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Kyrgyzstan: Russian news agency confirms Tajiks involved in unrest

June 15, 2010


Russian news agency Ferghana.ru, which specializes in Central Asia coverage, reports today that they have confirmed the involvement of Tajik contractors in the Osh massacre. The article also cites an interview between Arkadiy Dubnov, the international observer of Vremya Novostei, and Echo Moskvy in which he alleges the influx and involvement of Tajiks and ethnics from the North Caucasus who were assisted with documents at the Tajik embassy in Moscow. The Foreign Ministry of Tajikstan has rejected these accusations.

Kyrgyzstan news agency 24.kg reports today that the interim government has asked Russia “to ensure security of strategic sites” in Kyrgyzstan against sabotage.

Caucasus Emirate (mujahideen) news agency Kavkaz Center, wrote in a monitoring report published yesterday:

    [Excerpt:] – “Russia’s coup against the Bakiyev government which took power in the Tulip Revolution leveraged Uzbek separatists in the Osh Province to suppress Kyrgiz nationalist supporters of Bakiyev.

    “Russia had been trying for a while to force out Manas Air Base, a U.S. air force base that serves as a vital link to U.S. forces in Afghanistan . Russia tolerated Bakiyev, so long as he was against the U.S. base. But once Bakiyev made a deal with the United States, and began exploring an energy deal with China that might have ended Russian leverage over the country, Putin pulled off a coup during Obama’s nuclear arms reduction treaty signing with Medvedev, a true ‘Godfather’ moment.”


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