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GORDON DUFF: Mid-East Sitrep: Time To Walk Away And Clean Our Own House

June 22, 2010

The following column is reprinted with permission from Gordon Duff, staff writer and Senior Editor at Veterans Today.

Mid-East Sitrep:  Time To Walk Away And Clean Our Own House
©  Gordon Duff
Source:  Veterans Today
June 22, 2010

*  Can Anyone Prove Karzai Is Better Than The Taliban?  *

Do we actually call what we are doing in Afghanistan a war? Recent estimates are that 88% of the people support what we call “the enemy.” The German’s were much more popular than us during their occupation of France during World War 2. What does that say about our friends? Even Petain and Laval, the French Vichy traitors, had more public support than Karzai has in Afghanistan.

There is some indication that Afghanistan would rather have us change sides, fight Karzai, our Indo-Israeli puppet, and let us leave, believing we had won. What have we accomplished? We have created the greatest narcotics empire in the history of the world, recruited tens of thousands to fight against us and have bankrupted, not only ourselves but fragile Pakistan, whose flirtation with democracy is being smothered. We could have simply attacked ourselves and cut out the middle man, unless, of course, the plan was for things to end up exactly as they are right now.

Lessons Of Vietnam

It isn’t like we have an excuse for forgetting Vietnam. Even though all but 700,000 of the nearly 3 million veterans are dead, countless poisoned by Agent Orange, still, enough are around that remember the reality over the myth. Vietnam was another American “Karzai,” a hated puppet, first Diem and then Thieu, extremists, weak, men of no vision nor character, the perfect match for their Washington D.C. counterparts. An honest casualty figure for Vietnam would make it the most costly war in human lives in American history.

Hiding the fact that over one million Americans died of causes directly related to the war has been critical in denying, not only the cost of war as national policy but also as a massive social and psychological disaster, one America never recovered from. When we lost our “best and brightest” in that generation, this wasn’t simple rhetoric. The post Vietnam era has been the most significant period of backpedaling, personal income, standard of living, human rights and personal freedoms and, in particular, our lost vision of a great country. “I went to Vietnam and all I got was Reaganomics, cancer and this t-shirt.”

The Slippery Slope

Our only surviving questions are not about if we have a problem or if we can survive but which aspect of our failures secured our doom. I could see it coming as soon as politicans and big haired preachers got close to a TV camera, we were in for it. What started out as a mixture of Josef Goebbels and Elmer Gantry, turned in to maximize racial hatred, soon morphed into the social disease of apocalypse myth, Islamophobia and the fruition of the hatreds Nixon and Agnew yanked from the darkest recesses of America’s soul.

I also knew we were doomed when many of the remaining elites, many Jews, began siding with the “know nothing” crowd of cross burning rednecks and grifters. How I hate using the term “elite” when describing anyone with a remote understanding of human morality. The “norm” for “non-elites” was a clear indication of the regression after Vietnam, that the creative minds, the courageous hearts and the strong backs had been replaced by the mudane, the fearful and a generation of shirkers, big thieves at the top, little thieves at the bottom and the ignorant and self righteous in the middle, picked clean as a Safeway ‘chittlin’. We had become a nation willing to believe anything, never looking at the real picture.

What If “Peanut Man” Was Right?

Anyone remember that terrible president named Jimmie Carter? Remember the high interest rates and how much the newspapers hated him, how Iran kidnapped our diplomats and how badly our military failed when called upon to help? What you don’t remember is that when he left office America was 800 billion dollars in debt and it wasn’t going up. Reagan got in, instituted economic voodoo designed to build a country out of investors who opened mail, not workers who built things. Now we are over 13 trillion dollars in debt and have nothing to show for it other than prisons overflowing, colleges our kids can’t afford to attend and poverty at levels not seen since the great depression. If we ever put out a $3 bill, Reagan’s picture should be on both sides. What we also bought was a love affair with baloney, much of it kosher. Our biggest bite of the bad side of the apple was 9/11.

A few years ago, I wouldn’t have said this but after 9/11 and the aftermath of continual lying, Jimmie Carter may have been our last president with gonads. The proof? The same news that tell us Iraq had nukes, Arabs with box cutters did 9/11 and that slavery is good for us tells us Carter was a bad president. We stopped really looking back, but everything since that time has been debt, disaster and, quite frankly, fascism.

If You Believe The “Arab/Boxcutter” Tale About 9/11, I’ve Got A Bridge To Sell You…

Some Americans still believe we attacked Afghanistan over 9/11, those who get their news only from sources approved by Senator Josef Lieberman, (Israel), America’s new censorship guru. With the stories about perjury and massive withholding of evidence that caused commission members to call for an investigation of their investigation and broad criminal prosecutions, being censored from the news as “bad for the war on terror,” nothing presented in mainstream news represents anything more than press releases written by people who belong in prison themselves.

There is absolutely no conclusive proof that anyone who had ever been to Afghanistan had been involved in 9/11 and not a single shred of hard evidence tying Osama bin Laden to 9/11. In fact, there is some hard evidence that does prove that a conspiracy involving domestic terrorists supported by Israeli nationals may have been entirely responsible for 9/11. I am sick of hearing the phony Arab with box cutter story. It has the ring of Tel Aviv fiction all over it, kosher baloney.

In A Nation With Over 2 Million In Prison…

The easiest thing for an American to do is end up in prison. Millions are locked up for everything from being poor to using drugs. As with the savings and loan and Iran contra scandals of the Reagan presidency, the Bush/Obama regime has a warm place in its heart for drug runners, war criminals and banksters. With an estimated 50,000 felons, unindicted and stealing tens of millions each day and an entire government, not just the Bush administration but new faces as well, war criminals, torturers, profiteers through fraud, bribery and potential complicity in world terror, we lock up Bernie Madoff, one guy. We lock him up but don’t look for his missing $20 billion.

Americans, more of them than you can count, are up to their necks in the $65 billon dollar heroin business in Afghanistan. With nearly $300 billion missing in audits of spending in Afghanistan, much of the same crowd, you would think they had taken enough.

With veterans living under bridges here in America, more going to prison every day and the financial criminals ramping up for their next “pump and dump” you would think that, at least Karl Rove or Dick Cheney would get a tax audit at least?

Gordon Duff is a U.S. Marine Vietnam veteran, grunt and 100% disabled vet. He has been a U.N. Diplomat, defense contractor and is a widely published expert on military and defense issues. He is active in the financial industry and is a specialist on global trade. Gordon Duff acts as political and economic advisor to a number of governments in Africa and the Middle East. He is Senior Editor at Veterans Today.


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