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Iran building Israeli style “apartheid wall” to secure its borders – Kurdish PJAK commander says wall will not stop them

July 15, 2010

The following article is reprinted with permission from Firat News Agency (ANF).

Kurdistan Regional Government not contrary to wall
©  Firat News Agency
July 15, 2010

Islamic republic of Iran is building a 4-kilometer fence/wall on account of creating a security corridor on the border of Federal Kurdistan region borders. It is reported that the Tehran government will also build security walls on the Afghanistan and Pakistan borders.

21 years have passed since the ‘Berliner Mauer’ (Berlin Wall) has been demolished. Israel, whom Iran describes as the archenemy, is also criticized for its West Bank barrier, at most by the Islamic Republic. However, Iran is now building security walls all around the country.

After Iranian minister of interior Mahmod Najar declared last November that it will build a security wall on the borders with Kurdistan Federal Region, Afghanistan and Pakistan it is reported that constructions with a 150 million USD budget is speeding up.

South Kurdistan’s deputy interior minister Faiq Tawfiq said to a German news agency that the wall will bring nothing but more suffering to the Kurds. He further stated that the wall will affect diplomatic relations between the regional government and the Islamic Republic.

Regional Government is not against the wall

In relation to the wall the Iraqi Kurdish officials have stated that it is an ‘internal affair’ of Iran. Peshmerga Spokesperson Cebbar Yawer has also said: “If the wall is built in spite of everything it will be useful for the regional Kurdish government. It is an internal affair of Iran. Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) is not only active on the border but deep in Iran. Therefore, the wall will be useless against the Kurdish rebels.”

Peshmerga spokesperson while reminding the fact that the Iran-Iraq border is 800 kilometres long stated that: “We have no objection that Iran is trying to provide its own border security. We have seen some radical Sunni organisations launch attacks on Iran. The wall will also blockade drug traffic as well as entering of radical organisations in Iran. As long as they do not violate our borders we have no objections. It is not our business what they do within their own borders.”

Similarly, the spokesperson for the regional Kurdish government in Iraq Kawa Mahmod has stated that they are not against the wall and Iran can freely act within its own borders.

PJAK:  The wall cannot stop us

A high rank PJAK commander Şerzad Kamanger based in Kandil Mountain said to Sharq- al Awsat newspaper that as their guerrillas are already based deep in Iran (Daliho, Mukriyan and Salmas regions) the wall will not affect them. PJAK spokesperson also stated that the reason why they are in Kandil is merely political and added: “The wall will fail to stop us. We will continue our struggle. We are not conducting only an armed struggle. Our struggle has also cultural and organising activities which will not be affected by the wall.”


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