraeus Should Realize the Realities
Source:  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
August 30, 2010  20:16

After the nomination of General Petraeus, mass media reports said that he was America’s last hope in Afghanistan – ostensibly in view of the fact that he is the most experienced, sophisticated and patriotic general among American generals. But the discretion of God has always gone in this land that whoever of generals – though eminent and experienced may be – when he steps on the sacred soil of Afghanistan, he becomes incompetent and disgraced forthwith. Finally, he ends up mocking and hating his rulers like McChrystal [did]. Some of them like general Petraeus loses the equilibrium of his mind and turns to irrational remarks and fallacies. He thinks, telling whopping lies is a successful tactic to win war. It is equally bizarre that even the American Pentagon sometimes reveals facts about the pathetic situation of America in Afghanistan, saying American soldiers in Afghanistan are grappling with depression. They have now been addicted with Modafinil tablets which are taken to boost morale and dispel fear. But even the tablets now do not have efficacy. The soldiers frequently complain of having fear of being attacked and killed all of a sudden. But the American snow monument of hope (General Petraeus) claims in media that the situation in Afghanistan is going in the right direction. The morale of soldiers is high and they have made some military advancements in the south of the country.

We do not know what advancement the possessed general wants to point to. The Afghan people and media know that only brutal civilian’s casualties have spiraled up unprecedently following General Petraeus’ appointment. The general is not able to produce proof of any one battle under his command which has ended with victory. Contrarily, during his stewardship, Mujahideen succeeded to extend their influence from north to south, from east to west of the country in a manner not seen before. Furthermore, they have made spectacular land gains.

Ironically, the sagging Petraeus speaks of military initiatives in Helmand and Kandahar, however, they have faced routs in these provinces despite operations launched by the Americans, the Britons and their coalition’s members. The operations were so vast in terms of preparedness that one could assume they were going to a full-fledged war with sovereign countries. Still more, the operations were being carried out under the direct command of Obama and the British prime minister. But that notwithstanding, they do not have the face to announce the results of the operations and even avoid making comments thereabout.

According to the daily Telegraph website, a Russian analyst Egore Penaris has told General Petraeus and other American rulers that America is no more able to weaken the current resistance movement in Afghanistan and maintain control over any vast area in the country.

Opposition to the war in Afghanistan has reached its climax in America and other parts of the world. The American economic structure has cracked; unemployment is [at an all] time high. This and the growing reduction in individual income will not only contribute to American defeat in the war in Afghanistan but will result in disintegration of America – at least into six portions.

Observers say, if General Petraeus wants to fulfill his duty to the American army and people in a dignified way, if he wishes to remain a monument of American hope and if he intends to save America from disintegration, he should tell the realities like General McChrystal. He should think about ending the Afghanistan war instead of winning it and should realize the realities.

The general should stop looking at his badges and medals on his chest with conceit to persuade him to give empty hopes to the American people and the world that the Afghan war could still be won.

Conceit may puff a man up but never prop him up.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


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