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U.S. accuses Russia in supplying weapons to al-Qaida and Taliban

August 25, 2010

The following article is reprinted with permission from Kavkaz Center, Caucasus Emirate (mujahideen) news agency.

U.S. accuses Russia in supplying weapons to al-Qaida and Taliban
©  Kavkaz Center
August 25, 2010  13:51  Emirate Time

American and other Western media are closely following the case of a major international terrorist Victor Bout, who is preparing to be sent to an American prison.

Bout is not a private person, but an envoy of Russia in the secret supply of weapons to the world from the arsenals of the Russian army.

While Bout has not been charged in the official indictment, designed for Thai justice, in the secret arms supply to al-Qaida and Taliban, literally all, without exception, Western press writes that Bout supplied weapons to militias, not only in Colombia, and local wars in Africa, but also to Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, whom the U.S. is at war with.

In any case, Bout will be forced to open his mouth when he will be in the hands of Americans and it is still unknown what Moscow’s secrets he could reveal.

The German state news agency DPA, for example, reports from Moscow:

“The U.S. voiced its pleasure after the Thai court extradition ruling, with Washington regarding Bout as one of the world’s biggest arms traders. Among other crimes, he is suspected of trying to sell anti-aircraft missiles to FARC rebels in Colombia and to have supplied the Taliban in Afghanistan and al-Qaeda with arms.”

BBC English service:  “Media reports in the Middle East claim Bout was a gun-runner for al-Qaeda and the Taliban.”

Agence France-Presse:  “Among the charges of Washington against Bout is that he sold weapons to groups that are part of Al-Qaeda.”

Der Spiegel:  “He was also to supply the radical Islamist Taliban in Afghanistan and the terrorist network al-Qaida.”

Gawker Daily:  “Bout is also accused of selling weapons to Al Qaeda and the Taliban.”

The Daily Mirror:  “Viktor Bout, 43, accused of supplying al-Qaeda and the Taliban with weapons, faces life in jail.”

The ADN (Spain):  “British and American intelligence services believe that Bout supplied weapons and negotiated with the Taliban. According to the FBI, the defendant supplied weapons to al-Qaida, which attacked U.S. on Sept. 11, 2001.”

Channel 4 (U.K.):  “Bout is a man who sold arms to al-Qaida.”

RTT News (U.S.):  “U.S. officials accused him of supplying arms to al-Qaeda and Taliban.”

Meanwhile, it is possible that Moscow is preparing an attack on a police escort during the delivery of Bout from to an American plane. The possible operation by the terrorist gang of FSB Russia in Bangkok is facilitated by the fact that they absolutely do not need Bout alive.

The RIA News reports in a title:  “It is impossible to bring back Bout from Thailand legitimately.”

Department of Monitoring
Kavkaz Center

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