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Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: Arghandab Massacre, Part and Parcel of the American Military Operations in Kandahar

June 15, 2010

The following comment is from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban). Reprinted with permission.

Arghandab Massacre, Part and Parcel of the American Military Operations in Kandahar
Source:  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
June 15, 2010  23:31 –

The Americans and the Kabul Administration stooge rulers tried hard to sweep under the carpet, the American subterfuge which is blamed for the abrupt civilian massacre and tragedy at Arghandab district of Kandahar. But contrarily, they attempted to thrust the blame on the Mujahideen.

In general, ground realities could not be kept secret for good, as the people are already familiar with identical machinations by the enemy. There are many examples on hand, signifying such events. As such, the Arghandab tragedy is not a separate incident but an open secret. People know how the brutal Americans massacred the Afghans and what diabolic tactics they used to perpetrate it. Resultantly, the defenseless Afghans swamped in their blood. These brutalities at the hands of the Americans and their followers are not a new phenomenon or a new manifestation of the enmity. We have on hand documented examples of such tragedies and live scenes of grisly events, showing the enemy bombarding civilian gatherings of the Afghans, wedding ceremonies, funeral services and Holy Quran recitation assemblies. Thus, they have martyred hundreds of Afghans.

When the Americans fail to extricate themselves from the responsibilities of such events and it is not possible for them to deny their involvement, then they admit the blame. In that case, they usually order the Karzai administration to attend the memorial service of the victims and dish out a few hundred dollars to the bereft families. Following the same steps, Americans will surely remain tight-lipped over the abrupt civilian genocide at Arghandab, Kandahar province until and unless their involvement becomes clear irrefutably at world level. Then they would cunningly shed crocodile tears over the casualties, claiming they had acted on false reports which sadly plunged tens of families of the victims into grief.

Observers believe, Americans resorted to the massacre in order to benefit from it in the coming military operations in Kandhar and affiliated districts as a maligning stuff. They wanted to show to the people of Kandahar that they fight against people who are intent on murdering you and even do not spare your festivities. Others are of the opinion that the Americans intended to commit this carnage to strike terror into the hearts of the Kandaharites.

But, the Americans and their hirelings should know that such subterfuges and stratagems are not going to weaken the strong determination of the Afghans. The people are fully aware of the civilian casualties, tortures and desecration at the hands of the Americans during the past nine years.

To end, we express our deep sympathy with the victims of the Arghandab grisly event and ask the Karzai administration what is your justification for the Arghandab genocide following the convening of the consultative peace Jirga. Even ten days had hardly passed from the cessation of the jirga when the genocide took place.

Now you would have come around that the Islamic Emirate statement was true in saying, the Jirga was being convened only as a propaganda stunt and plays no role in establishing peace in the country.

Arghandab massacre holds a clear message from the Americans that the jirga could not become a stumbling block in the way of the American war-mongering anomalies nor are they ever going to commit themselves to accept or pay respect to the decisions and resolutions of the jirga.


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