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ERITREA: Press Statement by the Ministry of Information

May 20, 2010

The following statement is issued by the Eritrea Ministry of Information.

State of Eritrea
Ministry of Information
May 20, 2010

The people and Government of Eritrea inside the country and abroad are currently celebrating Independence Day in an enthusiastic and colorful manner more than ever before. And this, in the wake of their strong denunciation of the unjust and illegal sanctions resolution in a united and resolute voice, coupled with ever more steadfastness and resolute rebuff, as well as making 2010 the year of national rebuff and reinforcement of national strength, contrary to enemy expectations.

At a time when acts of slander and lies on the part of external forces and their stooges are being fully exposed and rendered futile over time, thanks to the Eritrean people’s rebuff to the sanctions resolution, these external forces seek to muffle Eritrean voice through jamming Eritrean radio and satellite transmission.

It is not difficult to discern as to who is behind such a ploy and why or wherefrom such acts of jamming are being undertaken through highly sophisticated technology.

If the objective of this illegal act is to stifle the just and true Eritrean voice of freedom that many are endorsing, it is but utterly futile. And time as well as history will play their due role.

Ministry of Information


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