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Statement of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: Why not the other NATO countries follow suit?

August 4, 2010

The following is an official statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban). Reprinted with permission.

Why not the other NATO countries follow suit?
Source:  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
August 4, 2010  12:26  administrator

It is determined that Holland’s forces of nearly 2,000 troops will be withdrawn by earlier this month. This move practically put an end to its invasion of Afghanistan.

The Dutch refused the endeavors and insistence of the U.S. to extend its troops’ stay till 2012, asserting that it is no longer willing to stay further and continue having its soldiers killed on the ground in Afghanistan.

The U.S.’ urge to persuade Holland to continue its troops’ military presence in Uruzgan province at least for another two months bore no fruit as the Dutch remained inflexible to pull its forces out of Afghanistan as scheduled.

On the other hand, the public of the Netherlands and its diplomats are comfortable and express their joys and solidarity over the decision of troops’ pullout from Afghanistan and consider it a rational motive to avoid the collapse of their own country.

Huffington Post, a well-known Dutch press quoted some analysts, as saying that several of the NATO countries intend to take up the Dutch slack and bring their mission in Afghanistan to an end so as to avoid the wasted lives of their soldiers on the ground.

The Post reported Gen Van Uhm, commander of the Dutch forces in Uruzgan, as saying in spite of the fact that the Dutch forces had a tough four-year long mission full of risks in such a dangerous place as Uruzgan and he had lost his 23-year old son in clashes with Taliban, yet he is happy to make a timely return for his home country.

With the U.S. bankrupting itself in the war and bringing it’s empire to the verge of collapse, the Dutch troops’ withdrawal is, undoubtedly, a devastating blow to it which leaves a military and financial gap on the ground whose burden may be covered by the U.S. itself.

Furthermore, the withdrawal of the Dutch forces from Afghanistan could possibly provide grounds for Germany to prove its claim to follow suit.

Under the circumstances, it is understandable that Germany’s stand to follow suit may create a strong inclination in other partnering countries to accelerate their troops’ withdrawal process as the U.S.’ important allies such as Canada, Australia and Britain view the war in Afghanistan with disappointment, mistrust and the fact remains that the war is a unbearable burden on their shoulders which will get them nowhere.

Every observer would say the U.S. government and military lied to their teeth in order to cover up the failure of their policies and their war crimes in Afghanistan and to irrationally justify the Afghan war, while it is a common knowledge that the Afghan nation has a brighter history of good relations worldwide as long as the war is not imposed on them.

In the end, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan view the Dutch forces’ pullout as a genuine effort to meet the wants and demands of both Afghan and Dutch nations and a move in better interests of both countries, asking the allied countries which have invaded Afghanistan in collaboration with the U.S. invading forces to take up the Dutch slack and respect the moral, social and religious values of the Afghan war-stricken nation and do the job of leaving Afghanistan, the earlier the better, since it is advisable to do something earlier than what has to be done later with dire consequences. Moreover, they are to stop rubber stamping and following the U.S. blindly who is no one else’s friend and well-wisher knowing none but its interests, and to avoid further wasted lives of their soldiers in Afghanistan.

It rational that the U.S. forces should be left in Afghanistan alone to stew in their own juice and suffer the dire and dangerous consequences of their violation and invasion of another country.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


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