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Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: The Subterfuge and the Jirga Fell Flat

June 12, 2010

The following comment is from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban). Reprinted with permission.

The Subterfuge and the Jirga Fell Flat
Source:  AlQimmah Media
June 11, 2010

The surrogate rulers of Kabul once again unscrupulously tried to exploit the good name and stature of Jirga for securing interests and desires of foreigners. Thus they committed a betrayal to the historical tradition and valor of the Afghans. In their resolution at the end of the Jirga last week, the participants not only overlooked the current foreign occupation but shamelessly called for the occupation of Afghanistan to be continued, strengthened and intensified.

The Afghan Mujahid people never expected the so-called Consultative Jirga even before its convening, that it would ever rise to the occasion to pass a decision, targeting the current aggression of the Crusaders – a decision that would have definitely put the traditional Afghan magnanimity and passion on display, or at least to announce a timetable for the foreign forces to withdraw. In general, the planners, the participants and the conveners of the Jirga were people who have devotedly served the invaders for the last nine years. They have been trying to make up justification for the foreign occupation by claiming that the invaders had come here to maintain peace, carry out reconstruction and tackle the Afghan issue on the basis of the United Nations resolution. Thus, they support the occupation. Ostensibly, the hireling organizers of the Jirga had to insert some (positive) points into the resolution to show, they have freedom of action and are concerned over the domineering attitude of the foreign forces, the civilians’ casualties, tortures, desecration etc.

To know why all sections of the Jirga’s resolution were up to 95% in favor of the Americans, one has to go through the Christian Science Monitor report. Quoting the White House rulers, the Paper says, the Americans agreed to the holding of the Kabul Consultative Peace Jirga and gave a green signal after they were assured that the Jirga would not object to the American military presence and demeanor but rather would extend its support.

It is a matter of great surprise that the Jirga, on one hand, shows its gratitude to the so-called American assistance but, on the other hand, overlooks the innocent blood, violation of values and desecration at the hand of the Americans. The Jirga admits that peace is the desire of the Afghan people. But it does not have the boldness to touch on the root cause of the war, nor does it call for pull-out of the invaders.

Observers believe, the decision made at the Jirga proved once more, that the Americans and their hirelings have no intention to stop the bloodbath of the Afghans, to end the occupation and desist from blasphemies and desecration. Contrarily, they resort to every subterfuge and gambit to prolong the invasion. If it is not the case, then why have the Americans, on the following day of conclusion of the Jirga, announced the allocation of $100 million for construction of a militancy base in the north to coordinate military operations? Why have they martyred and detained civilians in Babji area, Anjil district of Herat province, during brutal operations, ironically in a time that the sessions of the Jirgas were in full swing in Kabul? Why have the invading Americans martyred five villagers and detained three others at Rustam Khel village, Logar province soon after the issuance of the resolution by the Jirga?

The Islamic Emirate had predicated that the holding of the Jirga on the behest of foreigners amounted to sullying the Afghan traditions because normally, when the Afghans once make a decision, they put all their energy behind its implementation even if it cost them their lives. But the participants of the Jirga were divested of their authority to make a decision in the best interest of the nation and then stand by it. Every thing in the jirga was aimed at maintaining interests of the foreigners.

The foreign invaders should know that, though you may convene superficial and phony jirgas and portray them as being truly representatives and successful but these jirgas will ultimately face shame, disgrace and resentments of the noble nation.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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