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Turkmenistan president Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov publishes his own “Ruhnama”

May 28, 2010

©  Reflections on the Ruhnama
By Steve in Wisconsin
Publication date:  May 28, 2010

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The following article is reprinted with permission from Ferghana.ru, Moscow.

Great ordinary person:  The book about the president is published in Turkmenistan
©  Ferghana.ru
By Mariya Yanovskaya
May 28, 2010

It has been many years since I last read such books. “The true fact is that foundations of all current reforms and achievements have been built by skillful manager, talented organizer and the initiator of current development phase, deep public reforms – the Son of his nation – Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov”.

“The grandson, materializing the dream of the grandfather”, was published by Turkmen state publishing service in 2010 with 10.5 thousand copies. The book includes 22 articles of Tachmamed Djurdekov, written in October 2007-November 2009 period, plus introduction and conclusion. All articles are dedicated to brightest son of Turkmen people, the leader of Turkmen Renaissance, great person, responsible for his nation – the Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov.

“5000 year old Turkmen people have always been reading. Everyone knows this fact; and now, it is obvious to the entire world”, Djurdekov writes. “I know what the book is all about. I am holding it.”

Not a single word about Niyazov

In the previous period Rukhnama was the book, loved by Turkmens. The new book says no word about Rukhnama or Saparmurat Turkmenbashi the Great… as if they never existed… All actions in Turkmenistan are approved by Berdymukhammedov that materializes the dream of his grandfather, but not some Niyazov: “Thank God the current president is the Grandson, materializing the dream of his grandfather. There are no unmanageable tasks for him”.

The international neutrality of Turkmenistan is also the achievement of President Berdymukhammedov. “Empowered by God and having 5000 thousand years of history, Turkmens, recently electing Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov as the President, made the right choice. Turkmenistan is the center of stability, prosperity, unity and peace in our planet. Our respected President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov, the envoy of God and the son of his nation, is the leader of this distinguished effort that within short terms brought the universal recognition, respect and popularity”.

None of Nyazov’s initiatives, picked up or stopped by Berdymukhammedov, is referred to Turkmenbashi. “Thanks to outstanding efforts of our wise President the circus culture is reviving after years of non-existence”. The context implies that the stagnation of Turkmen circus culture is reasoned by Soviet rule that produced horse meat sausages.

According to the book, the Renaissance is the renaissance not after Niyazov’s rule, as it was taken by the world community, but after Soviet rule. Djurdekov does not specify what has been done in 15 years of independence since 1991.

Sometimes Tachmamed Djurekov mentions the facts of his own biography. In 1964 he graduated from library department of Moscow State University of culture and worked in the state library of Turkmenistan (today’s National Library). Djurdekov also worked in the Turkmenistan’s Communist party central committee cultural affairs department. Supernormal adoration of management was never a sin in Turkmenistan but the written adoration statements became popular only since gaining independence.

Love the book, the source of knowledge

So what is his grandfather’s dream is all about? The grandfather was the teacher and loved reading. His son also worked in the secondary school and loved reading. The wife of his son also loved reading. The grandson-president, no doubt, loves reading and wants all Turkmen study hard.

“There are many books he read while a child. He was thinking about them and dreaming for many years”. This is another author writing about another national leader. But the main focus is the same.

“The president of our country is not only the doctor, but also great Person, bearing full responsibility for his nation and, most importantly, for public health. This unique thing impressed everyone”. “I felt breathtaking moments while reading the photocopy of the decree”.

The president for Djurdekov is god, tsar, unachievable ideal, whose footprints he is ready to kiss. Any word by Berdymukhammedov impresses Djurdekov. “He (president – editorial note) says the following about literature: “…I believe the fiction has important meaning not only for the health of certain people, but also healthy development of entire society”. Literature, book, the public health! Can you see the harmony and integrity!”, Djurdekov emphasizes.

Today, such obvious flattery and adoration by the ruler can be found only in the anecdotes and at Djurdekov’s works. In the entire books Djurdekov is describing the truth, one after another. “No one felt disappointed after reading books. The book enriches the spiritual world of the person”. “Today this spiritual woman became sacred mother for all Turkmen. Acknowledgment of this woman means the acknowledgement of holiness” (about President’s mother).

Sacred Gurbanguly

Little Gurbanguly loved reading. “Despite being a student he had to live home early in the morning he did not feel tired. He spent 8 hours in the university, listening and writing down the notes.

“He absorbed all scientific viewpoints, analyzed and accepted them. His favorite hobby was reading. He enjoyed visiting the library, the source of spiritual wealth. He could not see his life without books”.

And now the great leader and teacher – “by the will of God” – is leading the republic. “Berdymukhammed aga (grandfather – editorial note) could not even think that his grandson will become the president”.

The book was published in three languages: Turkmen, Russian and English. Allegedly, there are also copies in German and Chinese, but this has not been verified. However, nothing prevents Germans and Chinese to publish this book because of the potential preferences.

The personality cult

“The grandson, materializing the dream of the grandfather” is de facto “The literature in the ear of the personality cult”. After publishing this book we can forget about pre-election promises of Berdymukhammedov and our own hopes for regime liberalization in Turkmenistan.

Turkmenistan established the cult of personality and oriental despotism. The editor of the book is Victor Khramov, the deputy head of President’s office, “the mastermind” and ideologist of Niyazov’s cult. The same expert is building the personality cult of Berdymukhammedov. Ferghana.Ru sources report that the book about great grandson will be studied in schools and university, just as Rukhnama.

“The successes of our country, led by respected President, attract the world attention to Turkmenistan”, writes Djurdekov.

This is true. MSF already produced killing report about healthcare system in Turkmenistan. UN already started learning the situation with secret jails in Turkmenistan.

Nonetheless, the world community will be better off taking a closer look to Ashkhabad and feel sorry for those who have to live “under major patron of independence”.


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