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Fires raging in Siirt (Kurdistan) allegedly set by Turkish soldiers

July 7, 2010

July 7, 2010


DIHA News Agency reports that forests in Ciwanika Mountains of Gokcebag district of Siirt have been set ablaze by Turkish soldiers during their military operations. Additional fires in Cudi and Gabar Mountains began last week and are rapidly expanding.

“The local community informed the fire department of the most recent fires. They are still trying to extinguish it. Already, thousands of fruit trees, fields and vineyards have been reduced to ash and with them, the livelihood of villagers.” (DIHA)

Siirt Province is located in southeastern Turkey and included in territory envisioned as part of a future Kurdish state.

The fires, if confirmed to originate with Turkish military operations, may be retaliatory for an earlier incident 30 June in which two Turkish soldiers and three village guards were killed in Siirt.

Turkey blames Kurdish PKK separatists for the attack.



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