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A New Initiative to Reinforce the Ogaden Blockade

June 4, 2010

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The following article is reprinted with permission from Ogaden Online.

A New Initiative to Reinforce the Ogaden Blockade
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June 4, 2010  13:46  administrator

Reports reaching the Ogaden Online Service Desk from many parts of Ogaden confirm the Woyane regime’s latest efforts to reinforce the Ogaden blockade. As a result of this new initiative intended to harm the Ogaden civilians, it is reported that the price of food tripled or even quadrupled in some places.

It is reported that in places such as Qabri Dahar a sack of sugar is now being sold in excess of 1500 Ethiopian Birrs which is about $112 United States Dollars. In a nation where people had very little to begin with, not many could afford such a price for an essential food item such as sugar.

Ogaden Online reporters throughout the region indicate that this new reinforcement effort to tighten the Ogaden blockade comes at a very sensitive time for the regime. It follows the recent defeat of the Woyane regime’s militias in a major gas installation called Hilala.


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