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Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: British Troops Withdrawal from Afghanistan Good for British Interests

May 25, 2010

The following comment is from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban). Reprinted with permission.

British Troops Withdrawal from Afghanistan Good for British Interests
Source:  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
May 25, 2010  02:41

A few days after the formation of the coalition government in England, three high-ranking officials of the new government have arrived in Kabul, comprising of Foreign Secretary William Hague, Defense Secretary Liam Fox and International Development Secretary, Andrew Mitchel. British Defense Secretary Liam Fox, in an interview with Times daily, said that he wanted an earlier withdrawal of British troops from Afghanistan. He said that their main job was to secure British cities.

During the past nine years, America tried to prevent any split from occurring in the ranks of the coalition of the Crusaders or at least prevail on them to remain tightlipped about the ground realities. The aim was to avoid the morale sagging soldiers from plunging further into the abyss of morale aggravation. But the status quo is beyond America’s control. They are not able to keep the public of the world in a state of confusion and uncertainty any further. And for that matter, they find it hard to use other countries as a shield in their venture for expansionist goals. Liam Fox repeated his assertion in Kabul, saying the British troops’ surge had reached its climax and that the troop’s casualties were mounting in parallel with the increase in their numbers. He said, Britain is not in a position to play the role of international police in Afghanistan. He added, our focus is to maintain security of British cities and that the British troops had come to Afghanistan for their vital interests. He ruled out British troops dispatch to Kandahar, saying that we should not start every thing from scratch there.

The above assertions by the high-ranking British delegation prove that the British new government, like other European countries, is reaching a conclusion that the current war in Afghanistan is not in their interest economically by inflicting on them both material and soul losses.

No question, the belligerent policies of two former British prime ministers, Tony Blair and G. Brown goaded and enabled America to invade Afghanistan and Iraq; trample down national independence of both countries; kill and injure hundred of thousands of citizens of the said countries and torture a million others who have continuously been grappling with various physical and psychological problems.

We were witness to Tony Blair’s and Brown’s propaganda drive, mobilizing public opinion in the favor of commencement of the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. They contributed to the invasions in the shape of troops and billions of dollars. But these policies and goals were, in the first place, colonialist in nature, so those who started the adventure and prolonged it, all met with a fiasco.

They achieved nothing from their labor in the past nine years. Now their citizens ask them, why have you started the war and lost hundreds of soldiers and billions of dollars to begin with?

We believe, the British new government intention to pull its troops out of Afghanistan is a timely and rationale step, being in the interest of the people of Afghanistan. We urge other countries, not to kill the miserable Afghans and their own troops in addition to squandering their resources for the maintenance of the illegitimate interests of America. They should not tarnish their own and their countries reputation and good name by continuing the war crimes in Afghanistan.


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