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Statement of the Caucasian Martyrs’ Brigade: Explosion at Gazprom HQ was a demonstration of our capabilities

August 12, 2010

The following article is reprinted with permission from Kavkaz Center, Caucasus Emirate (mujahideen) news agency.

Caucasian Martyrs’ Brigade:  Explosion at Gazprom HQ was demonstration of our capabilities
Source:  Kavkaz Center
Publication time:  12 August 2010,  02:54 Emirate time

Kavkaz Center (KC) editorial staff has received via e-mail a statement on behalf of the Caucasian Martyrs’ Brigades Riyad-us-Saliheen. The statement pointed out that the recent explosion in front of Gazprom HQ in Moscow was a deliberate demonstration of the possibilities of this sabotage unit.

KC publishes the statement without cuts and changes with stylistics and terminology preservation.

In the Name of Allah the Merciful the Compassionate!

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds, peace and blessings be upon the Prophet Muhammad, his family, his companions and upon those who followed them in Jihad until the Day of Judgment.

And then:

By the order of the Emir of the Caucasus Muslims Doku Abu Usman, the Mujahideen of the Martyrs’ Brigades Riyad-us-Saliheen has conducted an operation in Moscow against the central office of Gazprom, within the framework of the general spring-and-summer actions on the territory of Rusnya (AKA Russia).

This operation was designed to show the Kremlin businessmen of Rusnya, and chief among them in the face of leadership of the largest Russian company that, despite the assurances of Rusnya’s leadership in the victory in the so-called “anti-terrorist operation”, the war is not only finished, but on the contrary: it has come to your homes and your comfortable offices.

Despite attempts by your authorities to attribute it to banal hooliganism, you know perfectly well that hundreds of bolts of directed blast came exactly to your office for particular reason.

Your Kremlin boss blatantly lie, trying to write off this explosion to gangster showdown, as they lie about that fires, which covered the entire central Rusnya, occur by themselves.

We are reminding you that while Rusnnya and your bosses will not leave the Muslims of the Caucasus alone, sabotages (explosions, fires, etc.) in Rusnnya will be continued, Insha’Allah.

Our aim in this operation was not to kill people. We just showed that we can carry out sabotage operations against well-protected sites, and that we can strike almost anywhere in Rusnya.

The whole central Russia is now declared a zone of our counter-terrorist operation, and if there are checkpoints in Moscow poisoned only on the outskirts of the city and around it, then we intend to be established the checkpoints and curfews inside the most important your city.

To know Muscovites how it feels to live like Muslims in the Caucasus have been living for many years. We have a suspicion that it would have a “good affect” on the investment attractiveness of Rusnya.

We would also like to again warn all Muslims and all sympathizers of the struggle of Caucasian peoples, living in Moscow and other cities Rusnya, that they leave it because it will continue to only get worse, Insha’Allah, – fires and strikes on all economy targets aiding the Kremlin murderers in power, will increase.

Anyone possessing even the most miserable apartment in Moscow could sold it and buy a property in almost every country in the world. Moreover, anyone who rents an apartment in Moscow, could comfortably live on that money almost anywhere on the earth.

We remind Muslims the hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) about life among the unbelievers:

“I have nothing to do with a Muslim living among the polytheists.”
(Sahih Bukhari)

“I am free from any Muslim who lives among polytheists. The fire of each group should not be visible to the other.”
(Abu Dawud)

“He who lives among the polytheists is one of them.”
(Abu Dawud)

Moscow and St. Petersburg are the nerve centers of the Russian economy, and we whether or not are going to attack these centers until Rusnya ends its occupation of the Caucasus.

Following this warning, we do not want to hear any more accusations that innocent people and especially Muslims suffer from sabotages, because we have repeatedly warned you about the need to leave this cursed place.

The simple Russian people should know that all these misfortunes had fallen upon them because of the ambition of one person – Putin, who had been offered in due time an honorable peace and security of the southern borders of Russia, but he chose to make ordinary people pay in blood for his ambitions, hiding himself behind army protection and tons of armor.

It is obvious for any fair-minded person that the Mujahideen of the Caucasus are the force that is fighting not only for the liberation of the Caucasus, but actually brings freedom to Russian people from the slavery to the KGB yoke.

While Russian extinct by 1.5 million people per a year, bank accounts of the ruling regime and under control oligarchs are only grow, despite the crisis. KGB officials and their business proteges grow fat, while the masses get poorer, and even crumbs from the master’s table eaten by inflation.

In fact, any sane Russian should strongly support the Mujahedeen of the Caucasus, and oppose the KGB junta with arms, as it done by those same guerrillas in Primorye, and repeated by some guerrilla groups in other parts of Russia.

Any sane Russian must also understand that attempting to keep the Caucasus under the occupation is an utopian and totally hopeless task, and that these attempts are only destroying their country from within.

Your leaders are spending billions of your money for the maintenance of the puppet regimes, like Kadyrov’s, etc., rather than to increase salaries and pensions. However, sabotages and fires across Russia are only increasing.

Your rulers can not plainly explain why the Caucasus should be a part of Rusnya, despite the fact that Caucasians are religiously and ethnically differ fundamentally from the Russians, but also have a long history of fierce fighting with Russian invaders?

After all even your brothers in faith and blood, the Slavs, Ukrainians and Belarusians do not want to have anything to do with you, except oil and gas, which you also actually stealing from the peoples of Siberia and the Caucasus.

And do not deceive by the number of so-called Kadyrovites and other traitors and puppets, who sold their faith and their homeland for the cars and money. Betrayed their people and their religion, they will betray you, as soon as conditions are ripe for betrayal, and you know it.

In conclusion, we gave praise to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, the Creator of all things, by Whose will everything is happens on earth and in heaven, and for Whom we have embarked upon the path of Jihad, to exalt His Word.

We are also congratulating all Muslims with the upcoming holy month of Ramadan, we wish all strengthening Iman, acceptance of worship. O Muslims, embark upon the path of Jihad! Make Dua for your Mujahideen brothers and ask Allah for help and a close victory over the infidels.

Brigade of Martyrs Riyad-us-Saliheen

Department of Letters
Kavkaz Center


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