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Statement from the Sidama Liberation Front (SLF) on the Commemoration of 24 May 2002 massacre in Hawassa

May 24, 2010

The following is an official statement from the Sidama Liberation Front (SLF).

Statement on the occasion of innocent Sidama’s Massacre in Hawassa eight years ago: The Commemoration of 24 May 2002 bloody Massacre.
Source:  Sidama Liberation Front
May 24, 2010

Take time, but once again we honour our fallen innocent compatriots on the occasion of the 8th anniversary of the Hawassa massacre. Those who committed this heinous crime may wish that the Sidama people will forget such a barbaric act, however, no right minded person will ever forgo such a gross crime against humanity until those who are responsible for it are brought to a court of justice and receive the punishment they deserve. This may take time, but rest assured that justice will be done. As the Amharic saying goes ‘yewoga beresa yetwoga iyresam’ we will continue to press for full investigation to bring all perpetrators to Law Court. The Sidama people, in general and SLF in particular have a heavy responsibility to shoulder to persecute those mass murderers any time any where. We, Owe to our fallen brothers and sisters so that their sacrifices will not remain in vain.

The barbaric and murderous TPLF/EPRDF regime has committed a huge number of similar atrocities all over the country. Just to mention a few, they have massacred innocent people in Gambelly (Anouk), Oromia, Somalia, and many other localities. SLF strongly condemns all inhumane actions of TPLF and its leaders whose hands are soaked in innocent blood of all Ethiopians. Furthermore, SLF will join hands with those national organizations to exert maximum pressure on the crime-ridden dictatorial TPLF regime and its affiliates to be brought to justice. WE also join in unison with those national parties to expose the criminal acts of TPLF and enlighten the international communities about the true nature of TPLF, and what they have been doing to our compatriots, since they took power in Ethiopia through a barrel of gun.

Finally, it is with great pride we salute our fallen innocent people on this 8th anniversary of their massacre.

Long live the Sidama Struggle, Victory will be ours.

Sidama Liberation Front


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