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Cell phone usage, cancer and brain tumors

August 29, 2010

The following comment of mine was posted on my newsblog, Pine River World News. That site was removed by Blogger (Google) administrators on August 21, 2010. With its removal, Blogger (Google) deleted more than 1,000 posts — including this one, which was recovered from Google’s “cache” prior to permanent deletion. My article about this incident is:

Warning to bloggers: Google’s new “Gestapo bot” shutting down Blogger sites
Inteltrends, August 22, 2010

Cell phone usage, cancer and brain tumors
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May 17, 2010

I can’t seem to find the article on the internet, but back in the 70s or early 80s several U.S. police officers claimed to have developed brain tumors as a result of the “new 800 megahertz radios” purchased by their departments. At the time, most law enforcement agencies used other frequency ranges outside of this radio spectrum. I might add that today’s cell phones use 800 mhz. The radios referred to were hand held units (walkie-talkies) and portable radios worn on the belt, but having a separate transmitter (a combination speaker/microphone/antenna) that clipped to the officer’s shoulder epaulet next to his head.

It’s true that I use a cell phone (TracFone – which I’m very happy with, and which costs me about $9 a month based on my level of use) but I use my phone almost exclusively for texting. This means that the device is not located near my head (as would be the case if I were talking) – and certainly does not include a fixed ear-piece transmitter used by “hands-free” motorists and people with low self-esteem trying to impress strangers that they’re somehow so popular that they have to be “constantly available” while strolling around Walmart, etc.

This morning, as I checked the media headlines around the world, I’m seeing various headlines pertaining to a recent study associating cell phone use with brain tumors. Most of the headlines, however, are proclaiming that there is no conclusive evidence linking cell phone use with medical problems. But the following article, citing the same study as source, was written in Australia by someone who obviously took the time to read the report.

Industry study shows brain tumour link to heavy mobile phone usage
©  The Australian
By Adam Cresswell
May 17, 2010

[Excerpt:] – A LONG-awaited international study of the health risks of mobile phones has linked extended mobile phone use to an increased risk of developing brain tumours.

The 10-year Interphone study, the world’s biggest study of the health effects of mobile phones, found while there was no increased risk of cancer overall, those in the top 10 per cent of phone use are up to 40 per cent more likely to develop glioma, a common type of brain cancer.

Just 30 minutes of mobile talk time daily was enough to put participants into the top 10 per cent category in the study, carried out in 13 countries, including Australia, and involving more than 5,000 brain cancer patients worldwide.

[End excerpt.]

I urge my readers who frequently use cell phones to keep in mind that with usage on the increase among most segments of society – particularly teenagers and younger adults – the level of health risk determined by the “10 year study” may be significantly understated.

Texting has its advantages!

In the rare instance when I actually have to talk on my cell phone I do my best to limit calls to around a minute or two.


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