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Taliban claim to have seized 25 trucks, weapons during attack on road crew

August 20, 2010

August 20, 2010

Mainstream media has just started reporting the news of yesterday’s Taliban attack on a road construction crew in Afghanistan:

Taliban Attack Kills 30 Afghans in South
Voice of America, 20 Aug

Deadly Taliban attack on Afghan road construction team
BBC, 20 Aug

Taliban Kill Up To 30 In South Afghanistan Attack
Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, 20 Aug

Conspicuously absent from these news reports is any hint as to “why” the Taliban would attack a road construction project.

Omitted by media is a claim by the Taliban that they seized trucks, weapons and communications gear during the assault.

An Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban) press release of the incident reads as follows:

Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate from Gerishk district say that on Thursday (Aug. 19), as part of operation Al-Fath, they carried out a huge operation in which they were to simultaneously attack 30 check posts of puppet security company for road protection. The operation took place at around 05:00 am, on the road between Kambark and Mirmand areas.

Mujahideen from the area say that in the assault, which lasted well into the afternoon, 50 puppet security personnel were killed, 15 seriously wounded and the rest abondoned their check posts and ran away. Mujahideen say that 20 bulldozer trucks were also destroyed.

Similarly Mujahideen seized 25 vehicles, 50 light and heavy weapons, 7 radio communication devices and a huge amount of military equipment from the check posts. Also 1 Mujahid was Martyred (we ask Allah to accept him from amongst the Shuhada) and 4 others injured in the successful operation.

[Source: Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Underlined emphasis added by Inteltrends.]

The quantity of weapons is negligible. However, if the above report is accurate then the seizure of 25 vehicles is significant in terms of potential VBIED (vehicle borne IED) use in future operations. The types of vehicles seized were not disclosed.


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