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Statement of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan regarding the U.S. setup of new “Local Militia”

July 25, 2010

The following is an official statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban). Reprinted with permission.

Statement of the Islamic Emirate regarding the U.S. setup of new “Local Militia”
Source:  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
July 25, 2010  03:52  administrator

General David Petraeus, the chief of invading forces in Afghanistan, has taken on a task, by order of the White House and Pentagon rulers, to increase notorious militia under the name “Local Force” against Mujahideen.

The right-wingers’ setup and expansion of Militia is a terrible and failed plan carried out at the time of Najeeb’s rule during the Communist Regime which not only resulted in fueling the racial prejudice and civil war but also brought that infamous regime to an end.

Now that the U.S. invaders, in pursuit of the former U.S.S.R., intends to repeat that terrible blunder and failed experience imposing the tragedies and the civil war of later 1900’s on Afghan masses is, in facet, to pave the way for the disintegration of Afghanistan, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan thinks it necessary to issue its stance as follows:

1.  The Afghan brave and honor-loving nation, which has constantly crushed the invading forces at different times in history and has always retained its Islamic identity and independence, should realize the fact that the invading forces in Afghanistan are threatened with the disgraceful defeat and want to back off and leave the scene one way or the other, drawing the Afghan nation into racial, linguistic, regional and mutual difference. In view of these facts, the Afghan nation is reminded not to join hands with the right-wingers in such disgusting plans and conspiracies.

2.  The attempt by the U.S. invaders to set up Local Militia is an indirect plot to disintegrate Afghanistan, therefore every individual Afghan, by fulfilling their nation-state’s duty, is bound to preserve their Islamic and national solidarity so as to foil this conspiracy.

3.  The influential tribesmen and the scholars, in their respective areas, are responsible to make the ordinary civilians aware of this hostile plan and not let them be losers in the world and the Hereafter by falling prey to the abhorring conspiracy of the colonialism.

4.  Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate, in collaboration with the nation, have to use every asset in their power to foil this plot and punish and keep a close eye on those who support this program and join it.

5.  The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is certain that the Petraeus’ plan of forming new Local Militia may end up a failure as that of McChrystal did in Provinces such as Wardag, Khost, Kunduz and so on, even the outcome in some areas was quite the opposite. As the enemy is weaker than before being threatened by defeat across the country, the futile effort to set up new Local Militia would not do them any good, on the contrary, it would certainly be doomed to a failure Insha Allah.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


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