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Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: The War-mongering Politics and the British Parliamentary Elections

May 23, 2010

The following comment is from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban). Reprinted with permission.

The War-mongering Politics and the British Parliamentary Elections
Source:  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
May 21, 2010  17:08  administrator

The results of the recent parliamentary election in Britain showed that the British people do not want their country to be part of the global war-mongering politics, aimed at bringing other countries under their bellies. The ruling Labor Party faced defeat at the elections, forcing Prime Minister Gordon Brown to step down. As such, neither the Labor Party nor the Conservatives achieved a land sliding victory. However, the Labor Party under the leadership of Gordon Brown humiliatingly faced defeat particularly for siding with the USA in its invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.

London unhesitatingly supports the American belligerent policy. In fact, the current war-mongering politics have created a gap between the British people and the Labor Party which expectedly resulted in defeat of the ruling party.

If we glance at the history of the American invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, we clearly see that the British government has had full participation in every crimes and brutality that the Americans have been committing in both countries. They have sent thousands of troops to the country to wage the war and are making the second largest contribution in terms of money and logistics. Such brutalities against the people of Afghanistan and Iraq at the hands of the invaders are unforgettable.

Expectedly, the so-called strategic friends of America faced defeat at the polling and showed that the British people are no more ready to allow their rulers to fight for the interests of America in Afghanistan and Iraq and pay in terms of life casualties. Hence, many allies of the crusaders coalitions are now backing away from their commitment to participate in the war, though initially America started the war with their support. They are no more willing to prop up the colonialist war and suffer life losses.

The recent unannounced and covert trip of John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand is a good example. He met with the New Zealandian troops in Afghanistan and heard their grievances. The troops were worried about their life and completely despondent whether they would ever be able to go out of Afghanistan alive and join their families back home.

On his return to New Zealand after a three day visit to the country, he told reporters that waging war in Afghanistan was tantamount to playing with death and devastation. He pledged that he would pull the New Zealandian troops out of Afghanistan as soon as possible.

The defeat of the Labor Party in the recent parliamentary elections – a party which supported initiation and continuation of the American invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq – shows that the public opposition to the war is steadily growing. They do not want their wealth and troops should become fodder of this war. This is a new development which simultaneously gives momentum to the current resistance in Afghanistan and Iraq, and meanwhile pointing to the fact that the victory is near at hand. Similarly, it portends that the freedom-fighting people in both countries will ultimately obtain their independence which has been snatched from them and will establish an Islamic government on the basis of the aspirations of their people.


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