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Kurdish HPG continues guerilla warfare against Turkish forces in “medium-density” war

August 3, 2010

[Blogmaster note:  The HPG (People’s Defence Force) referred to in the article is the military wing of the Kurdish KCK currently engaged in operations against Turkish forces.]

The following article is reprinted with permission from Firat News Agency (ANF).

Increase in clashes in ‘medium-density’ war
©  Firat News Agency
August 3, 2010

The HPG (People’s Defence Force) has released its balance sheet of war for the month of July. The HPG calls this a “Medium Density-War”, initiated “as a new period of Active Defence Struggle since 1st of June, 2010”.

Going through the report it emerges that there have been 64 actions carried out by guerrilla forces. 11 is the number of clashes that occurred in July, while 45 is the number of military operations carried out by the Turkish Army.

As for the losses, 174 soldiers have been killed and 9 policemen. The HPG guerrillas also confiscated a number of military materials, 22 including MG-3 full automatic weapons, G-3 weapons and others.

The month of July also witnessed 7 air raids (2 in Xakurke, 1 in Xinere, 1 in Cukurca/Hakkari, 1 in Besta/Siirt, 2 in Gabar/Sirnak) and a total of 55 Obus and Mortar Attacks were carried out by the Army (20 Haftanin, 11 Zagros, 15 Zap, 1 Sirnak/Cudi, 2 Semdinli/Hakkari, 3 Yuksekova/Hakkari, 3 Cukurca/Hakkari).

There were a number of sabotage actions carried out by the HPG, in particular 3 on the Gaz Pipe-Lines, while 23 Turkish Army position were destroyed.

The Central Commandment of the HPG also states that 38 were the guerrillas who have lost their life in the month of July.



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